Wasting time, wasting effort – taking a stand?

Libertarian Commentary #16-17D, for 19 April 2016 by Nathan Barton

After the attacks by Islamic terrorists in France and Belgium, the entire continent has been in a state of panic and turmoil. Nowhere more so than in Belgium, that tiny divided country that only exists because of a religion that most of its population no longer believe in. So this weekend, thousands took to the streets in Brussels for an anti-terror march, as reported in the BBC [http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36067404]. “At least 7,000 people took to the streets of Brussels in a march ‘against terror and hate.’ Heading the processions were some of those caught up in the suicide bomb attacks on Belgium’s airport and metro station that killed 32 people. A Belgian broadcaster described the march as ‘calm and silent.’ The march had been due to be held a week after the 22 March attacks, but officials asked for it to be postponed because of the security threat.” Continue reading

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Nanny state = Police state

Libertarian Commentary #16-16C,  by Nathan Barton

This week, a rather bizarre incident reminded me again of just how much liberty and freedom we have lost.

An unnamed client in an unnamed “small” (about 250,000 population) city in the Great Plains has a quarry with ready-mixed concrete plant and hot-mixed asphalt facility.  Originally on the edge of the city, the city has now grown completely around the facility, which has provided thousands of jobs over the years (and still does) and which has provided millions of tons of aggregates, sand, pavement, and concrete. Indeed it is safe to say that a good third of the city came from this company’s plants! Continue reading

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Echelons Above Reality: the IRS and Congress

Libertarian Commentary #16-16B, by Nathan Barton

The Army sometimes uses a term “Echelons Above Reality” or EAR, when speaking of higher command and especially the civilians that tell the military what to do: the secretaries of Defense, Navy, Army, and Air Force and their minions, and the White House and Congress. They are considered to be firmly divorced from reality, unlike we mere mortals. A recent newsletter sent to the people she (theoretically) represents, from South Dakota’s sole US Representative, Kristi Noem illustrates that. Mrs. Noem is a rancher and a very conservative woman from East River, South Dakota. In her newsletter, she explains how she (and many of her constituents) are very upset that as the IRS (among other things) gears up to go after those who refuse to voluntarily pay for health insurance or pay the fine (tax) for NOT signing up, the IRS is going around hiring all sorts of thugs, including former IRS agents and other employees who had been fired for everything from beating up taxpayers to stealing tax money (again), to lying about paying their own taxes and their expenses.

Now, any reasonable person, looking at this record of corruption, criminality, and nasty, brutish behavior, would perhaps think that this entire agency is so bad, that like the KGB or the Gestapo or (gasp) the Confederate States Army, it should just go away: be abolished, branded as so evil that it is even illegal to copy its logo. But NOT for people in power at EAR, including dear sweet Mrs. Noem. Nope, the solution is to “reform” the agency and hold it “more accountable.” I admire her courage: after all, the IRS has indeed eaten Congress critturs for lunch now and then. And maybe she has relatives or in-laws that can shield her from the wrath of the simple serpents (civil servants) that inhabit the IRS and “serve the people” (fried, boiled, broiled or baked?).

Sorry, I just don’t think her solution will work. For one thing, she is never going to get a majority in both houses to support her effort: most of them understand what the IRS can do to them.  And have a singular lack of courage. What will work? Abolition, outlawry, and the kind of cultural and societal shunning usually reserved for unreconstituted Afrikaaners and cannibals.  But to do that will, of course, require a revolution.

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Hypocrites: Liberty, privacy, and … sex

Libertarian Commentary #16-16 A, By Nathan Barton

My, but doesn’t this sound just a wee bit hypocrtical? Christian News.Net reports that a petition has been launched at Change.org to get people and government to recognize that the rocker Bruce Springsteen has a right to refuse service to people, even whole communities or states, who hold beliefs which he finds to be objectionable, or do things which he finds to be bad. There has been a lot of coverage recently of the law passed in North Carolina, which takes away the power of cities and counties to provide special privileges (“protections”) for transgender people who still have the various organs associated with the sex they were born with and don’t want to be. To show his disgust for this hideous action, and to punish the state and coerce them into repealing the law, Springsteen has joined a large number of entertainers, corporations, and various groups in boycotting the state: refusing service to those who don’t meet his standard of morality and behavior. Continue reading

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Voting and Complaining

By MamaLiberty

Every election cycle, at least a few people tell me that if I don’t “vote,” I can’t complain about the results. This has never made any sense at all to me, but this year it seems even more ludicrous than usual.

Now, let’s see if that premise holds up.

If your neighbors get together and “vote” to burn your house down, and you don’t vote against it, does that mean you are actually consenting to have your house burned? Why would that be? They will likely torch the place no matter how YOU vote, right? If that’s what they want to do, a check mark on a piece of paper or an electronic tally won’t mean anything, and won’t stop them. And what difference would it make if you complained?

But that would be simple “democracy,” and everyone knows you can’t actually get anything done that way. Why, the neighbors might actually “vote” NOT to burn you out. (Not that they should have the option either way, of course.)

So, the democratic “republic” was born to put a layer (or many) between the homeowner to be burned out and all those who want to accomplish that. Think of a SWAT raid…

You know, the republic… the insane idea that people are too stupid and evil to control their own lives and property, but are wise and good enough to choose others to do it for them. Did you ever give much thought to how much of an oxymoron that truly turns out to be? Just look at the results of it for the last 200 years or more.

I’d say it was a self evident fact that nobody can logically or practically “represent” more than a few others, as in a client/attorney relationship. And what makes that work is that the attorney does his thing at the total discretion of the client and their representation is of a very limited nature… he can also be fired at any moment. Not so with politicians, of course.

