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Preaching To The Choir
By Susan Callaway, Editor

February 07, 2011

I finally broke down and got a Facebook account a little while ago, just in time to read more than I ever really wanted to know about what people have for breakfast, what movies and songs they like, the economy, the latest TSA insanity, and now the newest crises in the Mideast. But I did get to talk to my grandchildren again, since they seem to have forgotten how to use ordinary email or the telephone. Unless you “text,” of course. And I don't even HAVE a cell phone. Poor granny.

But I digress – already.

The most striking thing I found about Facebook was renewed and much broader exposure to the ideas and concerns of people with a wide range of philosophies and convictions. Watching video on Al Jazeera in English was pretty shocking too. 

I had to admit that I had not only been “preaching to the choir” in my writing for the last 20 years or so, but I had also mostly been listening to that same choir. We keep talking about “preaching to the choir” among ourselves, but the echo wasn't really obvious until I opened the door to (at least some of) the rest of the world.

Not that any of it is going to change my philosophy or convictions, of course. My bedrock is still the law of non-aggression, self ownership and self responsibility.

Most of those I'm talking to in this context seem to be good, honest people, with good intentions. Most do not seem to have given much thought to the incongruities of those intentions when compared to the results of the policies and “laws” so many seem to believe can and will solve the problems that surround us. The “we just need to elect the right people” syndrome that I've torn my hair out over for so long is only one of those incongruities.

I've been encouraged that so many people are asking some serious questions, even exploring the idea that their formerly beloved and benevolent government isn't quite what it's cracked up to be. And I've been asking some serious questions myself, getting some surprising answers at times.

  1. Are you able to authorize another person to steal, lie and murder others? Since those actions are illegal and immoral for you to do, how can you give anyone else the authority to do so in your name?
  2. Does it matter if a “majority” of the people authorize those things? If so, what makes the difference?
  3. Do you know what your actual human rights cover? Do you have a “right” to something that can only be obtained by harming other people? If so, why do you think that is good or necessary?
  4. Are you able and willing to be responsible for yourself and your own safety? If not, why? If so, are you unwilling to accept the fact that everyone else must be responsible in the same way – or suffer the consequences? And yes, including “the poor,” with voluntary charity always a very real possibility. Is theft, lies and murder the only way to help the poor or unfortunate?
  5. Do you want other people to have control of your life, property, children, future plans? If so, why? If not, do you think that your opinion should be used as a club to regulate the lives and choices of other people?
  6. What about those who are not responsible, or do not hesitate to deliberately harm others?​ Should people be protected from them, even from themselves at any cost? Is it effective, at any cost? And what IS that cost? Is a risk free, harm free world possible? Is that what you really want?
And, as always, my challenge is that you simply can't have it both ways. Either you own your life and are responsible for it, or you don't. Either all theft, lies and murder are wrong, or there are no boundaries and anything goes.

Only you can decide for yourself if you accept the rational law of non-aggression and personal responsibility... or the role of eternal child or slave.

But here's the thing... you cannot choose for me.

[Next week I'll explore the questions in more detail. If you would like to join the discussion, go to my Facebook page. Just look for MamaLiberty Callaway.]

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