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The Constitution Is Not The Answer

The Destruction Of The U.S. Military

For Those Still Believing In The NRA Or The Tooth Fairy

A Nation Afraid To Be Free

We’ll Run The Little Bastards Back Home


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Choosing Peace Over Liberty

The Constitution Is Not The Answer

Prognostications For 2004

The Fix Is In…Again

Watch Out Gun Owners: The Republicans Are Selling Us Out Again

Who Profits From Insider Trading?

There Ain’t No South—It’s Just North Of Mexico

“How The Hell Did These People Get In Our Army?”

Massive Gun Owner Sell Out Of Basic Rights

Republican Presidents And War Crimes - Nothing New Here

It Depends On Your Definition of "Support The Troops"

We Are Not Even Fighting The War We MUST Win

Random Thoughts

Indians Should Know Better

The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave?

Challenge to Focus on the Family

Kerry Would Rather Lose The Election Than Stop The Killing

Gun Patriots: In 2004, Will We Support The Constitution, Or Ignore It

I Should Have Voted For Gore

On Wasted Votes

Those Damn Dumb GI’s

Navajo Cattle Drive


All Government Is Evil

Is There Another "Tet" In Our Future?

Questions For Those In Uniform

The Beat Goes On

The Ghosts of Nuremberg

On The Border With The Vigilantes

The Dynamics Of Wars Sired By Liars

Free Immigration Or Invasion

The Only Legitimate Reasons For War

Project For The New American Century:


Please Don’t Support My Troop

Boogeyman de Jour

Ordained By the State: - A Recipe for Failure

When You Send Them Into The Jaws Of Hell, Don't Be Surprised At What They Do.

The Mother of All Lies

Worshipping the State: Why They Die

Supporting Death and Destruction

Bush Is Irrelevant

Censorship in the Empire

The Warmonger’s Brigade


The Second Amendment, North Korea and Iran

Liberty And The Constitution Go On Trial

Sins Of The Fathers


John 'I’m a War Criminal' McCain

A Flag for Your Son