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The First Amendment did not Create Any Constitutional

Have you been the Victim of an Unlawful Traffic Court

How does it feel being a Government Commodity?

What's Wrong With The Pledge of Allegiance

The Price of Liberty

God and the Pledge of Allegiance

The President doesn’t have any Constitutional Authority over
the Economy

Social Security is Nothing but a Tax and Welfare Scheme


Expanded Theft of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Federal
Intervention in Education

Democrats Pushing Legislation that would Dismantle
the Constitution

The Founders did not Grant the Federal Judiciary the
Power to Interpret the Constitution

Have Conservative Talk Show Hosts Sold Out the
Constitution for the Republican Party?

The 16th Amendment is not the Source of the Federal
Income Tax

What Happened to our System of Limited Government?

The 2004 Declaration of Independence

You will be Not be Voting for a Presidential Candidate in
the November Election

The New York Times wants the Electoral College Abolished

The Flawed Second Amendment Debate

Is the Federal Government Supreme and Above the

What Happens if there is a Tie Vote in the Up-coming
Presidential Election?

The American People are not Competent to Vote in
the Presidential Election

Blame Congress for the War in Iraq


One Way Ticket to Prison

We The People OR We The States?

Beware of Marriage Amendment

Is Social Security Constitutional or just Another Usurpation
of Power?

Major League Baseball should Tell Congress to go to Hell

Would the Montana Firearms Freedom Act Stop Federal
Usurpation of Power under the Commerce Clause?

The States Still have the Power to Control their Federal

Does the Federal Government have the Constitutional
Authority to the Abrogate the Right to Keep and Bear
Arms Through a Treaty?

Schwarzenegger has the Power but does he have the
Testicular Fortitude to Secure California's Border?

It is the Duty of the States to Protect Your Rights

Constitutional Hypocrisy and the Flag Desecration

The Stars and the Stripes is the States' Flag

The Flag Desecration Amendment Violates the First

The Federal Government is using the General Welfare
Clause to Steal your Money

Democrats Play the Commerce Clause Card at Robert's
Confirmation Hearing

Alito Strikes Out in First at Bat for Team Supreme Court

The Victims of the Public School System Guide to the
Bill of Rights

The Forgotten Militia Amendment: The Real Collective
Right Amendment


"The Heritage Guide to the Constitution" Misrepresents
the Effect of the Sixteenth Amendment

Does the Constitution Grant the Federal Government
the Power to Legislate over Land within the Several States?

Even God is Engaged in Interstate Commerce

The Second Amendment and the Preamble to the Bill of

Another Look at the Wording of the Second Amendment

Are the Constitutions of the Several States Unconstitutional?

Massachusetts' Mandatory Health Insurance Bill Is

The Militia Clause of the Constitution Negates the
"Collective Right" Interpretation of the Second Amendment

No Senator Clinton - Government is the one Squeezing

From the Another Usurpation of Power in the Name of Patriotism Department

Sunday Was "Constitution Day"

"Newspapers in Education" needs an Education on
the Constitution and Second Amendment

If Women have the Right to an Abortion then I have
the Right to Own a Firearm


Left Wing Socialist wants to make Minutemen
Domestic Terrorists

A Catch-22 will Stop Plan by Democrats to Pull American
Troops out of Iraq

Plan to Give the District of Columbia a Voting Representative
in the House of Representatives Unconstitutional

Hillary has a Bogeyman in her Closet Concerning her
Latest Position on the War in Iraq

Out of Chaos comes Control

"Government of the People, by the People and for
the People" -- or Not?

The Bill of Rights - Book Review by the Editor

Would the Repeal of the Second Amendment Empower
the Federal Government and Negate the Right to Own a

Are the Barry Bonds' Record-Setting Baseballs Subject
to the Federal Income Tax?

The Constitution did not Abolish the System of
Government Established by the Articles of
Confederation and Consolidate the States into One Nation

Tell me why the States needed the so-called
"Collective Right" Second Amendment?

Rudy Giuliani shows his Ignorance of the
Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is an Individual Right

A Question For The Supreme Court

The Second Amendment Question before the Supreme

Court is Constitutionally Flawed and Dangerous


It's Time To Break Out The Torches And Pitchforks!

Constitution to Hillary, Obama and McCain Congress Makes the Laws not the President

Do the American People really want Liberty and Constitutional Government?

The Real ID Act proves the Federal Government is Not the All Powerful Oz

There is no Legal Requirement for an American Citizen to have a Social Security Number

The American People have become Servants to Government Employees

A Republic, if you can Keep It

Is Obama Ineligible to be President?

Policy is not Law

The Game Changing Play John McCain and the Republicans Need to Win the Election

Lawsuit Challenging Obama's Qualifications to be President Dismissed just as Predicted

A Tenth Amendment Commission is not the Answer

Trickle-Down Piracy


There Is a "New" Declaration of Independence, Mr. President

The FairTax and The Sixteenth Amendment

The Federal Government is using the General Welfare Clause to Steal your Money

FairTax or No Tax?

The General Welfare Clause is the Enemy not the Sixteenth Amendment

The Tea Party Movement Needs a Shield and Some Tactics

The NEW 2009 Declaration of Independence

Civil Disobedience and the Census

The Constitution does not Grant the Federal Government
the Authority to Establish a so-called National Health Care Program

A Re-Write of the Bill of Rights through the Preamble


Are the Additional Questions on the Census and American
Community Survey just Another Usurpation of Power?

My Response to the 2010 Census Form

The Census Bureau is Violating the Privacy Act of 1974

Will the “Contract From America” Reform Government or Simply Validate the Usurpation of Power?

The Contract from America should have Focused on the Separation of Power

My Plan to Restore and Preserve the Federal System of Government

The States have the Constitutional Authority to Protect their Borders From Illegal Aliens


The Circumvention of the Electoral System

The Forgotten Founding Document

The Presidential Usurpation of Power Debates