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 October 12, 2009

Libertarian Commentary on The News 06 - 10 October
By Nathan A. Barton © 2009

Our Right to Self-Defense
Gun groups file lawsuit to validate Montana Firearms Freedom Act
Liberty For All

"The Second Amendment Foundation today joined with the Montana Shooting Sports Association in a federal lawsuit filed in Missoula to validate the principles and terms of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act (MFFA), which takes effect today, Oct. 1, 2009. Lead attorney for the plaintiffs' litigation team is Quentin Rhoades of the Missoula firm of Sullivan, Tabaracci & Rhoades, PC. The MFFA litigation team also includes other attorneys located in Montana, New York, Florida, Arizona and Washington." (10/04/09)

Sadly, we know that regardless of the outcome - the lawyers win.  We just hope and pray that it is the RIGHT set of lawyers that win.  It is really a shame that I CAN'T visit MT in the next few weeks and buy a gun without a federal case being made of it - in fact, it would be tempting to buy one even if I had to bury it on the border between Alzada and Colony...

State Secession: Who Will Be The Enemies Of Secession?
Russell D. Longcore © 2009

There is nothing whatsoever in the US Constitution that either authorizes or prevents any state of the Union from secession. It doesn’t have to. Under the 10th Amendment, powers not specifically delegated to the United States are reserved to the states and to the people. That includes secession.

But in today’s America, there will be stiff resistance to state secession. Right now, secessionist movements are actively spreading the word about the reasons secession is a viable solution for liberty. The “powers that be” are not threatened quite yet. “Tea Parties” and grass-roots political movements today are a dime a dozen. The threat level, in a nod to the Homeland Security bunch, is Yellow.

So, once the movement gains undeniable traction in one particular state, who will begin to resist? Who will actively fight secession? Here is the short list. (Read the rest here)
  External Article
The Truth About Somalia And Anarchy
 by Alex R. Knight III

No, there is no “anarchy” in Somalia – not as that word is properly used; to denote an absence of rulers. While there may be many ways in which Somalis under such conditions are not hampered by the institution of taxation, and are thus free to trade what goods and services there are to be made or had on a voluntary, consensual basis, such conditions are not precisely conducive to optimum commerce. With a constant barrage of different warring factions running amok, each competing fiercely to be the one, uncontestable ruling force, there is only an atmosphere of impending statism with no current group of guerilla fighters able to muster enough firepower to snuff or drive away all of the others. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

 Many Gun Owners, the State and Media Agree; 2a Is No Longer Relevant
by Michael Gaddy

When I decided to write this article, I did not contact the government, submit to a background check, submit fingerprints, take a government endorsed writing class and pay for permission. What is the difference in the exercise of my inalienable right to free speech and my inalienable right to keep and bear arms? The difference is: the state currently fears my ability to resist tyranny with a firearm more than with words, but as we can see from the reaction of the government and its media lackeys to the spoken objections to the tyranny of socialized medicine, that is about to change.

In today’s political climate, if one dares to speak out about the intrusion of the state into every crevice of liberty and freedom, they are compared by the socialist mouth organ to Nazis, Hamas and Hezbollah. If the First Amendment rights follow the pattern of the Second Amendment, only those who have been vetted by the state will be allowed to speak or write publicly, and then only after passing the prerequisite courses, state scrutiny, and of course, pay the required amount for the privilege. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

There appears to be reluctance on the part of many fine libertarian writers, however, to pursue their line of reasoning to its logical and final conclusion. They elaborate current failures of government in a most convincing and articulate fashion, enumerating any number of government failures, abuses, and outrages and pointing out even worse catastrophes as a result of further government mismanagement, negligence, ignorance, wrong-headedness, and even outright hostility. The "solutions" often proposed are the familiar nostrums of "limiting" government to its "rightful" functions, respect for the Constitution, reducing taxation to a bare minimum, eliminating a great deal of the current legal code, secession of one or a number of states, or even more drastic solutions.

In many articles, though certainly not all, there is the unstated position that there is something wrong with our government, or with some other affiliated state. Rarely are we exposed to the proposition that government by its very nature is an illegitimate institution, that governments arise by conquest and confiscation and no other way, and that they represent the institutionalized form of violence and coercion. In the words of Murray Rothbard, they are a criminal gang writ large. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Have a Nice Apocalypse!
By William Grigg

"In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar."

As Fisk pointed out in a follow-up report, the "de-dollarization" of the oil market -- a process Iran has already begun, which helps explain Washington's bellicosity toward Tehran -- "reflects a growing resentment in the Middle East, Europe and China at America's decades-long political as well as economic world dominance."  (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Our Right To Defend Ourselves
RKBA Resources

National Gun Rights Examiner
Why won't press question Bloomberg gun show motives?
by David Codrea

Forgive some of us if we suspect all the pots and pans Bloomberg is banging over out-of-state gun shows is more a matter of generating tons of free publicity, stoking his insufferable ego and imposing his will on all American gun owners, and less about combating violent crime in the Big Apple.

That major news outlets aren't questioning his motives, but instead seem happy and eager to amplify his "findings," demonstrates the shameful degradation of an independent press that once took pride in being government watchdogs, as opposed to cheerleaders sharing a statist agenda. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
How do you react?

By Kent McManigal

I think that how you react to others whose beliefs, habits, or lives may differ from your own goes a long ways toward showing how willing you are to leave people alone to live their own lives as they see fit as long as they are harming no innocent person.

Just a few examples from my own life: (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)


Anchorage Libertarian Examiner
For love of human beings
By Kevin Wilmeth

Human beings can be just that kind of remarkable.  If they are capable of forgetting that "none of us us as dumb as all of us", they are also capable of music, of art, of courtesy and smiles and mutual respect, and of perfectly anarchic interaction beyond the scope of any sort of oversight.  They are capable of understanding that rules and regulations limit the creative impulse, and if they may not see (yet) the wisdom of doing away with the rules entirely (because decent people do not need them and indecent people are nowise restrained by them), they do understand that flouting them when necessary is perfectly legitimate in the name of...being human. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Dallas Libertarian Examiner
U R served in 140 characters or less

By Garry Reed

No more knocking on a door, asking people their names and then slapping them on the chest with a sheath of papers and growling "You've been served."

Like, that's so old black & white 1940s movie, dude.

Process serving has gone high tech. Or high tweet. At least in the UK.  (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return

Features From The Last Issue

Libertarian Commentary on The News (October 05/09)
By Nathan A. Barton © 2009

External Article 
It’s Not the People, It’s the Machine
by Michael Gaddy

 Unanimous Consent and the Utopian Vision or
I Dreamed I Was a Signatory In My Maidenform Bra
by L. Neil Smith

National Gun Rights Examiner
Gun groups fire back at feds with Firearms Freedom Act lawsuit
by David Codrea

Cheyenne Gun Rights Examiner
Gun-control and women, Part II
By Anthony Bouchard

Partner Abuse Industry Flirts with a Hateful Agenda
By Carey Roberts

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
The 'bubble' of personal property

By Kent McManigal

Anchorage Libertarian Examiner
Fret not about OKC tapes, just go back to sleep
By Kevin Wilmeth

Dallas Libertarian Examiner
Libertarianism 101: What's the libertarian position on Gun Rights?

By Garry Reed

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