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Only Two Gang Members Caught in The Great American "Hold Up"
By Ed Ward, MD

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September 04, 2006

On August 16, 2006, the report of
the disappearance of SB 2590 was published in relative obscurity. As usual, the article dealing with the unconstitutional schemes of our government representatives received little notice from our mainstream corporate media. It did, however, catch the eye of at least one blogger. At that point, the ever expanding investigation of the "secret senator" with the "secret hold" rapidly progressed to multiple blogs and many more self appointed private investigators. The reports of the investigation of the culling of the "usual suspects" were an intriguing read for the next two weeks as each individual senator was removed from the senate secrecy suspects list.

After multiple phone calls to each and every senator, until the senator finally went on record for placing the "hold" or not placing the "hold". After a shakedown of 98 senators produced denials of placing the hold, the two honest senators suddenly decided they should come forward and admit that they had placed the hold on the bill. The first senator to confess to being the second to last rat on a sinking ship was the honorable Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, notable for a bridge to nowhere and being chairman of the commerce committee which regulates the internet for this insightful explanation of how the internet works. The other honorable senator that confessed to being the last rat on the sinking ship was Robert Byrd, D- W. Virginia, another big time porker.

SB 2590, The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, was a government transparency bill to make a searchable database to monitor government spending and grants. The bill was found to be worthy of the current "senate tradition" of bypassing the Constitution for the detriment of this nation, the "hold". Sometimes inaccurately described as a senate rule, the current usage of the senate hold is not a senate tradition either, or at least not until fairly recently. In the distant past, the hold was used as a temporary stay by senators to become more familiar and thoroughly read the legislation on which they were going to vote. That usage is no longer needed as many times the voting is done without even reading the bill. So now the "secret hold" is used to keep a bill, any bill for any reason, from reaching the floor of the senate. The bill is held in limbo until the hold is removed by the senator that placed the hold. Professor Lawrence Evans, relates this past temporary hold to the start of its permanent usage regarding filibusters and more in congressional testimony.

One senator, any senator, may effectively destroy any bill they desire regardless of the will of the rest of the senate or this nation. Not only can one senator kill any bill, but they can do it secretly. The public has heard the scam story countless times, "We don't have the votes to stop passage of this bill. We are doing our best, but we just don't have the votes. There is nothing we could do about it. It's the other party in control of the senate." When in fact any single senator can shut down the entire legislative process of any bill.

Sometimes the hold may have nothing to do with the bill itself. The bill involved in the "hold up" may simply be used for ransom to get passage of another bill being sponsored by the senator placing the hold.

But, the scam gets even better. By using the "secret hold" one can even sponsor legislation to show the constituents back home how valiantly he/she is fighting for The People. Then this honest and hardworking representative slips the secret hold on the very bill he/she has sponsored or professes to support. So the story for me was not so much who put the hold on this bill and got caught, but the process itself and it's illegitimate usage in the senate.

Senator Ron Wyden's record on the secret hold: "The power of the hold is to stop a bill or a nomination in its tracks, which each Senator possesses. It was never authorized or even intended. It is just a practice. It is not in the books." Another Senator Ron Wyden record in the Grassley-Wyden resolution, SR 244: "One of the Senate's most popular procedures cannot be found anywhere in the United States Constitution or in the Senate Rules. It is one of the most powerful weapons that any senator can wield in this body. And it is even more potent when it is invisible. The procedure is popularly known as the 'hold.'"

The hold is not the only way to hide the subversion of the Constitution and the duties of our representatives to their constituents. Four other known stealth methods are employed by our legislators.

The filibuster is an up front and well-known effort by individual senators to fight majority rule. What is not as well known is the "speechless filibuster." One senator merely informs the majority leader of the intent to filibuster an issue. The cause of the filibuster is then removed from floor discussion until the majority leader decides if he wants the bill debated. Once deciding he wants the bill debated, he simply waits until he has the necessary 60 votes required for "cloture" (close debate - filibuster) and introduces the issue for debate. If he does not want to bill debated, it will not be debated in the senate. The speechless filibuster, like the secret hold, has seen massive use recently. In one year, there have been more speechless filibusters than the total filibusters in the first 108-year history of the senate.

