A rebuttal: Christians and Law Enforcement

By Nathan Barton

Author’s Note: As we see the uptick in cops getting killed, cops killing others, terrorism, and the associated screams and panic, it is important to look at some basic principles regarding justice, law enforcement, and related matters. As always, I view matters from both a christian and an anarchist’s point of view. Be warned: This is a very religious commentary. I think it is of interest to both non-Christians (especially those trying to explain liberty to Christians) and to not-religious people who want to better understand religion and liberty. As always, feel free to pass on.

A rebuttal: Christians and Law Enforcement

The website “GotQuestions.Org” asked the Question: “What does the Bible say about law enforcement / the police?”

Their Answer: It’s fairly well known that God gave a set of laws and with it guidelines for the enforcement of those laws. Not only did the Mosaic Law define sin, but it specified penalties for those who broke the Law. Any law is essentially meaningless without enforcement. The people in Bible times may not have had a police force as we think of one today, but they definitely had those who promoted justice by enforcing the law. The Bible’s references to watchmen (Ezekiel 33:6), armed guards (Nehemiah 4:13), and judges (Ezekiel 44:24 and the whole book of Judges) could be seen as examples of law enforcement. Continue reading

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Election SIT-Out

By MamaLiberty

Two good posts at LRC blog today by Michael S. Rozeff:
#Election Sitout

Sit-ins used to be popular. I recommend a SIT-OUT. I recommend an ELECTION SIT-OUT.

And Effects of #VotingSitout

A #VotingSitout is partly symbolic, partly motivational, partly a warning to leaders, and partly stirring the ground so that other seeds will take root. #VotingSitout has more of a long-term orientation and less of a right now view. It is less based on fear and more on transformation.

I’ve never seen too much benefit in most protests, marches, demonstrations or such group activities. Most of the time it seems like begging the “masters” for their kind benevolence – especially things like petitions and voting. Continue reading

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The net is being gathered – Do you know where YOUR liberty is?

By Nathan Barton

Watch them circle around the drain and go down. Despite many claims to the contrary, our liberties are vanishing like moths consumed by a torch. One of the latest regards the Gadsden Flag.

The Volokh Conspiracy reports how that bastion of protection of our “rights,” the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), has found that free speech is a violation of your fellow employees’ rights, at least if you wear something that is “offensive” to them.

http://www.gadsden.info/Yes, the Gadsden Flag, that stalwart banner of American Independence and Liberty, beloved by millions for 200+ years, is now RACIST. After all, snakes – even rattlesnakes – are people too. Continue reading

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“Libertarian” Party Joins the Old Parties?

By Nathan Barton

Thanks to the folks over at JPFO for this: Bullets First bluntly reports VP candidate William Weld’s interview on REVOLT TV: Libertarian VP Wants to Ban Guns; Rifles are “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Except that Bullets First is WRONG: With these positions, William Weld has violated any claim to be ANY kind of Libertarian or libertarian. I don’t know if the LP still requires even their nominees to sign the “Pledge” any more, but ANY person who says that accused people should be stripped of fundamental, God-given rights is committing an act of aggression and calling for tens of thousands, even millions, of acts of aggression. Continue reading

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Mike Vanderboegh – Rest in Peace

We heard the sad news this morning from Claire Wolfe, and David Codrea, that Mike Vanderboegh has died. He fought a long and difficult battle with cancer for the last year or so, but never gave up his fight for the right to keep and bear arms.

Mike and I had several very interesting conversations (email). I didn’t agreed with him about a number of things, including the authority of the “constitution,” of course, but always respected his integrity and consistency. The basis for the 3% non-organization was one of the best strategies for individual liberty I’ve ever seen, and I hope many will continue in that as his greatest legacy. I know that I will.

Rest in peace, Mike. Indeed.

What Does It Mean To Be A “Three Percenter”?

