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Send Government Bureaucrats A "Termination Notice"
By Susan Callaway, Editor

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April 28, 2005

Many people insist that there must still be a way to work "within the system" to make the changes we need to regain our liberty. With the media totally subject to the socialist cause of the current government, a judiciary almost completely in their pocket, elections more and more suspect and individual bureaucrats and politicians openly hostile to any God given liberty for the people they are supposed to serve, there doesn't seem to be much of a chance for ordinary people to make much of a change in their government. That being fairly self evident, I've wondered for a long time what we might still be able to do before the next "shot heard 'round the world", but I'm still willing to try.

I just received my annual job evaluation and a nice little raise in pay for a job well done. It occurred to me that I've never sent a job evaluation of any kind to any of the thousands of bureaucrats and thugs that are employed with my money and I wondered "why not?" It would be an impossible job to send one to ALL of them, especially considering the fact that I have no way of knowing who most of them are, but those I DO know about and can locate should get an evaluation form immediately - most of them with a termination notice for gross misconduct and theft!

Even that list of known politicians and bureaucrats is very long and intimidating. But it's a job every employer is required to perform, however much they would rather not be bothered. Business owners couldn't would face bankruptcy if they were not willing to put out this effort or if they were more worried about hurting the feelings of the employee than they were in running their company profitably. I don't know very many businesses that can afford to ignore this basic requirement for an efficient workforce. How much longer can citizens afford to ignore this small chore and put up with the devastation being perpetrated on them by these unmonitored and unresponsive employees?

I've been writing polite letters to politicians, letters to the editor, and a few letters of outright complaint to various government organizations for years and can't see they have had any affect at all. They are usually put off with platitudes or outright ignored. I have emails every day that urge me to write letters or send emails, make phone calls or faxes complaining about one thing or another, but I wonder what some of these "employees" would think if they got a personal evaluation of their work and a termination notice! How about a few thousand of them? With one of each being sent to various media (most of which would ignore it, of course) and all of the liberty organizations besides, maybe a few more thousand of them could be generated.

Am I dreaming to imagine that a million of these termination notices might disturb the complacence of our appointed and elected overlords? There are millions of people who don't seem to understand what is going on. Would seeing this kind of notice help them to understand the skewed relationship we have to these bureaucrats and empower them to join those of us who do understand it in finally doing something about it?

I decided I couldn't afford to ignore it any longer so I wrote out an evaluation and a list of those who should get them. You can write your own or you can print off mine (click here) and use it by filling in the blanks. Here is a sample with directions:

To: (Name of person)
Job description: Briefly describe the job as you understand it should be performed. Don't worry about the "official" one. It is many pages long and very little of it has anything to do with what you or I would consider hiring them to do.

Job performance rating: (poor) (fair) (good) as evidenced by:

Areas that need improvement: (Name specific things employee can do to improve performance with a time frame in which to show proof of improvement.)

Recommendations: (approve raise) (deny raise) (termination) If you have chosen termination, list the exact recent actions of the employee that you believe are cause for this action.

Employee's response: (Invite them to respond to your evaluation. Advise them that this evaluation and their response will be made public to other employers - the public.)

Print out and then sign your name.

The list of some of the people who will receive this evaluation from me:
Federal and state representatives and senators
State Governor
State Attorney General
State Elections Commissioner
County Sheriff
Local Superintendent of Schools

Please consider sharing your "evaluations", especially with whatever response you get. It might help inspire others to do the same. All submissions will be published as long as they do not advocate violence or make threats. Let's hear from you. Let your employees hear from you!



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