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Bloomberg and MDA To Empower Women?

Bloomberg: I won’t run for president, ‘plain and simple’ Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, which is part of Bloomberg’s initiative, said her organization plans to reach out to women and mothers over the next several months leading up … Continue reading

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This is a Public Service Announcement

By MamaLiberty “EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHT TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON” Correction: Every human being (or sentient being, if you want to get technical) has the absolute, inalienable AUTHORITY of self ownership, which includes the use of … Continue reading

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The government WILL disarm us, IF we let them

By Nathan Barton Usually, the columnists over at FreedomOutpost.com are thoughtful, make pretty good analyses, and understand the world we live in. Sadly, Tim Brown fails to meet that mark, when he writes, “Our government isn’t going to disarm us.” … Continue reading

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Unreported – The Crime That Didn’t Happen

By MamaLiberty The evening was advancing much too quickly for me and I regretted staying in the city so long, then was dismayed to find that I was running low on fuel. I pulled into an old station in a … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-48C: Stupid people and Congress

Home front – Congress in action – Stupid people Professors question enforceability of 3-D printer legislation (The Daily Pennsylvanian) “While it is now illegal [sic] to use 3-D printers to manufacture firearms without proper licensing, some Penn professors question the … Continue reading

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I Love My Guns

By MamaLiberty Some recent comments on various message boards frequented by shooters indicate that a few people are either changing their minds or are bowing to the politically correct pressure of the day. They have begun to assert that they … Continue reading

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What The World Needs Now

No human being has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, nor to delegate the initiation of force. Every living creature has the innate and automatic right to defend their life and property, and that … Continue reading

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Preparing for Self Defense – The Next Steps

We’ve talked about why a person needs to defend themselves, and more recently we’ve covered quite a bit about gear and dry fire exercises. But there is so much more. Those who own a gun, and especially those who carry … Continue reading

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Assessing the Threat

After talking to some people over the weekend about the “dry fire” article, “Too Hot To Shoot,” I realized that I need to back up a bit and write more about self defense and why the exercises make that more … Continue reading

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What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Boy killed by stray bullet fired in celebration of July 4 (The Raw Story) Police in Chesterfield County Virginia are seeking information that could lead to the arrest of whoever fired a shot into the air that struck and killed … Continue reading

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