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Does the new health care law include the "mark of the beast?"
By Nathan Barton © 2009

March 29, 2010

A good friend of mine (thanks, Jim) sent me a link recently to several articles that claim that a provision of the new law, passed by the House on 21 March 2010 (the Spring Equinox) and signed by the President two days later, found in Section 2521, requires that all Americans have micro-chips (such as an RFID device) implanted.  It is, for many reasons, a serious accusation and a serious concern.

However, after reading through this section of the law quickly, and reading a number of analyzes of this section, I believe that the people making this claim are mistaken, and not interpreting the intent or actual words of the law correctly.  I think that they are overreacting.

There is a big difference between adding implantable devices to a "registry" (a list of such devices with information about the device and what the device can do - NOT a registry of the data which the devices may obtain, gather or store) and mandating implantation of any devices.  I can't find ANYTHING so far in the law that requires that any person have any device implanted or worn; simply a requirement that all such devices as may be used must be in a registry - that is, government-approved. 

There ARE good medical reasons for having things implanted - like pacemakers and teeth and even blood-pressure monitors - some of which might be electronic in nature and even have the ability to transmit (or receive) data to/from outside the body.  But I could find nothing in the passages cited that require that such devices be used, or that records of their use (or data) be kept or given to government: simply that it is made clear that doctors and other medical personnel are not allowed to use anything on (or in) the human body that has not be approved by the government.

(Of course, this in itself is NOT a good thing: the incompetence and lust for power on the part of the FDA and other government agencies is well-known.  Government "approval" and the process leading to being placed on that registry will result in people dying or permanently crippled by these devices.)

The people who are spreading this story about mandatory implants are scared, and understandably so: it is a frightening subject.  But like the people whose sole objection to the new "law" was that it might allow (or require) federal abortion funding or force us to fund abortions through our insurance premiums, they are concerned about something important but NOT the MOST IMPORTANT THING about this law. 

What IS the most important?  That Congress has, with the President's aid and encouragement:

(1) Gone completely beyond ANY authority granted to it by the States in the Constitution, by:
     (a) Mandating that all Americans and residents purchase and have a specific project;
     (b) Created an entirely new kind of tax - which is NOT a tax according to the law (which is mind-boggling in itself) when it is only authorized to levy certain specific taxes; and
     (c) Done so in a dishonest, deceitful, and twisted way that destroys any semblance of trust between the people, States, and Congress.

(2) Demonstrated a degree of arrogance and corruption which is above anything I am aware of in the past; and

(3) Demonstrated to the most causal observer that their behavior is incompetent, unreasonable, and dangerous.

As a result, Congress has given virtually total direct control of one-sixth of the US economy to the Army of federal (and state and local) bureaucrats - creating an economy and society which is even more socialist than we've had before.

In effect, the Congress by its actions and arrogance, together with the President, has VOIDED the Constitution by failing in a clear and obviously planned way to follow its provisions - in essence, they have violated and breached the contract that exists between the States and establishes the Federal Government as the agent for the States.  This is no different than a contract in which Party A (Congress and the entire federal government) is told In the contract by B, the States) to do only X, and in return has authority to do or get M and N (authority, funding, etc.); but goes on and does Y and Z, without permission and with strong evidence that A's action was neither authorized by or acceptable to B.  The contract has been breached - unless action is taken to return to the terms and conditions of the contract, the contract is null and void.

My correspondent and friend (Jim) did later make an excellent point, which I repeat here, with a bit of editing:

What I thought was profound about the leadership's [Congressional and Presidential] position in this new health care bill is the change in how they view personal ownership of self (ie the person's own person).  The previous position assumed by our Constitution was that we owned our own body and as such we had personal responsibility, either good or bad.  We also owned the consequences.
The new [or at least, now-blatant] government approach is closer to one of a property owner who demands his chattel be secure.  In other words;  it does appear they now think of us as subjects, as property.   As such, we lose individual freedom in order to achieve some common comfort for our owners.    This has been demonstrated forever by property owners ( branding, tagging, chipping, dehorning, castration, to name a few)  in order to control chattel type property.
Even if the government does not use one particular form or another [such as implantable RFID] to manage its "property," the "Beast" (that our government seeks to become) has shown its intentions. We are their property, and we are to be assimilated into a mass without  individual traits, for the common good!
We have seen this before.

Yes, we have.  It is all of a type, and typical of the transnational progressive mindset - the latest version of an evil that dates back to before the Flood: that some of us are "more human" or "more deserving" or "more worthy" than others; and therefore "they" are not only allowed to, but MUST have power over us.  Power and domination and more.  Congress, or at least the majority in both houses that voted for this law - plus many that did not, for whatever reason, considers themselves to be our superiors and therefore free to exercise that power - the power of ownership.

Therefore, Congress has now claimed that it has the power (de facto "authority" - at the point of a gun) to do ANYTHING it wants, to ANYONE or ANYTHING.  If we allow this to stand without resistance, without rejection, we have lost ALL REMAINING FREEDOM.  We are worse than slaves.  THAT means that it doesn't matter whether this law prohibits funding of abortions, or requires implanting of control and reporting devices, or anything else - the Congress and the bureaucrats will order and make us do ANYTHING that they think of, without ANY control or protection from them.  Oh, it won't be obvious immediately: it will take time, as Rep. Dinkle blurted out "It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."  And the appearance of freedom, of a republic, of fifty states, of liberty and life and compassion will still be there - it is just that it will only appear that these things exist: they will be an illusion.  If we do not fight.

Back to the claim about mandatory implants:  I fear that if people go around spouting things like this, based on some interesting interpretation of a part of the law (if this is actually the law as passed - can't tell), they will be viewed by a large chunk of the population as nutcases, riding their pet hobbies into the ground.  Even if their understanding was correct and they were able to get this part "fixed," we are still left with the freedom-hating, liberty-destroying rest of the law.  The same thing would apply to the abortion part and even the mandates on the states.  The whole thing needs to be removed.  Spreading stories like this won't help that cause.  We need to stop that and concentrate on fighting REAL battles, not our own fears.

Nathan Barton is writing this from a wonderful place in the West, which might be in the Black Hills of South Dakota or Wyoming, or might be in one of the Four Corners States. Exactly where it is, the breezes blow with the scent of liberty, and the sound of the pines or the pinions is the sound of freedom. For thousands of years, people have fought and died for the liberty that Americans in the great spaces of the West enjoy, and he writes these commentaries in the hopes that continued generations will be able to do so, until the end of Time. Visit the blog: The Gospel Sower


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