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As a lifelong individualist and voluntarist, my philosophy can best be summarized here: No human being has the right -- under any circumstances -- to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten or delegate its initiation. Self defense, and the defense of others, is a basic right of all living creatures. After a long career as a registered nurse in So. Calif, I retired in 2005 to NE Wyoming, living alone in my own log home, with good friends and neighbors all around. Biological family includes two grown sons and five grandchildren, unfortunately still in California. In addition to writing and editing, I garden, sew, cook and bake my own bread from home ground wheat and other grains. Hobbies include identification and cultivation of wild food and herbs. I am also a certified instructor for firearms and self defense. I carry a gun at all times.

Let’s Help Mike Vanderboegh

By MamaLiberty People of the gun need to pay attention here. Mike and I have talked quite a few times, and I  appreciate his thinking and his efforts, even though I have not always agreed with him (or a lot … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

My Norfolk Island Pine house plant doesn’t make for a very traditional Christmas tree, but that’s the most effort I’m willing to make anymore. The children are long gone, and with all of the problems and terrors we face most … Continue reading

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A Thank You To My First Grade Teacher

By: Cat, the Brunette Warning: This is not the heartwarming, mushy sort of Thank You letter most teachers would want to read — it’s taken me fifty years to write it, but looking back on it she taught me the most … Continue reading

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E-books from The Future of Freedom Foundation

NOTE: Limited time offer… Thursday and Friday, 12 -10 and 11 If you didn’t get your free download, you can still get these fine books in kindle format for only 99 cents each at the links below. [ML] In light … Continue reading

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AmmoMan – Hollow Point Ammo Review

By MamaLiberty A few weeks ago I wrote a review of FMJ ammo that AmmoMan sent me to test. It was a very interesting experience, so I anticipated pretty much the same with the hollow points they sent. That proved … Continue reading

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What Anarchism Means To Me

By Cat, the Brunette Anarchism is my declaration of peace with you. It is a repudiation of the use of coercive power to achieve my own ends, or to abet the domination of any man by his fellows, or over … Continue reading

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A Review of FMJ Ammunition from AmmoMan

By MamaLiberty A few weeks ago, Eric at AmmoMan asked if I’d like to test some ammunition and write a review. All I could do was grin and ask, “does a cat like tuna?” So, while waiting for the shipment … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

By MamaLiberty Had a hair raising close call here last week. One of my neighbors has two very large German Shepherd dogs. He lets them run loose when he is with them – actually allows them to chase him when … Continue reading

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Comments at The Price of Liberty

Dear Readers, I’ve just changed some of the permissions for comments. Those who have previously been approved will no longer have to wait for any moderation. I will still moderate any new folks and comments that contain links. Please do … Continue reading

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Man Alive – A Survival Manual for The Human Mind

By Greg Swann Save the world from home – in your spare time! That headline is my favorite advertising joke, a send-up of all those hokey old matchbook covers. I don’t know if anyone still advertises on matchbook covers. I … Continue reading

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