Now consider the current “silly season” election nonsense dominating the “news” and much of the discussion everywhere. Which one of these cretins would you actually trust with your children, your wallet, your most personal information? Which one of these people are you willing to have dictate what you eat, drink, wear, drive or how you defend yourself and your family? Which one is actually qualified to control your job, health care, retirement preparations or ANYTHING ELSE in your life?

None of the above? Works for me.

I’m not complaining… I’m doing everything I can to protect myself from all of those the “voters” choose to control their lives, steal their productivity and murder their children. Seems to me that choosing a “lesser evil” is still choosing evil. I choose individual liberty instead.

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Mama’s Note:

Nathan is traveling again, and very busy, so there may not be any new commentary until next week. I’m trying to come up with something myself… but I’ve said it all so often I can’t seem to make it sound like anything but regurgitation…

So, if that’s the best I can come up with, I’ll probably re-post some things I’ve written in the past. Maybe you missed one of them. :)


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Yet Another Hillary Big Lie

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.

Upwards of ninety percent of the American electorate finds Secretary Hillary Clinton untrustworthy and what she said at a recent roundtable on equal pay in New York — in advance of the Democratic primary in New York on April 19, 2016 — shows exactly why. She has been widely reported as saying: “Some say there isn’t a gender pay gap.” … “That is just wrong. The typical woman working full time in 2014 was paid 79 percent of what men were paid.”

By contrast, an extensive economic and social science research literature shows unequivocally that Secretary Clinton’s Big Lie — that women are paid only 79 cents on the dollar for purportedly equal work – is fraudulent.  A course in elementary statistical analysis would instruct that covarying the really important pay determinants — such as the number of hours worked, education, job hazard risk, job travel requirements, college major choice and occupational choice — would cause the purported gender pay gap to vanish or virtually vanish — Secretary Clinton’s “experience” notwithstanding.

For decades, Secretary Clinton and her fellow establishment Democrats successfully have pandered this Big Lie to entice women to vote for them.  What appears to be different in 2016, however, is that a more enlightened and better informed electorate is beginning to look behind the curtain.

Younger voters, men, and most especially straight white men simply are not buying what Secretary Clinton is selling.

The Big Lie Technique worked well for Der Fuhrer Adolph Hitler in the 1940′s when the populace had limited access to the truth. However, in 2016 with all the internet access to honest and accurate data that the electorate has available to them, Big Lies hopefully are on their way out.

Honesty and credibility hopefully are on their way in.

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Florida International University in Miami.

Mama’s Note: Honesty and credibility will prevail only with people who are not convinced that they can successfully live at someone else’s expense while controlling the thoughts, choices and actions of everyone around them. I suspect we have a way to go before we reach that point.

But it would seem that many of the otherwise criminally deluded are starting to realize how incredibly destructive and evil Hillary is. And that’s progress, no matter what else is going on.

My “vote” this year:  None of the above.

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The Uber-nanny state of 2016

Libertarian Commentary #16-15C By Nathan Barton

In Mississippi, Governor Bryant signed a controversial “religious freedom” bill. As reported by the BBC News, “The governor of Mississippi has signed a controversial bill that allows businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on religious beliefs. Governor Phil Bryant signed HB1523 into law on Tuesday amid opposition from equal rights groups and businesses. He said the bill ‘protects sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions.’ Protesters say the bill would allow for lawful discrimination of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. The bill comes at a time when numerous US states are passing or considering similar laws.” People are screaming, but not everyone. Steve Trinward noted: In reality, under “freedom of association” constraints, the government has no justification for denying this; [but] affirming it with legislation? That might be an overstep. I agree, but understand the reasoning. Continue reading

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Never? A response to an Islamic apologist

(Libertarian Commentary #16-15B, by Nathan Barton


A young man in Texas has written an article in the Huffington Post, entitled “Five reasons why Muslims should never have to apologize for terrorism,” which has generated a lot of discussion and response. In this article, he makes five points, including a challenge:

1. It is ridiculous, since “my religion teaches peace.”
2. Muslims condemn terrorism and always have.
3. Muslims are at the very forefront of combating terrorism.
4. Muslims are the largest victims of terrorism. (I think he means “the most numerous.”)
5. If Muslims have to apologize for terrorism, then so should everyone else have to apologize for various things that members of their various groups do?

His challenge (tied to his first point) is that he will pay $10,000 for every verse in the Koran that “says it’s okay to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror.” Continue reading

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Morality, Society, Norms and Government

Libertarian Commentary #16-15A, by Nathan Barton

I am working on various projects in “Indian Country” – that is the official FedGov term for the AmerInd reservations and “trust lands” which are found across the nation in virtually every state, if not everyone (yes, even Deleware and New Jersey have these places. A correspondent from the Rosebud (Margaret) shared some stories and made comments about the decline in society and morality, and what we expect of people (norms).

This is one of the stories, from Alaska: where first-grader girls have been accused of a plot to poison a classmate. KTLA and CNN reported that three first-graders in Alaska’s largest city plotted to kill a fellow student with silica gel packets that the girls believed was poison. The three have been suspended but not charged with any crime. (For crying out loud, even though they are only six or seven, little boys who try to kiss little girls are charged with sex crimes for doing it – conspiracy to murder is EXEMPT?) Parents of the 32 first-graders attending Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage got word of the plot in a March 22 email from the principal. The three female students acknowledged that they planned to poison a female classmate, school district officials said.” [Steve Trinward's comment on the story is telling: “Okay ... WTF? First-graders? Armageddon surely approacheth”] The problem is part the parents, but a charter school is STILL a government-run/tax-funded school. And I bet the parents let these girls watch network and cable television; even the Disney Channel and The Cartoon Network are filled with trash. Continue reading

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