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What is wrong?

By Nathan Barton In the same web page as the commentary about “dumbing down” and cannabis, “legendary singer” Charlie Daniels also has a commentary on CNS News profanely asking what has happened to our country. Of the same generation as … Continue reading

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No liberty, no justice, for anyone

By Nathan Barton The blogsphere and the talking heads (at least, the “conservative” ones), are up in arms over some football player who – according to some, in an effort to rescue his rapidly declining career and change his poverty-stricken … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 02 July 2015, #15-26C: the real Independence Day

By Nathan Barton The REAL Independence Day. As I often do, let me wish everyone a Happy 2nd of July, that being the anniversary (this one being the 239th) that the Continental Congress voted for Independence from the United Kingdom.  … Continue reading

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Elections, the NDAA, and Our Present State

A friend sent me, in good faith, an e-mail this morning.  Like me, he is a military veteran (though retired and no longer reserve status), but unlike me, he is a conservative and he still seems to have some hope … Continue reading

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