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Liberty Today

By Nathan Barton

Liberty, for Americans, and for most of the rest of the world, didn’t fare too well in the last few years.  A few places, here and there, lost everything.  Most places got liberty nibbled at, in large or small bites.  In a very few places, liberty increased for the people who are there.  (Despite the terrific efforts of tyrants and would-be tyrants.)

What IS liberty, though?  There can obviously be degrees of liberty: some people, some societies, some communities can have more liberty, be more free than others.  Google defines liberty in two ways:  1. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views, and 2. the power or scope to act as one pleases. Continue reading

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What If? Part 2

By Nathan Barton

In Part 1, a friend postulated just how things can really go wrong in the 2016 presidential election (the every-four-years vote for Massa), and its aftermath.

But the real question is, “What do we do if something like this really does happen?” We’ve seen things like that in places in Latin America, Africa, and even Russia. We are often fearful, not just about our freedoms and liberties, but our family’s very lives, our means of support, and much else.

In recent weeks, it appears that there may be an actual 3-way national race, with Clinton, Trump, and Johnson (with Stein a very distant 4th) stomping around the country. The poll numbers go up and down, but we are seeing things in 2016 that haven’t been seen before: the internal fractures in all three leading parties are glaring.

Anything could happen, especially when we throw in elements of terrorism (both by the states and other actors) and economics. Life is interesting, and doesn’t seem apt to change quickly. (But it just might! ML) Continue reading

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Another Good Reason to Avoid These?


I went to check on a friend in a dangerous situation recently. Call him “W.”

He was in the hospital.

Dangerous? Yes! As you may know, hospital” is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

But there’s another good reason to avoid hospitals that I didn’t know. So bitch-slap me.

Since he had all sorts of insurance, “W” probably looked like $$$$$ as they wheeled him into the emergency room. Sort of like when you take your car in for an oil change and suddenly you have new shocks, a new muffler, relined brakes and a big bill.

No such problems this time. And I already knew about that danger. Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen: ALL Black Lives DO Matter

by Nathan Barton, from an idea by D. Pettis, a reader.

Author’s Note: I drafted this a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the news pages have been (as always) filled with a steady stream of photos of dead black people (and people of other colors, too), some killed by police, some killed by other black people. It isn’t just in the Fifty States: we see it from England and Brazil and of course from Nigeria and Sudan and so many other places.

This baker’s dozen ™ is to remind us God’s view is of our souls and not our skin. Right now, I have few close friends or even associates with “that” skin color, and I am mostly working and living in areas with few people of central African descent. Our neighbors and family and friends and business associates tend to be AmerInd (various tribes, including Lakota and Dineh and Numu), “Hispanic” (Nuevo Mexicano, Tejano, and Mexicano), and the odd military mongrel. But we have many brothers and sisters in Christ, many comrades in arms (or their family members), and some business associates who are of darker skin color and have ancestors from south of the Sierra and north of the Kalahari. Most of those people have ESCAPED from the horror that modern “American” black culture has become, whether we are talking the rural areas of Mississippi or Oklahoma or the ghettos and fringe communities of St. Louis or Baltimore or Kansas City. Continue reading

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By Nathan Barton

I’m back, I think!

Last week, in the middle of yet another 1500-mile week of travel and work, I got violently sick and for the last nine days have been sick as a dog, lost a few pounds (which I really didn’t need to), spent a few hours in emergency care with an IV, and have tried to rest, limit work AND driving AND riding, called off about 2400 miles of travel, and gotten much better. I also didn’t listen to a WHOLE lot of news and talk shows, just enough to make me glad I wasn’t concentrating on them.

Mama’s Note: Well, thank goodness you checked in. I was worried! At first I figured you were just super busy… but that has not often stopped you cold like that before. Hope you are returned to perfect health soon… and can clean up the list of “drafts” you left behind. :) Hugs!

So I am back, still feisty and eager to tilt at windmills, fight for my family, friends, clients, and liberty, and again willing to do so. Expect me to be more blunt and less tolerant, even as I continue to improve. Continue reading

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