“Climate Change” Quackery, Part I

By Bradley Harrington

Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what ‘the stars foretell,’ avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable ‘verdict of history’ – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places?” – Robert Heinlein, “Time Enough For Love,” 1973 -

In the face of a newly-declared EPA rule that “aims to cut emissions from the power sector by 30 percent from 2005 levels over the next 15 years” (“Coal regs worry Wyo.,” WTE, June 3), now would be a good time to ask: Just how settled is the science behind such a move?

And the answer is: Well, um, uh… Not very settled at all. Continue reading

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Above The “Law”

By MamaLiberty

The lawless religious right: Time to stop caving to their ridiculous tantrums
Salon – by Katie McDonogh

“The Christian right wants to live above the law, and so far they’ve been wildly successful at getting what they want. But the progressive left — led by a coalition of LGBTQ organizations — is finally poised to fight hard against the trend, and to push Congress and Obama to do the same.” (07/10/14)

The “right” wants to live above the law. So does the “left.” Congress and the President most certainly live “above the law,” along with all or most of the federal employees in the country, especially the alphabet soup gangs. Then there are all those cops who definitely live in smug defiance of any law that should punish them for harming innocents. State, county and city governments in general work hard getting around some laws, even if they can’t jump above them quite as easily as the “dear leader.” The folks on Wall Street, and a vast array of corporate entities don’t seem to have much problem ignoring the law that is enforced on the rest of us either. Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-27E: Urban areas, economics, and government

By Nathan Barton

Good morning and welcome to the end of another week.  Let us briefly look at cities, economic matters, and of course, stupid government, remembering that much government just plain shuts down for the weekend.

John Ransom at Townhall points out what a wonderful example Chicago was last weekend, with 10 dead and 50 shot in what he calls “Happy Dependence Day.”  Chicago is indeed the poster child for Tranzi philosophy and government, because of its corruption, its incest (business and all the levels of government), the sheep-like demeanor of its people, and the way it produces such FINE examples of humanity like the Fuehrer and his Consort and the Emanuels and Al Capone and Honest Abe:  indeed a “worthy” successor of Babylon, Rome and Constantinople and Paris… Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-27D: Islamic wars, Home front

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  Tensions rising again, both overseas and here.  Let’s look at a few.

First, a brief look at Canaan and that part of the Islamic world wars. When you look at a map of the Middle East, at least seven (and depending on how you count them, ten) nations are engaged in a single connected war with multiple sides. Continue reading

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A Walk On The Dark Side

By MamaLiberty

Sally had worked much later than she had intended to, and hurried as she crossed the dimly lit lobby to the front. The old security guard shuffled toward her to unlock the door, wishing her a good evening and admonishing her to be careful. She stepped outside and listened to him lock the door behind her, wishing she could have requested an escort to her car a block away. He was too crippled, and couldn’t leave his post anyway, but she still wished someone was with her. Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-27C: Children and government

Good morning to all, after a long day and miles on the road, but seeing the beautiful almost-Irish green of the South Dakota Badlands and Short-grass Prairies (High Plains). Some news (a short selection today):

The statist School Nutrition Association has turned on Moochel and the school food mandates of the FedGov, saying they don’t work and want them repealed. Allies in evil turn on each other, eh?  And millions of school children rejoice.  They’d rejoice more if their parents started behaving like real parents and pulled them out of the state-ruined institutions of “learning” before it is too late.  But even then, as the next story relates, the state still thinks that they (not the parents) control children. Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-27B: Nazgul and thugs in general

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, everyone.  A pleasant day to you all.

The Nazgul have refused to hear a case which a lower court decided ALLOWED the thuggish State of New Jersey to deny any right to have arms outside homes, and created a “privilege” to be “allowed at the will of certain masters.  So yes, once more, people have their faces rubbed in the fact that COURTS are NOT the friends of liberty, but its ENEMIES. Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-27A: Propaganda Wars

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, the long weekend is over.  Sadly, no one declared independence on either the 2nd or the 4th, and we have no new nations or states or groups on planet Earth.  Oddly enough, the 4th of July never seems to be a “significant” day to launch terror attacks these days, unlike Patriot’s Day (19th April) or even May Day or Cinco de Mayo.  Wonder why? Continue reading

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Human Sacrifice

By Nathan Barton

Planned Parenthood, one of the most prominent of Tranzi institutions in America today, constantly tells us that they are all about “family planning” and that abortion should be “legal and rare.”  So why did Planned Parenthood hand out a “Most Abortions” award to a Colorado clinic? Should they not be giving awards for the fewest abortions?  For the most children loved and placed in loving homes if the parents cannot keep the child?  Why? Continue reading

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Nuts and Fruits … and Grass

By Nathan Barton

The Socialist Workers Paradisical Democracy of Berkeley has again proved that the idiocy of the drone classes knows no limits.  The Bezerkley City Council and Mutual Admiration League has dictated (democratically, OF course) that the three (now four) medical cannabis shops in the city limits must henceforth give away 2% of the cannabis they sell each year to the “very poor.” Continue reading

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