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February 05, 2007

Does Romans 13 Demand That We Pay Income Taxes?
By Doug Newman

Romans 13:1-7 (1) is the favorite Scripture of control freaks everywhere. However, to read it as demanding total obedience to earthly authorities is absurd. Christianity is an intellectual exercise. We are to love God with our hearts, souls and minds . (Mark 12:30 )

No Scripture stands isolated from the rest of God's Word. Disobedience is a common theme throughout Scripture. To cite just a few examples: (Read the rest here)

Our Diseased Democracy
By Lady Liberty

You see, there's a cancer in this country. The primary malignant tumor is centered in a place called Washington, DC. Just like cancer, it's comprised of those who have little in common with the rest of the body, but who never-the-less insist on running things their way and who employ out-of-control growth to achieve their ends. The sickness has spread everywhere as the cancer of government has sent its tendrils into places the Constitution never intended. There's an alphabet agency for almost every possible arena of oversight, and there are regulations for just about every eventuality. These tendrils ensure that everyone everywhere is thoroughly enmeshed in bureaucracy. (Read the rest here)

The Hypocrisy Of Social Security Debates
By Ed Henry

The truth is that our own government is running a scam. An economic swindle the size of which the world has never seen. Pretending that the same money can be both spent and saved, the federal government uses “special” nonmarketable debt instruments placed in black hole debit accounts that have little or no resemblance to real trust funds. They do this to defraud the taxpaying public. These so-called "trusts" require the taxpaying public to pay or repay the same amounts a second time plus interest. In the latter case, it’s double taxation plain and simple (plus interest) and what I call the “Pay-It-Again Sam scam." (Read the rest here)

Hillary's Gender War
By Carey Roberts

The greatest controversy during the upcoming political campaign will not be Republican vs. Democrat or conservative against liberal. Rather, the most riveting debate is likely to revolve around the question of whether a female president can better lead the nation than a man. It will be the ultimate Battle of the Sexes, played out in endless bedroom discussions, backyard debates, and newspaper headlines.

Three years ago Marie Wilson wrote a book called Closing the Leadership Gap in which she wrote (somewhat ungrammatically) that the United States "has been steered by male leadership who tend to lead from a self-centered, self-preservation perspective," whereas, "Women are inclined to lead, their families and nations, from an other-centered perspective." (Read the rest here)

From The Archives (10/22/03)
The Government "Protection" Racket
By ZooT_aLLures
Technical Editor

The fact is that "government" is an illusion and nothing more than (as a friend would put it) a "STRAWMAN" label given to the largest organized crime syndicate in existence, today and always. This gang runs a protection racket, and in exchange for compliance and a percentage of everything you earn, they will "protect" you - from themselves! If you do not pay, they will cease to "protect"you and will then attack you. Of course, they must "make an example of you" so others will not defy them.

This gang also takes some percentage of their total plunder and allocates it to some of the unfortunates in modern society so they will become dependent and "grateful" to the gang. As a historical note both Al Capone and John Dillanger also used a portion of their profits for public relations in the same manner and for the same reasons. (Read the rest here)

The Independent Institute
Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship

By Ivan Eland

Dinesh D’Souza, a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has raised a ruckus in his new book The Enemy at Home. In the book, he contends that the 9/11 attackers were motivated by neither U.S. foreign policy abroad nor by a hatred of U.S. freedom, as President Bush has repeatedly argued. Instead, D’Souza declares that Osama bin Laden hates the liberal U.S. culture that promotes contraception, abortion, and homosexuality. In a recent op-ed piece in the Washington Post defending the book, D’Souza says that he doesn’t “hate America.” No, he just hates liberal America and is reprehensibly trying to use the horrible 9/11 attacks to score points against the Democrats of the left. (Read the rest here)

Individual Liberty - 101
From The Ludwig von Mises Institute
Planned Chaos
By Ludwig von Mises

The increase in per capita consumption in America as compared with conditions a quarter of a century ago is not an achievement of laws and executive orders. It is an accomplishment of business men who enlarged the size of their factories or built new ones.

