Libertarian Commentary on the News, 13 NOV 2015; #15-45C: Bad Luck?

By Nathan Barton

A constant theme from some parts of the “larger” liberty and conservative movement is our poor food and diet: a product of government-subsidized and corporate-controlled agriculture, food production, and distribution.  So, what about “Open-sourced food production – the future of urban diets?”  Thus asks the Guardian in a recent article.  ”Scientists are developing open-source technologies that reward locally grown foods, cutting down on shipping and improving nutrition…” Continue reading

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THe IRS Scam

By Nathan Barton

The IRS Scam (No, not THAT one, another one)

No link to this one, but I recently received an e-mail from my dear US Representative in Congress (Kristi Noem, SD-00 (South Dakota only has ONE) warning me of a wave of scam calls and e-mails from people pretending to be the IRS in an attempt to steal money from us by getting our bank account or credit card information.  The calls tell us that the IRS is getting ready to sue us, unless we immediately settle the problem.

Well, now, that is a pretty great e-mail.  Pretty neat that instead of trying to get us to endorse some or the other policy or legislation, or tell us what a great job she’s doing, she is actually trying to be a good public servant. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News 11 November 2015 (Veterans Day), #15-45B: Paranoia & Armistice Day

by Nathan Barton

Do not expect me to laud or sob for Veterans Day. Originally Armistice Day, it commemorates the official end of that bloody horror called “The Great War” and 22 years later renamed into “The First World War,” a tragic “comedy” of errors that destroyed the future of most of Europe and more than a few of the Fifty States (Arkansas, for example, has never recovered the combination of bloodbath and mass exposure to other places that made my grandfather’s saying “Arkansas is a good place to BE from – far from,” a fact of life for many). But instead of a somber remembrance of the horrors of state-mandated and -encouraged war, it has become an excuse for paid patriotism and mindless glorification of militarism by too many people – as well as a holiday from work for millions who never wore a uniform and never (whatever their reason) put their necks on the line for an ungrateful population and a power hungry Congress and White House. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News,10 November 2015, #15-45A: Correct?

By Nathan Barton

Political pressure and correctness run amuk? The University of Missouri president has resigned, according to the WaPo, Jim Wolfe announced he is resigning amid criticism of how racial issues have been handled on campus. Apparently, the football team “took him down” because they didn’t like the way he didn’t grovel enough over something that was misconstrued as racist. This is just another part of the purge of so much of society today: education (especially government-run, tax-funded), the military, other parts of government, and even business and private organizations. Today, purges are not conducted by people with black leather trench coats, but by mobilizing mobs of students and activists and flooding Twitter and Facebook with vicious attacks, until life is so miserable for the person being purged that they flee “voluntarily.” Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 07 November 2015, #15-44E: Dictators, cops, and nazgul

By Nathan Barton

The dictator (the squatter at 1600 PA) has spoken: all bow down. The WaPo  reports that the Keystone XL project has been rejected,citing climate concerns. NOT whether the pipeline construction and operation is going to be done in an environmentally safe manner, but because that much “dirty oil” is bad for Gaea; that global warming must be “ended” or “prevented.” The decision brings an end, at least for now, to a seven-year fight over a project that came to symbolize what this thug could do unilaterally to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Trans-Canada is NOT an innocent victim in this. Their willingness to use eminent domain proves that, but they and millions of people ARE victims of the vicious nature of the current FedGov regime and its thug in charge.

Mama’s Note: For an excellent overview of this topic, look at this “Watts Up With That” article. Far more information and balanced than WaPo. It shows that there are millions of miles of pipelines already in place. Many of those are elderly and failing. Perhaps those should be replaced first. I’m sure that eminent domain has been used on these and so much more, for a very long time. That, seems to me, to be a separate issue which only the free market can hope to address. Reading that article, pay attention to the comments below. Most of these people are experts in the oil business or alternative energy sources. It’s a big subject, and the XL project is just a tiny part of it. Continue reading

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A Review of FMJ Ammunition from AmmoMan

By MamaLiberty

A few weeks ago, Eric at AmmoMan asked if I’d like to test some ammunition and write a review. All I could do was grin and ask, “does a cat like tuna?”

So, while waiting for the shipment of the cartridges, I wrote a simple protocol for a test. I made sure Eric understood that I was just an ordinary shooter, having no expertise in ballistics nor fancy equipment available. He assured me that they could get all sorts of scientific test results otherwise, and were simply interested in how the ammunition functioned for me. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 06 November 2015, #15-44D: Cops, Lies, and Statistics

By Nathan Barton

Cops kill: we know that, and all too often they kill for no justifiable reason: certainly not in self-defense. But police, as a profession, have a good many other dark aspects. In the Fifty States, we are told by the Columbus Dispatch that 1,000 police officers have removed over sex charges in a six-year period. “A yearlong investigation by the Associated Press has found about 1,000 officers who lost their licenses in a six-year period for rape, sodomy and other sexual assaults; sex crimes that included possession of child pornography; or sexual misconduct such as propositioning citizens or having on-duty intercourse. The probe at once represents both the most complete examination of such wrongdoing and a sure undercount of the problem, limited by a patchwork of state laws.” What is MOST disturbing about this (besides the “undercount” is that while most of these cops supposedly have been fired, they are NOT in prison, NOT branded as sexual predators, and may even (due to that patchwork quilt of laws) be able to again go back into law enforcement. Sick, huh? Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 04 NOV 2015, #15-44C: Insanity is catching on

by Nathan Barton

A correspondent, Marsh, questioned whether the story as reported in the Daily Caller was really true: that a Chicago-area school has been ORDERED by the FedGov (Departments of “Justice” and  ”Education”) to allow a “transgender” male who claims he is a female (and hasn’t been surgically altered) to use the girl’s locker room and toilet WITH real girls present (or lose all their federal funding). My response to Marsh is a bit crude: The Daily Caller is usually pretty factual.  The Chicago Tribune headline points out WHY this insanity is allowed: the media, like the government, believes that “feelings” outweigh reality (as in, flesh and blood and DNA/genetic proof). Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-44B: Control

By Nathan Barton

Regulatory control – a key requirement for government to thrive: everything in life must be controlled by regulations – preferably MULTIPLE regulations, by MULTIPLE agencies and bodies of local government. Let’s look at a few.

Do we need car control?  So asks Mama Liberty as she notes, for the first of November: Three stories in the news this Sunday morning. The car was used to kill only one less than than those killed with a gun.

Fox News story #1 comes from New York City, where cops say a 52-year-old man may have had a seizure and lost control, plowing into Halloween trick-or-treaters. Bad things happen and all the police can often do is clean up after it. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 01 November 2015; #15-44A: Nuts

By Nathan Barton

Are they nuts?  Yep!  Sovereign Man tells us that Australia is “eliminating” passports: physical passports – they gonna move them into the cloud.  As the article says, a gigantic sign will say “hackers, get your data here!.”  Excellent tirade about the evils of passports and “papers, please.” Politicians gone to seed: insanity is catching.

Are THESE folks nuts?  No, but Congress is gonna think so, and the lobbyists and donors are going into overtime and burning out their checkbooks (or do donors use plastic cards now?):  Popular Science reports the nazgul ruling that says that automotive software is NOT – get that NOT – covered by copyright and that paragon of evil, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. So we are free (until Congress messes in the pool) to tweak the software that makes our cars (well, all of them but that 1985 Dodge Dakota) run. Hurry, folks; Congress is going to get flooded with money and change this to make it (again) illegal to use anything but a “certified” mechanic to work on your vehicle. Continue reading

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