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As a lifelong individualist and voluntarist, my philosophy can best be summarized here: No human being has the right -- under any circumstances -- to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten or delegate its initiation. Self defense, and the defense of others, is a basic right of all living creatures. After a long career as a registered nurse in So. Calif, I retired in 2005 to NE Wyoming, living alone in my own log home, with good friends and neighbors all around. Biological family includes two grown sons and five grandchildren, unfortunately still in California. In addition to writing and editing, I garden, sew, cook and bake my own bread from home ground wheat and other grains. Hobbies include identification and cultivation of wild food and herbs. I am also a certified instructor for firearms and self defense. I carry a gun at all times.

New Boss Speaks…

By MamaLiberty Donald Trump pledges ‘America first’ creed, says ‘you will never be ignored again’ I just finished reading Trump’s inaugural address. Here are some of my thoughts… Sounds very much as if this lunatic will complete the destruction of … Continue reading

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What “Freedom” Really Means

By Bradley Harrington “Politicians, like bombers, seldom see their victims.” — Donald Boudreaux, “Losing Touch,” 1994 It seems as though my analysis of some of the results of our recent Wyoming political races (“Local elections advance freedom,” WTE, Dec. 2) … Continue reading

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And Life Goes On…

By MamaLiberty First light today in Newcastle, Wyoming, January 21, 2017 – 6:14 AM Mountain standard time. I always watch the sky for first light, and then wait for the sun to rise. The fact that first light came at … Continue reading

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Accuracy Regarding News Media

I don’t know if this contains any truth, but I found it amusing. I don’t read newspapers, and have not for more than 20 years. MamaLiberty Experts have found the following analysis to be near 100% accurate. 1. The Wall … Continue reading

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One Agency At A Time

By Nathan Barton US Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (X, XX) just introduced the “ATF Elimination Act” as a bill in the latest Congress, according to His stated purpose is to reduce government spending and duplication, but it would obviously change … Continue reading

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Construction Zone

MamaLiberty The Price of Liberty blog was down most or all of Sunday, and I do apologize. A wonderful friend has hosted this site on his own servers for a long time, but he’s no longer able to do that … Continue reading

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Some Work I Need To Handle

By Bradley Harrington “Remember, son, that your ‘enemies’ are never evil in their own minds.” — Byron Harrington, personal discussions, 1975 In a very distraught frame of mind over Barbie and my loss of our Dobie dog Mercedes, I did … Continue reading

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Another “Crisis” not Gone to Waste

By Bradley Harrington “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste… It’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” — Rahm Emanuel, “Wall Street Journal CEO Council meeting,” 2008 For those of … Continue reading

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Still Flying, But on Broken Wings

By Bradley Harrington “The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exist for only one reason: To protect and enrich itself.” — Donald Trump, “Campaign Speech,” 2016 In the national elections of 2010, voters overwhelmingly sent … Continue reading

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“Democracy” – Mob Rule

By MamaLiberty So many lies, wrongs and evil. “Democracy” – how to spread and reinforce all of them.

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