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As a lifelong individualist and voluntarist, my philosophy can best be summarized here: No human being has the right -- under any circumstances -- to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten or delegate its initiation. Self defense, and the defense of others, is a basic right of all living creatures. After a long career as a registered nurse in So. Calif, I retired in 2005 to NE Wyoming, living alone in my own log home, with good friends and neighbors all around. Biological family includes two grown sons and five grandchildren, unfortunately still in California. In addition to writing and editing, I garden, sew, cook and bake my own bread from home ground wheat and other grains. Hobbies include identification and cultivation of wild food and herbs. I am also a certified instructor for firearms and self defense. I carry a gun at all times.

Stepping Out

By MamaLiberty Situational awareness, trusting your guts, shot placement, learning to function under stress, keeping your body and gear in some kind of shape to get the job done. So many things to do, watch, learn. Well, here’s one more. … Continue reading

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Trust Your Gut

By MamaLiberty Did you ever walk down a street and have the strong sensation that someone was watching you? Ever enter a room and just KNOW someone else was there (or recently had been), even if you could not see … Continue reading

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Situational Awareness Part 2

By MamaLiberty In part 1, long ago now, I covered the basics of situational awareness in some specific situations, along with some simple drills to help people practice this highly important skill. If you have not seen the first article … Continue reading

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Call It A ‘Shoot-Me Zone

By Bradley Harrington “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?” – Patrick Henry, Virginia Constitutional Ratification Debates, 1788 – If you thought the Laramie County Community … Continue reading

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No Guns?

By MamaLiberty The anti-gun people often tell us that a criminal would simply take a gun away from you and, probably, use it to kill you instead.

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LCCC Falls Into Feds’ Trap

By Bradley Harrington “Limiting the power of government, in order to liberate the individual, was the great American revolutionary insight.” – John Taylor Gatto, “The Underground History of American Education,” 2003 – If you have been thinking all this time … Continue reading

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The “Do Nothing Congress”

By MamaLiberty We only have one “representative” in the US Congress for all of Wyoming, and I’m on her website mailing list. This week she’s writing to complain about Harry Reid, a frequent theme: Harry Reid is desperately trying to … Continue reading

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Hole’ To Be Filled By Taxpayers

By Bradley Harrington “As government expands, liberty contracts.” – Ronald Reagan, “Farewell Address,” 1989 Having scrapped plans earlier this year to fill Cheyenne’s “hole”* with a children’s museum based on a lease agreement that violated Wyoming statutes, it now seems … Continue reading

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Planning For Self Defense

By MamaLiberty Yesterday I was visiting a blog and read an article describing one person’s admonition NOT to have a “plan” for self defense. The discussion that followed was very interesting, and quite long, and I suggest you go to … Continue reading

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Imagine That!

By MamaLiberty I’ve talked about dry fire, and other ways to practice the physical skills necessary for self defense, especially situational awareness. All of these require you to use your imagination in a number of ways, but there is a … Continue reading

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