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The Coast Is Toast: Take the Money and Run
By Ed Ward, MD

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July 03, 2006

For more than two decades the US government has known of global warming and it's disastrous effect of rising sea levels. Multiple studies were commissioned regarding possible solutions with cost consistently evaluated. These facts were never widely publicized by government or the corporate media, but not until recently have these facts become classified and censored.

The 2003 classified Pentagon report stated, climate changes secondary to global warming are 'plausible and would challenge United States national security in ways that should be considered immediately'; "should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a US national security concern', and, as early as 2004, widespread flooding by a rise in sea levels will create major catastrophic upheavals for millions. The conclusions were proven, just months later, in the “unforeseen” 2005 Katrina disaster. Clearly, these and other facts were not only foreseen, but were hidden, classified and their existence denied. The health and illegitimate rights of this government of "elitists gone wild" consistently takes priority over the health and rights of the people.

What elevation is safe? The answer to a safe elevation depends on your time frame of safety. Short term for a person in their twenties it is above 20 feet. Long term, for those that wish to leave dry land to their heirs, it may be above 200 feet. History and valid studies show that at least a 20 feet rise is going to and will happen, and unless oil is removed from the primary energy source of Earth, a 200 feet rise is likely. Proven alternate energy sources; solar, tidal, wave, hydro, and wind, already exist, while other potential energy sources sit in limbo, but they are all being ignored in the quest for cash.

The following government study is shown only for those of you that are unaware or disbelieving of rising sea levels being factual, as the study is extremely optimistic and not consistent with current information. The outdated EPA study, based on data from the 1980's and early 1990's, predicts a one foot rise by 2050 and a two (most likely) to four feet rise by 2100. There are several other government studies from this period and even some very recent private party studies with similar optimistic and highly unlikely minimal forecasts.

Still skeptical of global warming? You know of unbiased, scientific sites like Tech Central Station, currently TCS Daily, a subsidiary of DCI, with host Glassman's article "New Climate Scares Are Politics As Usual', which was even published, hopefully inadvertantly, on Lew Rockwell's site. Off the main page of TCS Daily, under their statement of exploring news, analysis, science, commentary, etc., and "will help you make sense of it all." it states "“supported by a small group of sponsors", but the opinions are only those of the writers not necessarily the corporations. In this particular case, note of ExxonMobil is made. Another off the front page link provides you with a disclaimer that they cannot be held liable for accuracy. Still, nothing extremely provoking. DCI states, "Corporations seldom win alone, Whatever the issue, you need reliable third party allies to advocate your cause." None of DCI statements were seen on the TCS Daily site. When TCS Daily is able to get to a reliable news info site with an article, neither the off front page information regarding accuracy of articles nor sponsoring is anywhere to be found, let alone the DCI statements. Multiply DCI times hundreds to thousands to see the level of corporate sponsored disinformation being spread.

Still skeptical of global warming? Good for you! Buy some prime, realty on Canal St, NOLA, walking distance from the french quarter, scenic streetcars run a few steps from your door, commercial zoning, historical building status, 2 buildings, 2 lots, 250k a piece, only seen water once in 100 years... Better hurry, at these prices (or any price), they won't last long.

The historical facts are that about 20,000 years ago, sea level was about 330 feet lower than current levels. There was warming of the planet until about 10,000 years ago when the planet's temperature and sea level basically stabilized until about 1980. 130,000 years ago, sea level was about 20 feet higher than our current level and temperatures were about 5 to 8 degrees F higher than current levels. One study believes the 20 feet rise in seas will start in earnest with an increase in the world's temperature of just 2 degrees F.

The most accurate and widely supported study to date predicts ocean levels 20 feet higher than present levels by 2100. While it is one of the more accurate and aggressive multi-disciplined studies available, it is still very conservative to reality with regard to time. It fails to take into account at least two vital aspects of reality. This study uses an already out of date value for green house gas emissions (ghg) of a 1% rise in ghg per year. Since 2000, ghg has started to increase at 1.3% a year. This rise in the estimated production of ghg is more than likely due to the result of 3rd world nations increased industrialization, in particular China and India. These productions of ghg by 3rd world nations are going to increase rapidly due to rapidly increasing industrialization and massive populations. The study also fails to recognize the fact that as massive ice sheets melt they start to unleash billions of tons of ghg. This process has already started. The oceans have been buffering massive heat and CO2 (a ghg) levels for decades. The oceans buffering potential may be approaching it's maximum levels, thereby allowing direct transfer of rising temperatures and ghg effects without the significant reduction of past cooler water. Also, CO2 an acidic compound is slowly lowering the pH of the oceans. The coral reefs are already showing signs of significant damage from heat, acidity and decreased salinity. It appears that the 20 feet rise in ocean levels will be within two to four decades. Certainly, long before the end of this century.

A new site will allow you to see what the countryside of your area will be like at multiple levels of ocean rise. Watch as the lower half of FL, the lower fifth of LA or many other low elevation areas disappear at 20 feet of ocean rise.

A large percentage of the Earth's population and even a few countries will be devastated by a 1 or 2 feet rise in ocean levels. But, a rise of three meters will affect virtually everyone on the planet.

These facts are indeed very troubling and very destructive on so many levels that they can not be listed individually. It is what we deserve. We did it to ourselves. Throughout our history, nature has taken no prisoners. We sat in our safe homes, oblivious and uncaring of that which was happening around us. Good for nature! If the people of Earth do not start to take notice and action on our government's destructive procedures, nature is going to take notice of the people. Perhaps, after weather's wake up call, the people will stop their apathy and ignorance, and reign-in their governments . Nature, unlike governments, simply does not tolerate apathy nor ignorance, and just wipes them off the face of the planet. Then starts anew...

 Ed Ward, MD,
Independent writer/Media Liaison
The Price of Liberty

(Editor's note: There is no real proof that mankind has added anything at all to the change in climate. These changes have been going on for millions of years, and it is illogical to assume that any action of humans in a mere 100 years can alter this in any significant way. There is also no proof that mankind can in any way prevent these changes, but global "government" forces are working hard to be sure their ill thought efforts to this end destroys our economy and society, sending us back to the stone age if possible.

Each generation will have to learn and adapt to ALL of the changes that occur. Only a free society will be able to adapt and learn the best. Liberty and justice is the best legacy we can leave them.)

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