The vote is NOT rigged. Right.

By Nathan Barton

As we near the 2016 elections, we continue to hear politicians and bureaucrats across these Fifty States insist that the popular vote is not rigged, and indeed, cannot be rigged. That our vote is sacred and protected. That it is not possible to hack or corrupt. And of course, that “isolated incidents” are not significant.

Yet, at the same time, it is reported that the FedGov Department of Homeland Security is moving to declare the election process “critical infrastructure” and therefore under their jurisdiction to “protect” and – as with so much else – control. So (no surprise, folks!) we have government speaking with forked tongue.

Consider this: Continue reading

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City Leaders: Arrogant or Incompetent?

By Bradley Harrington

We must have no carelessness in our dealings with public property or the expenditure of public money. Such a condition is characteristic either of an undeveloped people, or of a decadent civilization. America is neither.” — Calvin Coolidge, “Foundations of the Republic Speech,” 1924 –

For anyone laboring under the delusion that Cheyenne’s governing body actually knows what it is doing, maybe this jewel will help rid you of that illusory idea:

The Cheyenne City Council on Monday voted to reject an offer to sell the former Cheyenne Police Department building to the Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne… The 6-4 vote followed substantial discussion including objections over the transparency of the sale process, the appraised value of the building versus its sale price and poor communication between council members and its leadership.” (“Council kills police HQ deal,” WTE, Aug. 23.) Continue reading

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Government services?

By Nathan Barton

A quick follow-up note on my column a while back on stupidity in and out of government. “Tyler Durdan” over at ZeroHedge has “nine weird things” about the NYC-NJ bombing guy and situation that are very much on the weird side. His last point about distractions is important. (And ties in with this article:)

What does government really provide to its “people” – the citizens of the state which the government rules – as services in exchange for the prices we pay in money (and everything else)?

Yes, I know the usual arguments. “Government provides us protection.” From what? Continue reading

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Religious tests for office?

By Nathan Barton

An infamous Hollywood celebrity (whom I refuse to name) has stated that if you do not believe in manmade global warming (climate change) you should not be allowed to hold public office, as reported by CNS News. Since this was done at a government-sponsored event, on the South Lawn of the White Hose, and the squatter there at 1600 did not object or contradict him, we have every reason to assume that this is now FedGov policy, whether implemented or not.

This is a direct, explicit violation of the No Religious Test Clause of the United States Constitution. As Wikipedia writes, it “is a clause within Article VI, Clause 3. By its plain terms, no federal office holder or employee can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or a federal government job. It immediately follows a clause requiring all federal and state officers to take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution.”

The Constitution reads: “but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Pretty clear. Continue reading

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Property Rights Versus The EPA

By Bradley Harrington

Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man’s nose begins.” — Zechariah Chafee, “Freedom of Speech in Wartime,” 1919 –

In last week’s column, I said that the answer to the ecological problems the EPA can’t seem to solve would be “the application of property rights to the environmental sphere to resolve these issues.” (“GOP Gutlessness Strikes Again,” WTE, August 12.)

I knew, when I stated such, that in the context of today’s intellectual chaos, where property rights are not even adequately defined, much less understood, a further development of that idea would be necessary. Absent that amplification, I was pretty sure I’d take some flak from readers who view pollution as a federal regulatory problem. Continue reading

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GOP Gutlessness Strikes Again

By Bradley Harrington

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!” — Barry Goldwater, “Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech, “ 1964 –

If you’ve ever wanted to see a concrete event that eloquently displays the role of principles in man’s affairs, you need look no further than the recent forum held for the candidates seeking to become Wyoming’s next congressional representative:

A dozen Wyoming citizens are vying for the open U.S. House of Representatives seat, and nine presented their views, beliefs and ideas during a Wyoming League of Women Voters of Laramie forum Thursday [Aug. 4].” (“Wyoming U.S. House candidates speak on EPA, U.S. threats,” WTE, Aug. 8.) Continue reading

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Stupidity or malice? A case study

By Nathan Barton

Did some staffer in the Obama Administration accidentally confuse customs of modern society and give Iranian nuclear facilities a money bomb instead of a high-explosives bombing? Or was it accidental? Was this the large scale equivalent of a “shout-out” by the guy who squats in DC?

I understand that someone once asked either Mark Twain or Will Rogers which he believed in: the conspiracy theory of history or the accidental theory of history. The reply was “both” – that it made no sense that were not many, many groups of people, including some with great wealth and power already, who were conspiring to change events and the course of history. But at the same time, that conspiracies could not and never would account for all the strange events and actions that do change the history of our world. Continue reading

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The emperor’s new clothes

By Nathan Barton

The mainstream media, and the various alternate media groupings, are hard to figure out. On the one hand, they make a living by peddling things: they sell advertising. Not even the most expensive newspaper or premium channel is supported by subscriptions. But on the other hand, they think of themselves as “professional” and “elite” and clearly well above the average level of intelligence, breeding, poise, success, power, and everything else they count important. And yet at the same time, they (especially the mainstream media) have a perverse and obvious desire to tear down anything and everything that they can. This ranges from the politically powerful and popular media (music and art figures) themselves to society’s foundations, all fields of human knowledge, and common (or commonly-accepted) morals. Continue reading

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Fedzilla’s Land Grabs, Part II

By Bradley Harrington This is the second of two columns discussing the constitutionality of federal land ownership.

The Constitution was, from its very origin, contemplated to be the frame of a national government, of special and enumerated powers, and not of general and unlimited powers.” — Justice Joseph Story, “Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States,” 1833 –

As mentioned last week (“Fedzilla’s Land Grabs, Part I,” WTE, July 29), let’s continue our examination of Fedzilla’s assaults on both the United States Constitution and its gross mismanagement of the actual “federal” lands it’s currently in charge of.

But first, let’s get it straight regarding just what our Constitution is and what it represents: The Founders’ attempt to strictly limit the role of the federal government. Continue reading

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Does it matter? Does it make any difference?

By Nathan Barton

We’ve now had a few days to digest the first 2016 debate of “two of the four” candidates to be Massa of the FedGov and all its denizens and dependents.

It is indigestible. No question at all. Downright stomach churning and can’t be absorbed – if we are honest with ourselves.

We saw (well, you did, maybe: I didn’t waste time to watch the thing, just reviewed the reviews afterwards and listened to a few sound bytes) one vision – NOT two – of the future of the Fifty States. And indeed, the world.

It is a bleak future:
* More action by government
* More force (by government and its minions and favored entities)
* Just plain MORE government: of, by, for, on and pressing down on the people
* And especially, more violence, both BY government and because of governments Continue reading

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