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There Is No Terrorist Threat
By Carl F. Worden

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January 28, 2004

Following the coordinated attacks orchestrated on 9/11/2001, in which passenger aircraft were hijacked by a small group of Muslim extremists to destroy the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and to damage the Pentagon, there have been no significant terrorist attacks that have occurred in the entire United States since that time.

There have been no bombings of American nightclubs, movie theaters, grocery stores or shopping malls. There have been no assaults by gunmen on those attending NFL football games or any other sports events. There have been no significant attacks on any American citizens in any public or private sector since 9/11/2001.

In the meantime, both the northern and southern borders of the United States have remained largely undermanned and unguarded by the United States Government, allowing anyone to enter, smuggling anything from drugs to Russian-made SA-7 portable anti-aircraft missiles, to any other munitions domestic terrorists might want to obtain and use.

In point of fact, no terrorist threat exists, nor has it ever existed, in the mainland of the United States. If that were untrue, terrorists would have committed violent acts since 9/11/2001. They haven‘t happened. Not one.

I want to disabuse my readers from believing the incessant cacophony of internal terrorist threats issued by this amoral government: It is all a big, fat lie. If terrorists could inflict their harm upon us, they would have by now.

The pundits and the government tell America that the terrorists want to inflict another catastrophic attack similar to 9/11/2001, somehow dispensing with the obvious and massive opportunities terrorists have to inflict suffering all over America in surgical strikes.

Have you ever toured America like I have? I have lived in every niche of this massive nation. I know it by heart. We are a nation of soft targets for terrorists. Unlike Israel, we have no armed guards at checkpoints. We have no suicide bombers. There are no metal detectors at movie theaters or nightclubs. Unlike Israel, we have no heavily armed guards with machine guns on the street looking for suspected bombers or gunmen.

Why? There is no internal American terrorist threat. There never has been. If such a threat existed, it would be played out upon our city streets.

In truth, we had a small, coordinated band of Muslim misfits who hijacked passenger aircraft and did some damage to both buildings and killed citizens, with no back-up plan. There was no back-up plan to invade the United States, and incredibly, there was no back-up plan to continue further terrorist attacks. It was all over in one shot.

Think about that, and consider what has transpired in the aftermath to the basic liberties of every American. The terrorists won, and only because our own government led by George W. Bush, let them wag us.

We citizens are fools.

Carl F. Worden


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