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Enforcing Victimhood -
The Last Phase of Gun Control
By Ted Lang © 2004
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January 21, 2004

It became evident long ago where gun control was going to take our nation. Informed Americans can now begin to see the mounting body count of innocent, law-abiding citizens being murdered by city, state and federal government SWAT teams. And even as the carnage accelerates unabated, many media-brainwashed Americans continue to mindlessly chant: It can’t happen here! But it is happening here, and it is happening now!

In a book I have quoted from heavily, namely Bernard Goldberg’s Arrogance [© 2003, Warner, New York] the bias of the mainstream media against the Second Amendment has been documented. Along with Dr. John R. Lott, Jr.’s The Bias Against Guns [[© 2003, Regnery, Washington] irrefutable evidence has been presented that the media reports the truth only in two percent of headline shootings in the articles written describing the beneficial use of firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens. And virtually all of the approximately 2.4 millions times a year that privately owned firearms are used to prevent crime are never reported at all.

Goldberg has pointed out that gun control, the ultimate objective of which is the total ban of firearms ownership by other than police and the military, isn’t at the forefront of a media conspiracy, but it is certainly an obvious given at all the right Manhattan cocktail parties attended by the print and broadcast media elite.

As police state terrorism increases, hyped by government-controlled media propaganda citing imagined foreign terrorist plots against our people and nation, our powerful central government continues provoking and terrorizing other sovereign nations, not only fueling a worldwide hatred for America, but generating even more expansive government suppression of individual freedom in order to promote “national security.”

But the ultimate objective of gun control can already be seen in Great Britain, as both Lott and Goldberg have pointed out. And what’s happening in the United Kingdom is beginning to happen here. As mentioned in prior articles, the total handgun ban in Great Britain has caused such an explosion in crime and gun violence, it is absolutely shocking to see the American media dodging the issue so completely. This is more than mere bias – this united effort on the part of the media is more correctly described as an anti-American, anti-Constitutional conspiracy, in spite of Goldberg’s take that it is merely lockstep harmony based upon “groupthink.”

Goldberg cites some specifics as regards the growing absurdity of gun violence in England, a nation without a gun culture that was launched into “modern civilization” via the spear, the sword and the longbow: “[In] an article called ‘Gun Control’s Twisted Outcome,’ by Joyce Lee Malcolm, a history professor at Bentley College and a senior advisor to the MIT Security Studies Program [that] appeared in the November 2002 edition of Reason magazine, [Malcolm offers] some indication of what this unprecedented rise in crime has meant in human terms.”

Goldberg quotes from Malcolm’s article: “Over the course of a few days the summer of 2001, gun-toting men burst into an English court and freed two defendants; a shooting outside a London nightclub left five women and three men wounded; and two men were machine-gunned to death in a residential neighborhood of north London. And on New Year’s Day this year [2002] a 19 year-old girl walking on a main street in east London was shot in the head by a thief who wanted her mobile phone.”

Goldberg continues, “By the end of 2002, Britain’s crime rates actually exceeded those in the United States for robbery, assault, and burglary, and the gaps were closing in the rates of murder and rape. The streets of London are now measurably less secure than those of New York and most other major American cities. I am most definitely not in the business of promoting the gun lobby. The NRA can do whatever it wants with those statistics. I am, however, in the journalism business, and so I keep wondering: Why haven’t we seen this story all over the big, national American media? Wouldn’t this story about the unintended real life-and-death consequences of Britain’s ban on handguns be a natural, especially for television, given all those gruesome pictures of dead bodies lying in pools of blood on the sidewalk, and distraught relatives weeping – images that TV can’t seem to get enough of?”

Goldberg relates, “If a smart talking head were needed, they could go right to Joyce Lee Malcolm and her chilling conclusion in the Reason magazine piece: ‘The English government has effectively abolished the right of Englishmen, confirmed in their 1689 Bill of Rights, to ‘have arms for their defence,’ insisting upon monopoly of force it can succeed in imposing only on law-abiding citizens. It has become perilously close to depriving its people of the ability to protect themselves at all, and the result is a more, not less, dangerous society.”

It is at this point where I must take strong exception to the latter conclusion; England is not “coming perilously close to depriving its people of the ability to protect themselves,” but rather, the British government has now progressed to the ultimate level of the gun control agenda. Gun control now authorizes as well as legitimizes criminal behavior. Any subject of the British government that raises even a tiny finger in defense against criminal attack now violates the law, a law not legitimized by justice and fairness, but a law legitimized by gun control insanity. And it is this insanity that is now beginning to exhibit solid footholds in our once-great republic of free men and women

We are no longer free. Our so-called “free and independent press” has subjugated us. We have been enslaved by our compassionate, caring government, killing US with the kindness of their loving, and caring killer SWAT teams. Killing US, spying on US, monitoring US and processing US for our own good, is now the law of the land via the USA Patriot Acts I and II. And no one is permitted to protect themselves or to raise a hand against anyone, especially government. Raising a hand against government is the real protection we were once accorded via the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights, now forever abolished by George W. Bush and John Ashcroft.

Citizens in Great Britain have been arrested and thrown in jail and required to serve lengthy prison terms for merely raising a hand to protect themselves from both armed and unarmed criminals. The key focus of these laws is not the crime being perpetrated against the law-abiding citizen, but now, the greater crime of people merely trying to protect themselves while initially only going about their business in a peaceful manner intending no harm to anyone. Yet, when forced to act in self-defense, this is now considered a crime by the British government.

We can already see such laws and such absurdity taking hold on an increasing basis in our newly legislated police state. Legislation rammed through the Congress, justified as necessary on an emergency basis to ensure quick passage without even having been read, has now abolished virtually every protection we had as individual Americans. Our enemies are no longer raping, pillaging murdering criminals, but their co-criminal protectors at all levels in “American” government; namely, “our” police, their SWAT teams, and “our” military. Unless this trend and its legislation are quickly reversed, the forces of the most powerful government in the world will be squared off against the greatest number of real Americans in our heartland. Secession, rebellion, and rivers of blood will be in our future.

Theodore E. Lang

© 2004 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.


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