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January 30, 2012

Mama will once again be a guest on blog radio, 01/31/12 Tuesday evening at 9PM EST.
Brush Fires Of The Mind By SonsOfLibertyRiders
This week we'll talk about the moral, eithical and legal requirements for self defense
 - and a lot more.

Call in number to speak with the host (646) 478-3287
Drop by and join us if you get a chance. :)

Libertarian Commentary on The News
By Nathan A. Barton 2012

War on some drugs (Stupid government)
Crude Method of Producing Meth Fills Hospitals With Uninsured Burn Patients

Another “unintended consequence” of the War on Some Drugs – consequences that hazmat, firefighters, and medical personnel deal with daily. This latest “crude” method is a result of innovation to respond to the increasing prohibitions on the feedstocks for meth production.

The history of meth is long and infamous. Discovered (or invented, as you prefer) before WW2. During that global conflict ,all the major powers (the US, UK and Commonwealth, Soviets, Germans, and Japanese) produced and provided meth as a stimulant to hundreds of thousands of military personnel, including pilots, air crew, and right down to infantry troopers.

After WW2, only Japan had any notable problem with the dangers we associate with modern meth: addiction, paranoia, violence, severe physical damage, etc. Researchers found out, after the war, that the difference between Japan and the other powers was that Japanese quality control was really bad, and they had high levels of contamination in the drug that the West (and even the Soviets) did not have.

Today, virtually all the really horrific side effects of modern, recreational, meth use are a result of the nasty contaminants found in the meth as a result of poor production methods and a complete lack of quality control - AND unethical producers using various things to cut the meth and sell more for less. (Kind of like bootleg liquor and Injun whiskey bore little resemblance to well-made Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, or other alcohol.) But since users cannot go to court to sue for shoddy workmanship and poor quality, there is little to persuade people NOT to do it.

At the same time, restraints on supply led to techniques to maximize the effects of the meth – such as injection and inhalation (smoking crack) rather than oral (ingestion). And no, these methods are very different. Try to snort or smoke or inject a roast beef sandwich sometime. Or inject Mountain Dew directly into your blood stream to get that sugar and caffeine rush faster! And as the “professionals” are driven out of the production and distribution, those addicted to it (addiction is another side effect of the contaminants) try to make their own, or work with buddies to do so. So the current methods (such as the so-called “shake and bake” which is done in a two-liter soda bottle with relatively small quantities of the restricted ingredients) are even MORE crude and dangerous, and so the scene spirals down. All because something that was a very minor problem was outlawed.

Mama's Note: Excellent analysis. Much the same can be said of the various developments of narcotics from opium. All of the serious problems and dangers associated with them has sprung from the government efforts to control profit from them.
(Read the rest here) (+ 48 more items)

External Articles
When Your faith is Threatened, You are Threatened.
By Aaron Zelman


Why should JPFO, as a Jewish group, care whether Christians are suffering discrimination?

We care for many reasons. And so should everyone, regardless of religion or creed.

First, everyone should care because demonizing any religion (or any group for that matter) is dangerous. It’s dangerous not only to the targeted group, but to society in general. Once you set a pattern in which bigotry is acceptable, then bigotry can be turned on any group -- to their destruction. Ultimately, you may end up with a society in ruins, as one faction repeatedly turns on another and tears the fabric of a nation apart.
(Read the rest here) (Use the back button to return.)

In a barter economy, things are straightforward. I can only get something I want from you if I give you something that you want. I have to provide you with something of value.

This is still how the economy works on a fundamental level; money is just an intermediary between barter exchanges. Instead of giving you something you want, I give my employer or my customer something that they want. They give me money, which I can give to you so that you can turn around and get something you want. The person that you give it to accepts it because they can turn around and exchange it for something that they want.

Sensing a theme?
(Read the rest here) (Use the back button to return.)

How about those who want to buy global?
By Steven Horwitz

Critics of the market often point to the increased globalization of production and consumption as one of the problems that economic freedom can generate.  This criticism has a number of elements.  One is that multinational firms like Walmart or McDonald’s turn the United States, as well as the rest of the world, into one commercial culture, destroying the local stores that provided a distinct identity to small towns and cities across the globe.

Large chain stores and franchises do affect local businesses, especially in small towns, but note that it’s mostly a shift rather than destruction:
(Read the rest here) (Use the back button to return.)

‘Progressive’ icon's view refutes modern 'monopoly of violence' advocates
by David Codrea

It’s no surprise someone representing an organization that changed its name from “The National Coalition to Ban Handguns” in order to mask its true intent would keep that bit of crucial information from his readers—after all, he must have boxes of books on the subject nobody’s buying or reading that he needs to unload.  But those who agree with Horwitz’s historically insupportable, and frankly, loopy conclusion, that the freest and safest citizens are those who cede their primal rights to an all-powerful state monopoly, might be interested to learn that one of the “founding fathers” of modern “progressivism” came to the exact opposite conclusion.
(Read the rest here)
(Use the back button to return.)

[Editor's note: Please do read the original. It is well documented and provides a lot of "ammunition" for your discussions with those who don't quite see the problem in giving such power to the "police."]

Visit David Codrea’s online journal, “The War on Guns”, read his Gun Rights column at DavidCodrea.com 

Voluntaryist goes public with wiretapping charges
By Garry Reed

Mike Proulx, a student, recognized police officer Darren Murphy when he entered the school's lunchroom as the same officer who was prominently featured in a video of activists being arrested during an event that came to be known as "The Manch Chalking 8."

Suspicious, he began recording with his cell phone and captured the officer slamming another student's head on a lunchroom table before arresting him.

The video was posted on CopBlock, a website founded by Ademo, and it quickly went viral.
(Read the rest here)
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Features From The Last Issue
Libertarian Commentary on The News 
By Nathan A. Barton 2012
 (+40 other items)
Violence solves a lot (From JPFO)
by Kirby Ferris
Not all national defense is national defense
By Garry Reed

Brush Fires Of The Mind By SonsOfLibertyRiders
9PM EST Each Tuesday
Call in number to speak with the host (646) 478-3287

Also, check out the NEW Freedom Feens forum.
An on line community of hip freedom people and their friends.

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