Our Rights to Life, Property

By Bradley Harrington

It is sufficiently obvious, that persons and property are the two great subjects on which Governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted. These rights cannot well be separated.” — James Madison, “Virginia Convention Speech,” 1829

I knew, when I discussed the concept of “rights” a couple of weeks back (“WTE online comments, Oct. 25).

In reality, these examples qualify as instances of individual rights (property rights, to be specific) with their negations actually serving as the “special” rights instead — but that won’t be clear until we first define our terms. Continue reading

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No good deed…

By Nathan Barton

We all know the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” It was the (unofficial) motto of several Engineer units with which I served or knew well.

Always a bunch of recent examples, but here is one that fits with the bitter cold and snow after snow burying the West right now: In Pocatello, Idaho (according to the Blaze), cops ticketed ($200 fine) a man for plowing snow from his own street and putting it on his own yard. No, he apparently wasn’t cited for stealing water (whoops – shouldn’t say that, will give Colorado, California, and other states bad ideas). Rather, because in Pocatello, “It is unlawful for any person to deposit, place or allow to remain in or upon any public right of way any material or substance injurious to persons or property.” But he was REMOVING a “substance” to help his neighbors get out of their driveway.

We have a neighbor that does that: there are four of us that live on a private dead-end lane, and one of our neighbors goes out with his little skidster to get the worst of the snow off EVERYONE’s stretch of road. For years, my father’s neighbors helped keep his sidewalk clear of snow because they knew how bad his arthritis was. Continue reading

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The Daily Hate?

By Nathan Barton

I believe that the novel 1984 was where I first encountered the bizarre progressive-socialist-liberal custom of “the Daily Hate.” A very public (yet restricted) version, significantly perverted, of the Biblical idea of “confess your sins one to another,” already perverted once by the modern (unbiblical) practice in Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism of confession to a “priest” normally followed not by repentance but by penance. According to Herb Philbrick, both the ritual of confession and the daily hate (or something very similar) was standard life in the Communist Party USA. Of course, Big Brother’s Daily Hate often DID result in penance, or at least a payment for their “sins,” as it did in the Communist Party.

But today, the Daily Hate is no longer enough for the Tranzi left. Especially when it comes to the next POTUS. As the Blaze reports, modern Trumpophobes (or Anti-Trumpistas?) must find new ways to scream their hate at the man who won the 2016 elections. Two white brothers are returning their dead (white) parents’ honorary doctorate degrees to Talledega College, a traditional black college. Why? To punish the black college for sending their marching band to DC on the 20th to march in the Inauguration Parade. Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen ™ – Markers of a truly free society

By Nathan Barton

As we lovers of liberty try to identify whether or not our society is gaining or losing liberty and freedom, we should consider what the characteristics of a society which enjoys real liberty are. Here is a list of suggested traits.

1. Individual people will be free and motivated to grow up, grow deep, and soar to unimagined heights without restraints and supported by love, liberty, freedom, and peace.

2. Individual people will be free to fail, and free to learn and grow as a result. Freedom to succeed means freedom to fail.

3. Individual people and voluntary groups of people will be free to go into business, using their God-given skills to pursue their God-given passions without having to be licensed involuntarily (by the State) to do so.

Continue reading

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Thomas J Jackson – a brief analysis

By Nathan Barton

The 21st of January, 2017 is the 193rd anniversary of Thomas Jonathan Jackson, better known as Stonewall Jackson, and a man who should be admired by all lovers of liberty for his life, his words, his beliefs, and the price he paid for liberty and love of his people and his country.

This may come as a shock to readers, because it takes only a few seconds online to find that Stonewall Jackson was a slaveholder – and of course, he fought against the FedGov on behalf of all those Southron racists and slaveholders. But there is much more to his life, and his story. Continue reading

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New Year’s Day In Wyoming

By MamaLiberty

In the dark, looking at the bedside clock through the smallest slits possible, I exclaim, “Crap. Only 3AM.” I’d actually gone to bed a little early, but hoped to sleep to my usual wake up time at 4. Unfortunately, from long experience I knew I would not be able to go back to sleep no matter how long I stayed in bed – mostly because my back is too painful then. Time to get up.

Sliding out of bed in a practiced move to get into the slippers before my feet hit the floor, I then stagger to the bathroom. XXXXXX Following usual habit patterns, I manage to wash my hands, turn off the little heater and the light, and stagger back out to the bedroom. The sciatica pain in my right leg makes the long, slow crawl up the staircase into the first challenge of the day, but I eventually get there.