Two other methods are closely related and are based on the same main concept. They just use different venues of approach. The "Senatorial Courtesy" is the before and after thought process involved with the filling out of "the blue slip" (named because of the form color). When a judicial nominee is chosen (senatorial courtesy may be involved in this choosing) the senators from the state in which the nominee will be chosen are requested to fill out and return a "blue slip". No blue slip returned or a return with a negative review, according to the senatorial courtesy theory, the other senators will vote against the nominee as a courtesy to that senator. Recent increased usage of the senatorial courtesy via the blue slip is merely a guise for past and present senate-gang's leadership to promote the individual chapter"s political agendas.

The other common and well-known method is "Delayed Hearings", or "Death by Committee". It is widely known that a bill cannot be considered by the committee until the "Chair" officially places it on the committee schedule. A little known fact is that no matter how the committee actually votes, even an unacceptable bill will still make it out of the committee. An example in the above embedded link describes how the honorable senate committee chair, Orrin Hatch, refused for more than six months to hold a confirmation hearing until President Clinton agreed to appoint his hand picked appointee Ted Stewart to the Utah District Court. A more pertinent example involves Senate Resolution 244 mentioned previously as the resolution to do away only with the secrecy portion of secret holds. SR 244 was sent to the committee chaired by the honorable senator Trent Lott. Lott has multiple records of assisting in removing the abusive secret holds. However, Chair Lott let SR 244 die in his committee. SR 216 dealing with removal of the secrecy portion of secret holds and sponsored by the honorable Trent Lott again died in the committee of which he was the chair.

The no exception - exception to the chair placing a bill before their committee for debate on the floor: Senator James Inhofe explains the "discharge petition" exception rule that can bring a bill to a house committee without the chair"s permission in the Wyden-Grassley-Inhofe amendment, # 2944, to the Lobbying and Accountability Act of 2006, SB 2349. The Wyden amendment only seeks to make the "hold" public and does not address the function of permanently removing a bill from senate debate. The congressional record in the embedded amendment link gives several insights into the use of the "hold" and more. The example of the balanced budget amendment, resolution 268, which was left to die in committee by the chair of the committee is used for emphasis. Since the balanced budget amendment had 246 coauthors, a discharge petition was circulated to bring the bill onto the committee schedule without the chair"s approval. Only 218 members need to sign the petition to get the bill to the committee. Only 140 members signed the petition despite there being many more coauthors of the bill. One hundred and six congressional members coauthored the bill with no intention of having it passed. They coauthored the bill so they could go home and show the constituents they not only want the bill, they coauthored it. The signing of a discharge petition is a congressional secret. To publicly reveal who has signed a discharge petition can result in the expulsion of the representative from the House.

Two of the bandits of the current senate "4T"(1) gang were caught. The gang was formed many decades ago from rival chapters of elitists. The dims and the repugs. Infighting and power struggles have caused multiple changes in gang leaders, but their main objective of gaining more power and wealth by the destruction of rights in this nation through deceit, lies, false agendas and increasing force has remained unhampered. There are at least 51, but possibly as many as 98 (average estimations place the number in the 80 to 90 member range) other gang members that slithered away into the shadows of obscurity, at least until this article's release.

(1)The gangs secret signage "4T" for short or the longer version, "T:TTT" stands for the coalition of the dim and repug chapters and their methods of operation, Traitors of Tyranny, Treason and Treachery. (The "4T" gangs official name and signage are not factual and are merely used for emphasis of our so called representatives actions. Unfortunately the rest of article is correct and factual- to the best of my knowledge.)

Legal Disclaimer: This article is entirely, completely and only my opinion based on the interpretation of the referenced information. While the views above may be shared by many millions exhausted by this government, they are only my views and I do not imply that they are actually shared by anyone else.

This article is not copyrighted and may be published, copied, dispersed, posted, and transported as long as the original URL, and authors" credit accompany it.

Dei Jurum Conventus

Ed Ward, MD

Independent writer/Media Liaison for The Price of Liberty

Editor of The Daily DrEd

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