One must stress this point because our contemporaries are inclined to ignore it. Entangled in the superstitions of statism and government omnipotence, they are exclusively preoccupied with governmental measures. They expect everything from authoritarian action and very little from the initiative of enterprising citizens. Yet, the only means to increase well-being is to increase the quantity of products. This is what business aims at. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

External Articles
The Bipartisan War on Medical Liberty
by Anthony Gregory

America’s healthcare system has long been a twisted hybrid between free enterprise and fascism. The fascist part – the part that destroys individual choice and empowers Big Pharma and the medical establishment – should be the part that leftists decry, but instead they have for the most part focused on our remaining medical freedom as the supposed ill. They are correct when they say America spends more than some other countries on healthcare, sometimes for less actual benefit to the consumer than people get under more egalitarian socialist systems. But this isn’t America’s free market at work; it’s America’s government. The only solution is freedom.

(Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

Not So Dire After All
S. Fred Singer - New York Sun

A commonly cited proof for human-caused global warming claims there is a scientific consensus. This claim is based mainly on a flawed essay by Naomi Oreskes of the University of California, San Diego, which appeared in the journal Science in December 2004. But even if a majority of scientists had voted for human-caused global warming, that's not how science works. Unlike in politics, the majority does not rule. Rather, every advance in science has come from a minority that found that observed facts contradicted the prevailing hypothesis. Sometimes it took only one scientist; think of Galileo or Einstein.

Another so-called proof offered for human-caused global warming is that glaciers are melting and Arctic sea-ice is disappearing. But this is a necessary consequence of warming and says nothing about its cause. Any warming — whether man-made or natural — will melt ice. Confusing cause and effect is faulty logic, not proof. (Read the rest here) (Read the entire article at the source website. Use the back button to return.)

The Mailbag
Please send your feedback to

Libertarian Commentary on The News
By Nathan A. Barton © 2007

Lots of interesting items from the weekend and this week to ponder, including the ever more liberal mindset of far too many libertarians (or at least, those who claim to be) for whom there is only one “true” path – and heaven help those who don’t agree with their “party line.” So watch as I step on all kinds of toes, folks! (PS – by the way, I don’t do sports stories – if you care about the ##$##)#)%#$# (silly game in Miami) go somewhere else.)

Also this week, I’ve got a special section on the Global Warming controversy, under “Tech Issues" on Page 2.

Our Right to Defend Ourselves:
MO: Elderly woman’s shotgun confiscated
St. Louis Post Dispatch
“Some people shake their head at buying Girl Scout cookies. But an elderly woman in the far southern reaches of St. Louis shook a shotgun, police say. They knocked on the door of one house, police say, and were told to go away. But the man rang the bell a second time — whereupon a 78-old-woman answered the door with a shotgun in hand. The father and daughter fled back to their home, where the father and called police. Police say they confiscated the shotgun, described as a double-barreled 12-gauge. But prosecutors decided against filing any charges.” [Editor’s note: Hmmm … knock on a door, get told to leave, decline, get greeted with a shotgun … and then whine to the police about it? Any discussion of “filing charges” should center around the trespassing, not the self-defense - TLK] (01/26/07)

How stupid can these cops get? Tom is right. How can they possibly justify this? I hope some defenders of our right to defend ourselves in Missouri can help out this poor woman.

Mama's Note: Very true, and I hope she gets the gun back, but her friends might also think about putting up a fence and getting her a dog. More than one line of defense is always good, especially against the merely stupid.

(Read the rest here. Two full pages.)

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Libertarian Commentary on The News (01/29/07)
By Nathan A. Barton © 2007

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By Doug Newman

Socialism and Freedom?
By Emiliano Antunez

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by Congressman Ron Paul - R - TX

Sen. Biden in Denial about Female Violence
By Carey Roberts

The Future of Freedom Foundation
No Need for Energy Subsidies
by Sheldon Richman

The Independent Institute
Rebellion Over Iraq: Son Against Father
By Ivan Eland

Individual Liberty - 101
From The Ludwig von Mises Institute
The Living Reality of Military-Economic Fascism
By Robert Higgs

From The Archives
Churches and Concealed Carry
By Nathan A. Barton © 2005

External Articles
Give Me Liberty (March 7, 1936)
Rose Wilder Lane



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