Are we really surprised?

By Nathan Barton

I am thinking that it wouldn’t be a half-bad idea to have a regular column entitled, “Really? No surprise here” or something like that. I find myself asking readers and others that question or one like it so often.

I did that last week, when the “honest cop” in charge of the FBI and working directly for the sort of attorney that makes the 1/2 of 1% of attorneys who are worth using for anything but fish food look bad, “found out” that Miz Hillary didn’t do anything worth prosecuting. Really, was anyone surprised?

Today the news that should surprise no one is that Bernie Sanders, who at least SEEMED to be somewhat honest and loyal to his ideology and supporters (no matter how despicable both are), today announced that he was a thousand percent behind Miz Hillary as the next Massa. Yes, he betrayed his supporters, he betrayed his ideology, he endorsed someone who is a criminal, who is being supported by the very special interests that he has spent the last year condemning, and who is the ultimate insider and conspirator. Continue reading

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Selling us down the river

By Nathan Barton

Anti-Liberty: Media selling us down the river.

No, it isn’t due to their toking up. It is simply the same old transnational socialism/progressivism, perhaps the worst extreme of statism which we now face. Rolling Stone Magazine has joined the New York Times, the Boston Globe and the tyrant who claims to be President of the United States (and I hate even mentioning the names) in calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment to the United States constitution, following the Islamist terrorist attack in Florida. Not only do they call for its repeal, but the article drags up everything “evil” about the Constitution, demonstrates their warped view of history, and condemns the Federal government – NOT as an evil tyranny, but because it is NOT a strong enough, unitary enough tyranny! Continue reading

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Theft by government: fines and code violations and environmental laws

By Nathan Barton

Thanks to Laissez Faire for this news item a week or so ago, from the Dallas News. A man who had a relatively small pile of firewood on the property that he sold in 2002 in the Texan city of Flower Mound has been caught at last, and is facing BILLIONS of dollars in fines. He violated state environmental laws and being charged with illegal disposal of solid waste.

He may also be charged under various other laws, such as daily violations of codes adopted by most cities and counties across the Fifty States. One example is the infamous International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). The IPMC can be adopted by a council or board in a matter of minutes, creating thousands of regulations that allow their bureaucrats to fill in the blanks, and potentially rack up tens of thousands of fines for such things as: Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen ™ Reasons for Terrorism

Baker’s Dozen ™ Reasons for Terrorism
By Nathan Barton

Another week: another seven days and a half-dozen terrorist attacks each day: another few hundred people dead around the world. At least we are finally to the end of Ramadan: 30 days, 1850 people known dead in 238 recorded attacks, according to

Check which of the following reasons might explain why someone launches a “terrorist attack” in some location, killing (or trying to kill) people: Continue reading

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Truth or not – the cycle continues, so be prepared

By Nathan Barton

A frequent correspondent sent me a long list of headlines and links to various stories in the aftermath of the Dallas sniper(s) incident, pointing out claims of a FedGov-inspired “Summer of Chaos” ™ (Pending) and conspiracy claims and reports of Black Lives Matter ties with Islamists and all the rest, noting that he can’t begin to verify how much of it is true or not, but passing on concerns from many people.

Here is my response, which I think is worth sharing. Not just what is true or not, but what we need to do.

It is very difficult to figure out which of this is true and which is garbage, except that 90% of what is broadcast for “news” is probably garbage, including what Fox reports. Continue reading

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And so it begins… ?

By Nathan Barton

How many people today remember the year 1968, and the violence which wracked the Fifty States (then, still, the United States, even if in a downward spiral of a century’s duration)? The protests and riots, the “barbeque” in DC, the shootings and killings and assassinations?

Probably time to brush up on history and remember it … and learn from it.

Thursday, 07 July 2016, is the next step onto the path that was followed in 1968, when society was “stronger” and there was a lot more trust. NewsTalk Radio 1290 reports of the “Black Lives Matter” protests which turned violent on Thursday night: eleven cops shot, five dead, and at least one of the people shooting cops dead by his own hand ending a standoff with the surviving cops.

