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by Carl Bussjaeger

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May 24, 2004

(Republished from North American Samizdat, Carl's website.)

Jeffrey L. "Hunter" Jordan's Ashland, Ohio trial for carrying a concealed weapon with a license is just five days away as I write. This suggests that either the County Prosecutor, Robert DeSanto, fully intends to push on with the prosecution of a man he knows to be innocent, or there is a plea bargain in progress behind the scenes.

In either case, it is still essential that everyone continue to write letters to Mr. DeSanto, the Mansfield News Journal, and Russ Kent, a News Journal reporter. Mr. DeSanto must understand that public opinion opposes his persecution of an innocent man, and the waste of taxpayer dollars.

It is a little late for postal mail, so I suggest that you use email for this final round of letters. Addresses are:

  • Robert DeSanto:
    Polite, but firm. Question the deliberate prosecution of an innocent man, and financial waste. Wonder which does more for his pride: to manfully stand up and admit Hunter's innocence, or to shamefully refuse to admit that a mistake was made.
  • Carl Hunnell, MNJ Editor:
    Point out to the citizens of Ashland County that DeSanto is wasting their money and embarrassing them in front of the nation. Wonder if they might not have something better for their prosecutor to be doing.
  • Russ Kent, MNJ Reporter:
    Hit the same points. If you plan to attend the trial tell him you'll be part of the polite mob for which we're hoping.

When writing to these people, you might also ask why the authorities have refused, for four and a half months, to return property stolen confiscated from Hunter's truck, which has absolutely no bearing on the single (face-saving bogus) charged lodged against Hunter. If I recall correctly, the property includes things like a Lord of the Rings collectors edition sword and a nice laptop computer, among other perfectly legal items.

Another question to include: The Ohio State Highway Patrol, apparently with the blessings of the prosecutor's office, vilified Hunter in the news by claiming that he had an explosives detonator and an evil wicked weapons stash. When do they plan to publicize the retraction? There was no "weapons stash" and the "detonator" was Hunter's car alarm remote control.

Get writing.

Be There
If Ashland County still hasn't caught on that the eyes of the country are upon them, make it perfectly clear on Thursday, May 27th by attending the scheduled trial in person, if at all possible.

I recommend gathering on the courthouse (map) front steps a half hour before the trial start time of 8:00AM. Or, I've heard that some Hunter supporters will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express (map); you might meet up with them for breakfast before heading to the courthouse, to get the latest news.

Parking is a little tight around the courthouse. So it might be worthwhile to gather at the Holiday Inn to carpool with fellow supporters.

As always, dress neatly, no BDUs please, and be on your best behavior. Not only do you want to make a good impression on Hunter's behalf, you don't want to give nervous local authorities an excuse to hassle you.

Make it clear that you are present to support Hunter and to keep a watchful eye on the Ashland County justice system. Wear stickers to identify yourself as a Hunter supporter. I plan to provide some "Free Hunter!" stickers, but you can also make your own by saving the Free Hunter! logo on the main page and printing it on Avery mailing labels. If asked to explain your presence, do so clearly, concisely, and politely. You might even want to practice a canned statement in case a reporter asks you.

What If
Even now, with just three business days before the trial, it is possible that Mr. DeSanto will do the right thing. Or maybe just compromise on the right thing by offering a decent plea deal. If he moves for outright dismissal, I'll post that information on North American Samizdat as soon as I get it. In which case, your attendance isn't required. But you should follow up by writing letters to the above mentioned parties to thank Mr.DeSanto for doing the right thing.

If DeSanto simply offers a plea bargain, the gloves stay on. Show up. First, the deal might not even be acceptable to Hunter, so support is still called for. Second, in the case of an acceptable deal, we want to keep DeSanto honest until the everything is signed and legally finalized. Third, we want bureaucrats to always remember that honest people are watching them, and expecting them to play by the same rules by which they insist we play.

Be Resolute
We don't give up. We don't stop until Hunter is out of their clutches.

Permission to reprint this article in its entirety, giving it the widest possible publication, is granted -- indeed, requested.

Free Hunter!

More will be posted as often as possible. Save this Liberty Round Table page as a source of ongoing updates.

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