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Weekend at Castro’s
By Emiliano Antunez

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August 07, 2006

The news spread like wildfire through the streets of Miami. Fidel Castro’s health had failed him and he had allegedly handed over power to his younger brother Raul.

The speculation and rumors spread faster than you can swallow “un cafecito” (espresso) on Calle Ocho; was he dead already? Was he in a vegetative state? Was this just one of his many tricks or a dressed rehearsal of the inevitable? Had he hijacked a raft to Miami? It’s hard to tell what’s really going on in Havana since the communist power elites are obviously going to play this one close to the vest. Cubans both in Cuba and in Miami are forced to sit and wait enduring endless reports from questionable sources.

Reported Castro sightings in the past couple of days range from the dubious to the incredulous, For example:

Castro at an underground Havana gay bar? Where he was further reported to have been seen leaving with a younger man whom patrons said Castro seemed to like mostly for his bulging wallet.

Castro On his way to a rehab center with Hollywood producer Oliver Stone for treatment for his addiction to power?

Castro in Mexico, shaking down a confused female tourist for a cheap feel and a smoke?

Castro taking a scenic road trip around Cuba, with a jinetera (Cuban for prostitute)? While shooting a commercial for Viagara.

Castro trying out for new MLB expansion franchise, the California Commies?

Castro at the farm he confiscated from his own mother, attempting to have his government give it back to him?

Castro fishing off the northern coast of Cuba? Even the fish have a hard time getting away.

Castro shaved his beard and jumped on a raft headed for Miami and has allegedly moved into an efficiency in Hialeah? There goes the neighborhood!

Castro in D.C. discussing Cuba’s new oil find with George Bush? Buy Halliburton!

Wherever Castro is, or whatever state he’s in, I can only hope that his tyrannical regime’s days are numbered. What isn’t clear is what type of government will emerge; if the Cuban people, both abroad and on the island gulag, have learned anything (that remains to be seen) it will be one with no power over its citizens’ civil, social and economic rights.


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