Taxes and Other Insanity!

Libertarian Commentary #16-04B, 25 JAN 2016 By Nathan Barton

What business does the “justice system” have deciding what is, and what is not, a potato chip (called a potato crisp in the UK)? Apparently, every bit when taxes are at stake. The BBC records that the Brit’s High Court has decided that Pringles (no matter what flavor) are NOT potato chips: they are not at least 50% potatoes, are an “unnatural shape and color” and are sold in a can not a bag. Scott, who sent this to me, described it accurately as “Freakazoid.” Definitely. It just proves the insanity of tax systems. Continue reading

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What we must remember in 2016: Politicians Lie, A Rant

By Nathan Barton

As we watch and listen to the politicians, from the dozen or so presidential candidates still left or emerging (Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Paul, Sanders, Clinton, Biden, McAfee, Johnson, etc.) to the people running for General Assembly or other Legislature and even to tribal and local government offices, we need to remember: politicians lie.  It does not matter WHICH party they are affiliated with, WHICH political philosophy they espouse.  They lie: usually deliberately and sometimes by mistake or error.

Eight years ago, the man now sitting in DC said: ”"I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America.”

Yet, the last seven years saw this man and his minions bring, and try to bring, MORE power into the White House than at any other time in history, issue MORE executive orders, ignore MORE legally-passed laws, attack MORE parts of the Constitution and bill of rights, even launch MORE drone attacks and kill MORE innocents in the Greater Middle East than did Bush in his full eight years, or any other president, no matter how progressive. Continue reading

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More Islamic wars

Libertarian Commentary, 24JAN16, #16-04A By Nathan Barton

It is dangerous to be a Muslim, I think. No, not so much here in the Fifty States, as in the Ummah, the Dar-Al’Islam, the lands of “peace.” A couple of stories here, the first from the Killeen Daily Herald, which tells us that in Cameroon, a teenage suicide bomber killed four at a mosque. “A Cameroon official says a 14-year-old suicide bomber has attacked a mosque in Cameroon’s north, killing at least four people. Governor Midjiyawa Bakari said Monday that the boy came early into a town in the Mayo Tsanaga Division in Cameroon’s far north and blew himself up during morning prayers.” I wonder just what the sin of the Muslims in the mosque was that merited their killing? And why another Muslim, the boy, would consider himself Allah’s tool of vengeance? Continue reading

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Liberty and Money, Money and Liberty (A Rant)

by Nathan Barton

Liberty Tree Quotes recently had some quotes relating to liberty and money. These in turn should make us think about what we say and do.

First, we have this quote from Ayn Rand: “Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns—or dollars. Take your choice — there is no other — and your time is running out.” The quote comes from Atlas Shrugged. It is sometimes used to support claims that being a libertarian (or an objectivist) is incompatible with Christianity. While there may be ways in which Objectivism is not in sync with Christianity (or some versions thereof), those who try to use this misquote and misremember Scripture. It is the “love of money” which Paul identifies as the “root of all kinds of evil.” Ayn’s point is very much in keeping with the concept of christian life as taught by Jesus Himself and by Paul: voluntary interaction versus coercion. Continue reading

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“It’s for the children:” Excuse for Tyranny (#16-03E)

Libertarian Commentary, 22 January 2016, #16-03E By Nathan Barton

Children are the excuse for so much tyranny; a good deal of this is because those who are in power themselves never really grew up.

2016, the year of the REAL battle over guns in this nation? There is a lot to say for that. Consider what World Net Daily reported on Saturday, that the State of Oklahoma has published and is enforcing rules that say that foster parents may not own firearms, and that people who own firearms may not be foster parents. The entire business makes no sense except that it is one more way to disarm peaceful (and law-abiding) people. Oklahoma! And of course, it is an easy sell: It’s for the chilluns.

Mama’s Note: One big factor that is ignored all too often is the fact that the “foster parents” involved are receiving taxpayer (stolen) funds for their services. They are, in essence, government employees. That doesn’t mean they should be disarmed, of course, but they do have a choice in the matter. They can stop accepting stolen goods and go on with their lives if they wish. Continue reading

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The Economy? Toast or Just Lousy? (#16-03D)

Libertarian Commentary, 20 JAN 2016, #16-3D by Nathan Barton

What is the state of the economy here in the Fifty States, and in the entire world? Not good, and the most recent indicator of that, as reported by the Washington Times, is a massive store closure and layoff announced by Walmart: 269 stores including ALL 102 of its “small format” Express neighborhood stores (many quite new), and 15,000 employees. 154 are being closed in the Fifty States. The WaPo tried to minimize the report with its headline, but this is a worldwide event, and shows that things are NOT doing well.

A similar report is found in shipping news. The Baltic Dry Index, a standard measure of oceanic shipping, is way down (dropping below 400 on Thursday the 14th, according to one blog, and reports are that there is virtually NO shipping on the world’s oceans, according to the Dollar Vigilante earlier in the week. I find this hard to believe, but even if there are just very few, it is a sign that the world economy is weakening day by day. Continue reading

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Politics 2016 and Looting (A Rant)

Nathan’s Rant, 20 January 2016 (#16-03C) by Nathan Barton

H.L. Mencken wrote: “Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”

This may never be more true than in 2016 in the Fifty States. I’ve given some thought to looting when this story popped up. Looting the world? Popular Science has an interesting article about the new display, dug out of the earth in Argentina and now in New York City’s “American Museum of Natural History.” It is the skeleton cast of the 70-ton Titanosaur.