The dog reached the top of the stairs before my feet found the slippers, of course, and is waiting not so patiently by the front door. Opening that door can be a challenge in sub-zero weather, as the storm door latch tends to freeze solid. I struggle with it and finally let the dog out, shutting the door as fast as I can against the waves of cold. Continue reading

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War on the West, entering a new phase?

By Nathan Barton

With a new massa supposedly moving into 1600 in less than a month (assuming things go for him on Monday the 19th), lots of old issues are getting revved up again. One is the War of the West, the colonial status of supposedly sovereign states where 70 or 80 percent or more of the actual land is owned by the FedGov, and controlled by hordes of nameless, unelected but powerful bureaucrats in local and state offices, reporting to the Federal Center in Denver and to DC.

This has been put back in the public awareness with the decree, on Wednesday the 28th of December, 2016, that the Bears Ears and Gold Butte National Monuments have been created in Utah and Nevada, respectively, against the wishes of the people of those states. While I plan to discuss that more later, suffice to note that more restrictions on huge (1.5 million acres!) areas of land are placed by DC on the people, tribes, and economies of those two western states. Continue reading

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Follow up to Creeping Totalitarianism

By Nathan Barton

A few additional thoughts on the long, sordid history of fascism and totalitarianism in the Fifty States, after my recent column.

First, let me point out that the inevitable destiny of government (involuntary, human government) is totalitarianism. Fascism and its sisters (Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Transnational Progressivism) are the common paths to totalitarianism. National Socialism (Nazi-ism or Hitlerism), Falangist goverment (ala Franco), Corporatism (Mussolini), the “New Deal” and “Great Society” and “Hope and Change” are flavors thereof. Lesson learned? The window-dressing, make-up, or frosting can be very different and often changes drastically from case-to-case and location-to-location, but the heart of the matter remains the same: government gains more and more power and control over every part of the society it was supposed to serve and instead consumes.

Second, although totalitarianism was not named until the 20th Century, it has long existed, and we can see how it developed and existed. AND how it FELL in history. Some examples include the Israelites in Egypt, Solomon and his successors in both the northern kingdom (Israel) and the southern kingdom (Judah or Judea), the Medo-Persian Empire, the New Babylonian Empire, the Senate & People of Rome (Roman Empire), the Byzantine Empire (the latter-day SPQR), the Commonwealth of England, and more. Lesson learned? Totalitarianism comes to an end, eventually, due either to external forces or internal forces or some combination. This is a result of its own internal faults, fortunately. Continue reading

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Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

By Nathan Barton

James A Haught, in CounterPunch writes about the “long, slow death of religion” in America. “By now, it’s clear that religion is fading in America, as it has done in most advanced Western democracies. Dozens of surveys find identical evidence: Fewer American adults, especially those under 30, attend church — or even belong to a church. They tell interviewers their religion is ‘none.’ They ignore faith.”

Our esteemed publisher wrote: “I suspect that the death of organized religion isn’t quite as immediate as these folks would like to think – great as I think that would be. And, of course, no mention is made of the difference between the 501(c) sort of “religion,” and those who have private convictions and traditions about who and what they worship. I suspect they didn’t know about folks like you and me, and would not have bothered to ask in any case.”

I very much agree with her assessment, and add some more to reinforce it. I know nothing at all about Mr. Haught except this article, and the fact that he is the editor of West Virginia’s largest newspaper and a frequent contributor to websites such as “Secularweb” and “Infidels.org” and other anti-christian (and apparently anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim) publications. He has several books attacking “belief” and “religion.” Although he is on the edge of Flyover Country (the frontier between the Eastern Seaboard elites and the major part of the US), and in a “Red State,” he is clearly part of the mainstream media and Tranzi community. Continue reading

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Environists, media, and lies

By Nathan Barton

Author’s Note: For those readers who may not be familiar with it, the term “environist” is a derisive term I use for so-called “environmentalists” because it is clear that the breed in general has no brains: no MENTAL effort is involved on their part. I did not coin the term, but Angie Many of the now-defunct print-newspaper, the Black Hills Loggers’ News, did so back in the 1990s.

Like the mainstream media, the environist movement lies constantly. The media has the (invalid) excuse that since real-world events are too complex and difficult to describe, let alone comprehend, then they must “edit” reality. And therefore, they have their equivalent of “poetic license,” and that for certain values, black IS white. Continue reading

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