Do NJ “gun laws” go too far?

By MamaLiberty

Sorry, trick question. Of course, all “gun laws” go too far. And, for the record, that has almost nothing to do with the “second amendment”  or safety or reducing actual violent crime.

The fundamental question that isn’t being asked, most of the time anyway, is why there should be any government “control” of an inanimate object. The gun control people insist that more and more “laws” are needed to save lives, to reduce violent crime, and to give the police better ways to achieve this. I can’t see any basis for this idea in the facts available.

The laws prohibiting murder, assault, rape, theft, and every other aggression of one person against another, are only useful after the fact, to apprehend and possibly punish those who commit those crimes. The laws themselves do nothing to actually prevent crime. People who want to harm others are not much influenced by the laws, and are obviously even less impressed by laws written to prohibit them from obtaining and using whatever tools they deem necessary. Continue reading

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The Loose Cannon Libertarian


Book Review: Selected Salvos 2
By Garry Reed, The Loose Cannon Libertarian

Garry Reed has been a friend for many years. We’ve talked a lot about most aspects of freedom and politics, not always in agreement by a long shot, but I was always pleased to see that he would er on the side of individual sovereignty, even when he didn’t immediately embrace the full extent of the potential because pragmatism kept getting in the way.

Gradually, with interesting back and fill at times, he came to understand that electoral politics could not even be justified by any kind of pragmatism. Slavery, by any name, is still slavery. And theft is still theft, no matter how many people want to justify theft. Continue reading

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This is a Test

By MamaLiberty

Had a short discussion with a good friend the other day, and we were in agreement over so many things… but he made a statement I consider entirely too optimistic, and very unlikely.

We agree to the principle of non-aggression, that freedom simply means doing what you want as long as you don’t hurt others. Now, this isn’t cut and dried, by any means, but negotiation and voluntary association is the answer to disagreements, rather than “laws” and cops and jails.

And, as I’ve said so many times before, what prevents people from truly understanding that important difference is the fact that so many of them accept without question the idea that any “government” or other “rulers” have a legitimate authority to dictate those “laws” and so forth, rather than seeing their own natural authority over themselves. And that natural authority gives each individual the proper basis for whatever negotiation or association works for them – and is always subject to change as the situation changes. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-10B: Our beloved government!

By Nathan Barton

In Golden, Colorado (west of Denver) it turns out that the Postal Investigation Service has been recording the license plates and faces of drivers and passengers doing business at the US Post Office (80401) for at least three months, and possibly longer.  What fun! I am sure that the USPS is glad to do what NSA and other agencies do all the time to us.  Big Brother lives!

Mama’s Note: I wonder why… probably a silly question, but I can’t imagine what they thought this would gain for them. Guess they don’t really need any reason to be both foolish and evil. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-10: Immigration, Education, more.

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.

California, even by FedGov admission, has higher than average unemployment.  In fact, the processing of unemployment checks by the state government is a big and growing business, which the state contracts out.  But is it not interesting to find that the jobs are being out-sourced to (east) Indian nationals imported into the United States on work visas?  The justification for the “legal” border jumpers is that Americans do not have the skills needed, according to the federal program doing this. An interesting way to reduce unemployment, no?  Of course, while some people blame the heavy Democratic-control of state government in the Golden State, and its strongly Democratic Congressional delegation, it is just another example of how government damages the economy, often in multiple ways. Continue reading

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Your Liberties Disappear Thanks To Spineless GOP

By Bradley Harrington

“If you penny-loafer conservatives – you slaves in splendor – ever had the courage of a housecat, we’d have a free America today … Our vile ‘leaders’ are not the real enemy. You are.” – Kenneth Royce, “Boston’s Gun Bible,” 2002

For anyone laboring under the delusion that most “conservative” Republicans in Wyoming have ever been anything other than a scared school of spineless jellyfish, that foolishness has now been blown sky high:

“The state Senate failed to reverse Gov. Matt Mead’s veto of Senate File 14 on Friday after just seven of the 30 members voted to override the governor’s action. The legislation would have ended the state’s civil forfeiture policy.” (“Mead’s asset forfeiture veto stands,” WTE, Feb 28.) Continue reading

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Do You Smile Every Day?

By MamaLiberty

Everyone knows there is plenty in this world to worry about. Even those who avoid the world and national “news” as much as possible can’t help but note the downward spiral in their own financial situation, especially if they or those they love are unemployed. There is the constant push to destroy God given rights to life and liberty, and increasing efforts to criminalize and control everything. Then there is the cost of everyday necessities, increasing due to the sinking national economy and shrinking dollar. A great many people are seriously worried about their health, and the increasing Obummercare insanity replacing free market medicine and insurance. And so much more. Did you know that stress, worry and fear, are far more detrimental to good health than you might think? Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-09B: This and that

By Nathan Barton

Good afternoon.

In recent months, many of us have distanced ourselves from Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, justifiably due to the takeover of that once fine organization by people who do NOT hold liberty as dear as they should.  It has divided us, and there are still some people who seem to honor and defend liberty that still write for JPFO (as hard as I find that to understand, which I am sure both Mama Liberty and Claire also find difficult).  I do still read their regular postings, and was pleased to see this article on the proposed BATFE (Fuehrer Directive) ban on a very common type of ammunition, which cuts to the heart of the matter: bans (or limits) on ammunition are a DIRECT and IMMORAL attack on a G-d-given right to defend ourselves, our families, our communities, and our property.  End of the story.  The JFPO article challenges NSSF and NRA, which are making “technical” arguments and demanding an apology as well as withdrawal of the proposal.  Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-09A: Liberty dwindling

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Liberty continues to be attacked, right here in the Fifty States, where this week and last we see a good many examples.  Here are a few that caught my eye. The price we must pay to restore our liberty grows greater and greater with each passing day.

Back in January, the Mises Circle in Houston had excellent presentations on Secession by Jeff Deist and Ron Paul, pointing out that secession begins at home and CAN be successful in the cause of Liberty.  Apparently someone noticed, as on Valentine’s Day in Bryan, Texas, a joint Federal-State-County-City assault force of 20 officers raided a scheduled meeting of the “Republic of Texas,” a long-existing secession group, arresting, fingerprinting, and harassing the sixty people present (except apparently for the Judas that opened the doors for the raiders) to carry out a warrant involving a “possible misdemeanor” being committed.  Freedom of speech?  Freedom of assembly?  Freedom of thought? I don’t know if this was a direct response to the Houston Mises meeting or not, but I do have my suspicions. Continue reading

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No King Of Old Had It Better

By Bradley Harrington

The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” – H.L. Mencken, “H.L. Mencken’s Notebooks,” 1956 -

In accordance with Theodore Sturgeon’s Law that “nine tenths of anything is crud,” most of what has come out of Wyoming’s 2015 Legislative Session so far has certainly qualified.

But a refreshing departure from that trend took place on Feb. 9 when both the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed Senate File 14, the “asset forfeiture” bill, which would overturn the legal system’s “right” to seize property from citizens without convicting said citizens of a crime first.

In a desperate attempt to maintain the state’s coercive capabilities in this arena, however, Gov. Matt Mead scuttled the legislation, demonstrating that Sturgeon’s Law applies to his office as well: Continue reading

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