Space Junk?

by Nathan Barton

Look out! Duck! One of my favorite short stories back in the late 1960s involved confrontation between Soviet and American occupation forces on Luna, who discovered that firing large numbers of projectiles in very thin atmosphere and low gravity was NOT a good idea, because “what goes around comes around.” I don’t know whether the math really supported the story, but it was thought provoking.

Which is something that we need to do now: give a wee bit of thought to what we throw up, that doesn’t immediately come down. GeekWire reported that SpaceX has filed FCC application for an Internet access network with 4,425 satellites: “SpaceX has laid out further details about a 4,425-satellite communications network that’s expected to provide global broadband internet access, with its Seattle-area office playing a key role in its development. The plan is explained in an application and supporting documents filed on Tuesday with the Federal Communications Commission. SpaceX is only one of several ventures aiming to deploy satellite-based internet services over the next few years. The others include OneWeb, a consortium with backing from Airbus, Virgin Galactic and other telecom players; and the Boeing Co., which envisions a low-Earth-orbit constellation with more than 1,000 satellites.” Continue reading

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Lies and more lies: Ohio State “Shooting”

By Nathan Barton

Back to work and commenting after a Thanksgiving weekend…

The mainstream media (the “Fake News” according to several correspondents) demonstrated why they should be called that today, when a Somali Muslim student, after hours of ranting about how his Muslim brothers were being killed and tortured, drove his vehicle into a crowd of other students at Ohio State University and jumped out, attacking them with a machete. Or so the Daily Mail finally reported. But USA Today, Bing, CNBC, CBS, and other outlets reported that there was an “active shooter” on the campus, and continued to report that for hours and hours afterwards (it was not until nearly midnight Eastern Time that a few of these “updated” their reports.

As a result, the internet was flooded with more appeals for gun control – but apparently none for refugee or immigration control. Continue reading

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Trouble Report for The Price of Liberty

By MamaLiberty

Increasing outages and very slow page loading, as well as some technical problems with the wordpress publishing software, have been increasing the last week or so. We are looking at several options for updates and fixes, but it may take a little time to resolve the problems.

Your patience is most appreciated! Please let us know if you are having problems loading the site. And check back frequently, so you won’t miss anything.

Thanks. ML

UPDATE: Our wonderful host is now rebooting the server daily until he can overhaul the whole system, as well as install the wordpress update. All should be finished by the end of the year. Again, your patience during this transition is much appreciated! ML

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In support of secession (Part 1)

By Nathan Barton

I recently commented on efforts in California and Oregon to withdraw those states from the Union, following the election of Donald Trump as Massa (POTUS) (assuming that the Electoral College does indeed vote as expected).

Since then, I find that the Oregon (OREGONE – bad pun) has apparently been smothered in its crib – or succumbed to SIDS. And I was reminded that one of the several dozen Texan Independence movements which had tried to get the issue put on the GOP primary ballot earlier this year had been rebuffed, despite Rick Perry’s rhetorical support of “restoration” of the Republic of Texas over the past several years. And recently, Darryl Perry reminded me of the briefly popular fad a few years back (after RINO Mitt Romney ensured the present squatter in 1600 PA got to stay there another four years) of all of these “” petitions to have virtually EVERY one of the Fifty States secede (I don’t know if anyone added the territories, such as DC to that list), although only six actually garnered enough signatures to get an “official” response. Darryl has a good article, worth reading, and has a unique perspective there in New Hampshire with his background. Continue reading

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Preparing for war, or warning against starting one?

By Nathan Barton

Preparing for war, or warning against starting one?

You may have heard about this last week. Several correspondents reported, as did SHTF Plan, about the “mysterious Navy plane which flew over several western cities and states before going on to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. The “black helicopter crowd” are all atwitter.

Mama’s Note: The SHTF link repeatedly froze the browser here and I was not willing to use it at all after many attempts. If you want to see that website, do a search for it… and good luck. I don’t recommend it.

SHTF is one of those questionable sites, like and, where everything I read I question unless I can verify it from other sources. In this case, the mysterious white plane orbiting Salt Lake City and then Denver was reported by a bunch of people. However, the SHTFPLan site’s speculation regarding who was being warned has no basis in fact that I’ve been able to find. They claim it may have been a warning to Trump and his supporters that presidential power is NOT unlimited. But it could just as easily be seen as a warning to the squatter at 1600 that HIS power and that of his fellow criminals, particularly Hillary and Bill, is not unlimited – and don’t try anything stupid, buster! Continue reading

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Fracturing society, one city at a time

By Nathan Barton

A correspondent asks, “Is this true?” has published a Tweet claiming that a man died because the ambulance carrying him to hospital was delayed by the street being blocked by anti-Trump protesters. My correspondent, Scott, suggests, “As far as I know, all jurisdictions require everyone clear roads for emergency vehicles using sirens or emergency lights. Prosecute the road blockers for murder, and have heavy snowplows lead ambulances and fire engines when noncompliance threaten. (Might need to install sirens and emergency lights on the plow trucks.) Reliability of Paul Joseph Watson’s post may be questionable, since the only “documentation” is an anonymized Tweet That does not facilitate evidence for prosecution.

Mama’s Note: I could find no mention of this incident in any of the news feeds. May come up later. Continue reading

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Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton

By MamaLiberty

In case you were wondering if Trump would honor his promises or be consistent…


At the second presidential debate in October, Trump sounded a much harsher tone.

“If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception,” he vowed.


Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton

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Are we all doomed?

By Nathan Barton

It is bad enough that our “democracy” has ended with the “bogus” election of Trump as Massa (according to the Tranzis). That racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia will see millions of people in America killed, deported, or put in those FEMA camps (again according to the Tranzis). That man-made global warming has accelerated and 2016 is the warmest year in history and the coasts are going to drown (again, according to the Tranzis). That California will destroy America by seceding (according to Tranzis). No, there is worse.

Are we all doomed? Apparently our “beloved leaders” think so, according to a recent story at Lew Rockwell, about how the gubmint is preparing for massive solar storms: Continue reading

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Funny you should think that

By Nathan Barton

It is so very easy to get attacked for opinions and stands which are not politically correct in today’s society and government-tyrannized states. There are issues on which lovers of liberty, self-governors, may disagree, at least until all aspects of the situation are analyzed and discussed. I think this is one of them.

The American College of Pediatricians has recently published a paper entitled “Gender Ideology Harms Children,” which in essence says that the promotion of transgenderism by government and in public schools (government-run, tax-funded or GRTF schools) is a severe form of child abuse.

It is tempting to quote the entire statement here, but I will resist that and publish both portions. For any one who thinks that I am expressing an opinion here that is contrary to liberty or to individual rights, or expressing a religious opinion based on “myths” and “traditions,” PLEASE go to their website and read the whole damning paper. Continue reading

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Guns, freedom, and safety

By Nathan Barton

What is it with gun-rights organizations? Or organizations that claim to represent owners and users of firearms?

We’ve known that the NRA has been no true friend of liberty for a long time, and in fact, started out more as a gun control organization than a group dedicated to preserving our rights to keep and bear arms. It is why many of us don’t want anything to do with them, and cringe every time they speak up on something. We’ve seen something similar with other organizations, including some originally founded to work around the attitudes and actions of the NRA. The Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, all come far too readily to mind.

As does the National Shooting Sports Foundation. JPFO recently reposted an article from NSSF which is actually pretty good, addressing the husband of former Representative Gabrielle Gifford, retired Navy Captain (and astronaut) Mark Kelly. Gifford is the latest edition of James Brady as a “poster child” for gun control. But buried within that NSSF article we find this: Continue reading

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