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July 21, 2008

Libertarian Commentary on The News
By Nathan A. Barton © 2008

Someone asked why I did not celebrate Bastille Day (14 July), which most people consider the French equivalent of Independence Day in the United States, and was last week. It is NOT to me, an event to be honored or celebrated, because it was an example of the very common modern-liberal media hype and concentration on form, not substance, that has made modern America and Europe into the mess that we live in today. There were virtually no prisoners remaining in the Bastille, it was not a significant garrison or stronghold for supporting the royal government, and its assault and destruction by a mob was a meaningless act of vandalism and violence which did nothing to destroy the Ancient Regime and establish liberty in France. (Read the rest here) - two full pages!

Aid for Dependent Corporatcrats
by Garry Reed
The Loose Cannon Libertarian

One good thing about kings and queens and related regalcrats is that once they're crowned they stay crowned. One state coronation per lifetime is enough. Not so with US presidents. Elect one of these powercrats and he gets many multimillion-dollar merrymaking coronation events, going on all over town. Of course, we call this shindig "Inauguration," which is just Americanspeak for "coronation." But re-elect one of these August American Emirs a mere four years later and he expects yet another round of revelry and worship. (Read the rest here)

MIDSUMMER ALERT! Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo
By Captain Eric H. May - Military-Political Editor

Neo-cons and their allies are pounding the drums of war against Iran. Just after his White House meeting on June 4, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that war with Iran was a done deal:

"George Bush understands the severity of the Iranian threat and the need to vanquish it, and intends to act on that matter before the end of his term in the White House."

In his July 14 article "Amber Alert! Get Ready for War" Justin Raimondo states, "The Israelis have already been using U.S. bases in Iraq to train for the coming attack. [Bush] is more determined than ever to leave his lasting mark on the Middle East and the world."
(Read the rest here)

No Place for Blind Woman at Womencare
By Carey Roberts

All Desiree Carpenter wanted was a chance to succeed. As a young woman Ms. Carpenter (not her real name) had been subjected to repeated physical and sexual assaults, losing her eyesight during one attack. Her assailant did hard time, but now he was back on the streets and vowing to track her down.

Her only hope was to flee to another state, assume a new identity, and start over. Washington was the best place to begin anew, since the state had passed tough anti-stalking laws. So she packed her bags and hopped on the train with her two children in tow, bound for Bellingham, a couple hours north of Seattle. (Read the rest here)

External Articles
How's the Third World Doing?
By Jim Peron

The Third World is in trouble. Standards of living are plummeting, while the West is getting richer. Nearly everyone seems to believe it. The left wants to believe it as a justification for global socialism. Racists want to believe it because it "proves" the superiority of the white race. The media think it's a good story and promote it constantly, leading the vast majority of the public to believe it.

But is it true? (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Your right to bear arms ends at my property line
From Classically Liberal

This blog doesn’t take second place to anyone when it comes to defending the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I go further. I argue that the right to self-defense precedes the Constitution and no Constitution can strip citizens of their natural rights. Even if the Second Amendment were abolished the right to keep and bear arms is not legitimately subject to state restriction.

But we must remember that all rights exist within the context of property. That means that one may surrender some rights voluntarily when one enters the property of other people. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

The Independent Institute
Airlines and Speculation
Art Carden

Spurred by the claim that speculators are to blame for skyrocketing oil prices, airline executives are circulating an open letter encouraging customers to urge their congressional representatives to enact stronger regulatory oversight of “unchecked market speculation and manipulation.” This crusade has gained popular support on and in media outlets across the country. The airlines’ campaign, unfortunately, is built on a mix of economic half-truths and downright lies, which will only hurt consumers and airlines alike in the long run. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

The Future of Freedom Foundation
What’s Wrong with Selling Your Vote?
by Sheldon Richman

Poor Max Sanders. The 19-year-old University of Minnesota student faces five years in jail and a $10,000 fine; he is accused of putting his vote in the presidential election up for auction on eBay. He started the bidding at $10. The charge is bribery, treating, and soliciting.

I’m confused. Aren’t all our votes for sale? Each candidate tries to bribe us with future benefits of all sorts. Basically, a campaign is an effort to buy votes wholesale. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

From The Ludwig von Mises Institute
A Nudge in the Wrong Direction
by Gary Galles

While those interested in liberty should read those and other careful considerations of the theory behind Nudge, there is another fatal but overlooked flaw in the book's argument. They begin by assuming that people's current choices reflect the results when they are left alone to make them (i.e., reflecting self-ownership and voluntary market choices). That is why any shortcomings must be the fault of irrational individuals, who need paternalistic nudges to improve things. However, our current savings, organ-donation, and health choices are not those of free individuals; they are the choices made in large part because current government policies — taxes, regulations, mandates, etc. — impair incentives. They are government failures presented as market failures.

Consider Americans' famously low rate of saving, the most important "market failure" a nudge is supposed to help offset. The real problem is that government policies do so much to discourage saving. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Our Right To Defend Ourselves
RKBA Resources

This page is designed to help readers find resources and information to help them educate their neighbors, refute the gun-haters among them, and find new inspiration and hope in their fight to maintain a free society. Please send me anything you think might fit on this page. I will do my best to obtain permission to use it, if such is required, or will link to it here with a brief description.

The S.W.A.T. Chronicles

Is it just me, or are these "wrong house" things getting more common? ML

Troy raid based on a faulty tip
Police to interview informant after finding no illegal activity

Please send any SWAT police force terror stories you find!

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Features From The Last Issue

Libertarian Commentary on The News (July/14/08)
By Nathan A. Barton © 2008

Facing Reality on Domestic Violence

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.

Abuse Shelter Head Turns to Violence and Abuse
By Carey Roberts

External Articles
The Founding Father of Constitutional Subversion
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Blood and Oil
by Karen Kwiatkowski

The Independent Institute
Should the Government Kill Its Own Citizens?
Ivan Eland

The Future of Freedom Foundation
The Real Meaning of the Fourth of July
by Jacob G. Hornberger

From The Ludwig von Mises Institute
Who Really Lives on a Fixed Income?
Mark A. Pribonic

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