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December 21 , 2009

Libertarian Commentary on The News
By Nathan A. Barton © 2009

TX: Robber fatally shot at repair shop
My Fox Houston
“A would-be robber is shot to death by a tire store owner in north Houston, and officers are searching for three suspects who got away. The shooting took place after 8 p.m. Wednesday at the 11100 block of Bauman Road. Police say four men tried to stage a robbery at the El Mante Tire Shop at the 11000 block of Bauman Road at approximately 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. The store owner, who has a license to carry a concealed handgun, drew his weapon and started shooting. One robbery suspect died in the shop, but three others escaped in a black Mercury Mountaineer with chrome rims.” (12/10/09)

Mama's comments: With chrome rims??? They saved the really vital information until the end... sigh.

Nathan's thoughts:  Hey, it was a tire store - that would be the detail he'd notice!  I see again how the media (Fox, in this case) try to cast doubt - if the owner had NOT had a CCW permit, perhaps he wouldn't have been "permitted" to shoot at the four men?  On his own property.  Perhaps the warning about the chrome rims is a subtle hint that these aren't ordinary robbers - unless the vehicle was stolen.  A Mountaineer lists for $29 to $35K - I assume the chrome rims are on the higher priced versions.  So maybe these guys needed new tires for the vehicle and decided to save a few bucks??? 

Mama's Note: I dunno... seems if I'd just been attacked, and had to kill a man, I'd not be noticing much of anything else right then... but maybe I'm weird. I do not remember the face of the man who attacked me - the one I had to shoot.
(Read the rest here)

Sun Spots on Nancy’s Brain?
By Carey Roberts

For sheer entertainment value, nothing beats a United Nations global warming conference, especially if you were one of millions of Americans holed up in sub-freezing temperatures this past week.

We knew it would turn out this way two weeks ago when local prostitutes, disgruntled with a proposal to keep them under wraps during the high-profile eco-fest, threatened to offer their wares for free to convention-goers.  (One only wonders if liberated female attendees would also avail themselves of the offer?) (Read the rest here)

  External Article
  The New World Order in Science
by Henry Bauer

It never was really true, of course, as the conventional wisdom tends even now to imagine, that "the scientific method" guarantees objectivity, that scientists work impersonally to discover truth, that scientists are notably smarter, more trustworthy, more honest, so tied up in their work that they neglect everything else, don’t care about making money . . . But it is true that for centuries scientists weren’t subject to multiple and powerful conflicts of interest. There is no "scientific method." Science is done by people; people aren’t objective. Scientists are just like other professionals – to use a telling contemporary parallel, scientists are professionals just like the wheelers and dealers on Wall Street: not exactly dishonest, but looking out first and foremost for Number One. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

 The Fallacy of Public Goods: Libertarians and National Defense
by Per Bylund

Public goods are defined as goods or services that are both non-rivalrous and non-excludable, i.e. the “exact opposite” of private goods, which are both rivalrous and excludable, in the common two-by-two setup. Whatever is rivalrous is limited in terms of consumption, which means your use of the good reduces availability of it for others; whatever is excludable can be “protected” from others through exclusion, i.e. if I have it and want to use it I can easily make sure you can’t have it. In other words, the rivalrous and excludable private goods are cakes that you cannot both eat and have. It follows that public goods, as the very opposite of private goods, are cakes we all can eat and have at the same time.

The setup has obvious political connotations in that private goods are like private property in the free market whereas public goods are of a rather communist character and require government regulation. Consequently, public goods are used as an argument against the free market and for a government. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Our Right To Defend Ourselves
RKBA Resources

National Gun Rights Examiner
Obama signs bill mandating gun OWNERS to be locked up in boxes on trains
by David Codrea

We all make mistakes, so perhaps this is just one of those cases where the results lend themselves to ridicule. From Fox News:
 It may sound absurd. But President Obama signed a bill into law Wednesday that requires passengers who carry firearms aboard Amtrak be locked in boxes for their journey.  It's a mistake in the law's wording. But for now, the clerical error is the law of the land.
I'm sure there's no shortage of antis who would have no problem getting on board with that idea. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Check out the latest from other Gun Rights Examiners

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
 Grow beyond 'lip service' to real understanding

By Kent McManigal

Some people give liberty "lip service" without really meaning it.  They talk about freedom for themselves and those they understand (or like), but want government to control, with threats and guns, those they don't agree with.

Anyone who is afraid of married homosexual couples, or who dislikes people who ingest government-prohibited substances, or who is afraid of "weak borders", or who obsesses over "Islamo-fascists", or who would send thugs to harass people who drive without government permission, and who prefers coercion to whatever other boogeyman they can use for their purposes are not comfortable with freedom.  Instead, they are like small children who have not yet accepted their own responsibility for their lives.  They project this immaturity on to others and want to see someone get "whipped". (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)


Anchorage Libertarian Examiner
   Modern policing: rooting out jazz impostors
By Kevin Wilmeth

Let me get this straight:  the fuzz get a complaint from someone whose doctor told him it was "psychologically inadvisable" to listen to contemporary music...and take it so seriously as to "pass it on to a judge" for possible prosecution against a party who had harmed no one?  It sounds like this guy has a fair stack of issues himself;  if this claim is true, it's probably "inadvisable" for him to venture out of his house in the first place.  Among other things, he has just demonstrated himself willing to solicit armed thugs to act in his behalf over an absolutely trivial, nonviolent matter. On the other side of the playing field, we have (yet again another) example of government agents believing themselves so completely above their lessers that they can swoop in and pass judgment on  any topic whatever, with both authority and jurisdiction.  (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)
Dallas Libertarian Examiner
 Confessions of a Bozo Libertarian

By Garry Reed

I wrote a couple of articles accusing "libertarian socialists" of hijacking the "libertarian" name from the modern American freedom movement of the same name.

A couple of writers took me to task for my ignorance, pointing out that, according to some sources, the word "libertarian" predates America itself and that my claim that "we" stole it from "them" makes me "A Real 'Libertarian' Bozo." (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return)

The Libertarian News Examiner is a nationwide "All Libertarian All The Time" feature for breaking news articles. Become a member of the team and suggest your own news ideas.

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Libertarian Commentary on The News  12/14/09
By Nathan A. Barton © 2009

A Re-Write of the Bill of Rights through the Preamble
By Robert Greenslade © Nitwit Press

Climategate, Mediagate, and Abusegate
By Carey Roberts

  External Article
The Fallacy of Public Goods: Libertarians and National Defense
by Per Bylund

A Freedom Lover's Faustian Bargain
by Paul Bonneau

National Gun Rights Examiner
Debate continues on 'outing' gun owners and Firearms Freedom Acts
by David Codrea

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
  'Don't step in the authoritarianism!'

By Kent McManigal

Anchorage Libertarian Examiner
Because they own you: celebrating impunity 
By Kevin Wilmeth

Dallas Libertarian Examiner
The Anti Police State police 

By Garry Reed

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