Dallas: the place of death of one president, is again a battlefield.

The news, as always, is confusing and contradictory: the incident took place before 10 PM on a hot summer night. The reports are that two snipers engaged 10-11 police officers, including several transit police (not regular police forces).  Supposedly, three suspects are in custody and one is dead. Another person, of whom the Dallas police sent out photos (dressed in camo and carrying a rifle), has turned himself in and is apparently not one of the combatants. It appears that many people WERE armed on this march to protest police brutality.

There are rumors of bombs, of “lone wolf” attackers, and a lot more. What is clear is that conflict in society has escalated, and for the first time there appears to be an organized (and successful) attempt to engage a police force. The associations/affiliations of the people fighting the police are unknown. Were the shootings and killings a direct act of protest against the police brutality, or were they simply taking advantage of a massive protest and gathering, with easy targets? People are, of course, panicking.

Be prepared: remember that the police are armed to defend themselves, and NOT to defend you. You and your family and your neighborhood must be able, prepared and trained, to defend yourselves.

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What did we expect?

By Nathan Barton


I don’t know if anyone actually ran a poll asking the question, “Do you truly expect the FBI and/or Justice Department to indict Hillary Clinton for her breaking federal law with her ‘private’ e-mail antics?”

But I cannot imagine that ANYONE who understands even a little bit about American politics and the corruption of the FedGov woud have said “YES” to that question.

Not if they were honest. Of course, the GOP politicians and the talk-show hosts and a lot of GOP “conservative” pundits surely act like this was totally unexpected: you get the idea that they fully expected to see this harridan do a “perp walk” down the steps of a federal courthouse in DC or NYC or someplace. But then, I’d be stupid if I considered most of those people to be “honest.” Continue reading

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Grassroots, Democrat style

by Nathan Barton

The GOP isn’t the only one with “grass roots” mania. I dunno; maybe the GOP are cattle and the Dems are sheep, or something like that. (Yes, I know I called the GOP grassroots sheep; maybe the Dems are goats. While a bit smarter, goats are still pretty dumb.)

But it is obvious, listening to the news day after day, that the Dems treat their grassroots about the same as the GOP does, like something that lives in the dirt, gets fed by fertilizer and watered whenever, gets eaten, excreted, and yet, always comes back, year after year. Essential, but easily replaced if you happen to overgraze one pasture. And the Dems have done that. The Wilson years, the FDR years, and the LBJ years all show that happening; they went out and found (or planted) a different set of grass. Continue reading

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Grassroots, GOP style

By Nathan Barton

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of conservatives, mostly Republicans, who are taking action to try and “take back” the GOP at the local and state level, in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

This seems to happen every election cycle. And as usual, it goes absolutely nowhere. Why is this? Because these “grassroots” members of the GOP do not understand their party, nor their role in it. There are many things to discuss, but it really is pretty simple. Continue reading

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The Somme, Canada Day, and the Second and Fourth of July

By Nathan Barton

On the 1st of July, I wrote of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, and how it crafted the world in which we live in 2016.

Let me expand on that a bit.

The 1st was also Canada Day, which I grew up knowing as Dominion Day: the Canadian “equal” but not “equivalent” of the Fifty States’ Independence Day. For Canada did not “gain” independence; the day celebrated the creation of the Dominion of Canada, a confederation crafted by British politicians sitting in the Houses of Lords and Commons in London, an ocean away. Today, though far from being the old colony and staunch supporter of Queen and Country that it was (for instance, during WW1 and WW2), Canada is still a country made up of people who were a bit on the pioneering and bold side, but still mostly willing to let someone boss them around. And make sure that those of their number and in their society who did NOT want to be bossed around were dealt with, whether it was Louis Riel or the brave men of the Newfoundland Regiment and Division or those who sought more liberty and so moved south. Continue reading

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