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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 June 2015, #15-22C: Liberty is DEAD in Many or Most Places

By Nathan Barton Our Liberty to Defend Ourselves is Gone – Liberty is DEAD – in Many (or Most) Places. Here are some examples from recent news of how our “Second Amendment” freedoms are sliding OR HAVE GONE to extinction. … Continue reading

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Silly Season

By MamaLiberty Unfortunately, Nathan is still not well enough to write the commentary. I’m missing his droll opinion on the start of the “silly season” for the 2016 elections. Wouldn’t it be easier to list all the politicians who are … Continue reading

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Police Militarization Our Doing

By Bradley Harrington “Police today embody all of the threats the Founders feared were posed by standing armies, plus a few additional ones they couldn’t have anticipated.” – Radley Balko, “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police … Continue reading

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Guns – A Great Mother’s Day Gift

By MamaLiberty Last Mother’s Day, one of my sons gave me a HiPoint 9mm carbine. We had talked about the fact that I was having a harder time shooting the larger caliber rifles, and even had problems with the much … Continue reading

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Are You a Citizen?

By MamaLiberty Citizen… a word much used and abused. I suspect few people understand the classic meaning of the term. Far too many people who write about the current state of affairs in the world, even most of those who … Continue reading

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Do NJ “gun laws” go too far?

By MamaLiberty Sorry, trick question. Of course, all “gun laws” go too far. And, for the record, that has almost nothing to do with the “second amendment”  or safety or reducing actual violent crime. The fundamental question that isn’t being … Continue reading

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This is a Test

By MamaLiberty Had a short discussion with a good friend the other day, and we were in agreement over so many things… but he made a statement I consider entirely too optimistic, and very unlikely. We agree to the principle … Continue reading

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Gun Control – Leaders and Followers

By MamaLiberty It hit me last night that a lot of us may have been wasting much of our time trying to fight the “gun control” leaders, on several levels. Obummer has pretty much stayed out of it, being busy … Continue reading

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Impaired Self Defense

By MamaLiberty First, of course, it helps to define “impaired.” Perfectly alert, with perfect judgment, perfect physical ability, and perfect training/experience describes nobody on earth, which makes every single human being “impaired” to some extent, if compared to perfection. If … Continue reading

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“The NRA Is Facing Disaster.”

By MamaLiberty As reported at Sipsey Street Irregulars: “The NRA Is Facing Disaster.” Yup, you guessed it. The ATF snitch John Brown rears his ugly head again. Based on many other details published here, Brown appears to be little more … Continue reading

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