Titanosaurus is, I admit, just a wee bit older than her or her campaign to become president, but I can’t resist the comparison!

Fascinating though it is, and grand as the display of Titanosaur is, to me it is another example of colonial-style looting of the world’s treasures by the powerful. It is the same thing that has happened with the various ancient civilization’s treasures from Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, which now grace the halls of museums in Germany, Russia, France, and Britain. Continue reading

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Are We Stupid? “Alternative Media” Apparently Thinks So

By Nathan Barton

How stupid are we?

Coming across my desktop today (Monday, the 18th of January, 2016) was an article from Freedom Outpost News, in a link in an e-mail from the organization, one of the “alternative media” and generally libertarian (minarchist) in nature.  The story was reposted from Shoebat.Com. That is a strongly anti-Islamic website.

The story reported that Muslims in Switzerland are demanding that the Swiss National Flag (a white cross on red) be replaced by something more “representative” of modern Switzerland, and reported that many Swiss were very upset and angry about the demand.

I started tracing it back through the links, finally arriving at the Aargauer Zeitung, a German-language Swiss newspaper, which originally reported the story about the demand to change the flag.  But wait! It was reported by the Zeitung on the 18th of September, 2011. That is right: more than FOUR years ago. Published again as big, new news, intending to rile us up, on the 18th of January, 2016.

What kind of garbage do these news media, alternative or not, think that they can feed us? Are we stupid, gullible children, to accept this? Idiocy like this makes me sick, and makes ALL these websites worthless jokes. Can we believe ANYthing that they say?

Listen, all you idiots out there: DON’T PUBLISH SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T RESEARCH!  YOU are only trashing your own reputation, destroying your own credibility.  If you want people to pay attention to your writing, your websites, and your recommendations, stop doing stupid things like this.

(Disclaimer: if ANY reader finds something that I’ve published that is wrong, or too stale (and I don’t point that out) PLEASE do so.

Mama’s Note: I completely agree. I do my best to vet things, but just don’t have the time generally to look at all the links. If you find something questionable, please let us know. Your comments are always welcome. We do care.

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Uncovered Meat: Islamic Wars in Europe and the West, Part III of III Solving the Problem (#16-03B)

Libertarian Commentary, 18 JAN 2016, #16-03B by Nathan Barton

In Europe in 2016, we are seeing a clash of cultures, caused by mass migration of, and failure to integrate, Muslims whose religion, mores, and society do NOT fit with modern European society, culture, and way of life. As a result, we see violence for the most part caused by these Muslims, and the threat of violence in response. Violence that can be, if not already, characterized as a state of war.

What is the solution? Ironically and even paradoxically, it is MORE violence.

But we live in “modern times” and surely we don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past, right? It doesn’t have to be a dog-eat-dog world, right? Everything can be solved without violence, right? War never accomplishes anything!

Wrong. In Europe, the situation may already be beyond the point that things can be settled peacefully, if they ever could have been. Remember that Islam has invaded Europe multiple times, and been pushed back each time. First was in the 700s, through what is now Spain and into France, where the initial thrust was defeated at Tours. (It took 700 years to regain that part of Europe which was overrun then.) Second was the invasion of the Mediterranean islands and coastlines which accompanied the Turkish conquest of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 1200s. Much of that area (the Balkans) has been strongly Muslim since, but areas such as Greece and southern Italy were slowly taken back between 1700 and 1850. The third was defeated at the “Gates of Vienna” in the late 1600s, and losses slowly regained over the next 300 years, leading directly to the European imperial control of most of the Ummah in the middle 20th Century. In each of these situations, the necessary response to violent invasion was violent self-defense. Even if that self-defense later degenerated into violent aggression, defense was the right action. Continue reading

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Uncovered Meat: Islamic Wars in Europe and the West, Part II of III Analyzing the Problem

Libertarian Commentary, 17 JAN 2016, #16-03A  by Nathan Barton

In Part I (HERE), we discussed the rash of sexual and other attacks on New Year’s Eve, the response to those attacks, and the context: the massive immigration especially of Muslims and particularly of Arabs, and the decline in native European populations.

Why is this context important? The Fifty States have had many millions immigrate from all over the world, but we have not seen the massive outbreak of violence. Indeed, in the Fifty States, violence of this sort has declined significantly in the last four decades even as migration has grown.

The source of immigrants is one key, as is the fact that these immigrants come not just from a totally different religion and social climate, but also from lands brutalized by decades of war: The Arab-Israeli wars, Indian-Pakistani wars, Iran-Iraq, internal civil wars, and of course nearly two decades of Iraqi, Al-Qaeda and now Caliphate wars. And, of course, because these migrants have NOT assimilated over the decades and generations. Added to this is a massive trend, worldwide, of Islamic “fundamentalism” – returning to ancient customs and interpretations of the requirements of their faith, especially as related to religious law, dress, and women. Continue reading

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