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Appalachian Law School Shootings
Media Crushes The Truth
By Ted Lang © 2003
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January 13, 2004

Both Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., in his book The Bias Against Guns [© 2003, Regnery – Washington, D.C.] and Bernard Goldberg in his most recent book, Arrogance [© 2003, Warner – New York, N.Y.] discuss the shocking media bias and factual manipulation used by the Second Amendment-hating press to advance false information to fool the public. Both authors focused upon the same astonishing media manipulation that became evident in the case of the Appalachian Law School shootings back in 2002.

Quoting from Goldberg’s book, “A student at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia, who has just been told he will be suspended for failing grades, storms through the campus, clutching a handgun. As terrorized students run for their lives, they hear him say, ‘Come get me, come get me.’ But before anyone can get him, the student, a forty-two-year old immigrant from Nigeria, goes on a shooting spree, killing a dean, a professor, and a fellow student. He also shoots and wounds three other students – one in the abdomen, one in the throat, and another in the chest.”

Goldberg continues, “Finally, as the Washington Post reports, ‘Three students pounced on the gunman and held him until help arrived.’ Later in the story, the Post says, ‘The students then tackled the gunman.’ John Roberts at CBS News reported the story the very same way: ‘Three people were killed … before students tackled the suspect.’ At NBC News, Kevin Tibbles said the students ‘overpowered the gunman and held him until police could arrive.’”

Goldberg relates that, “The bloody incident happened on January 16, 2002, and was picked up by news organizations all over the country, almost all of which covered the story the way the Washington Post and the networks did. Which means virtually all of them left out one tiny, little fact. Two of the three students who ‘pounced on’ and ‘tackled’ and ‘overpowered’ the gunman, also had guns.” Clearly, Mr. Goldberg was being sarcastic, and justifiably so.

This explanation of the events surrounding the shooting is from Dr. Lott’s book: “The fast responses of two male students, Mikael Gross, thirty-four, and Tracy Bridges, twenty-five, undoubtedly saved many lives. Mikael was outside the law school and just returning from lunch when Peter Odighizuwa started his attack. Tracy was in a classroom waiting for class to start. When the shots rang out, utter chaos erupted. Mikael said, ‘People were running everywhere. They were jumping behind cars, running out in front of traffic, trying to get away.’”

Lott explains the actual encounter: “Mikael and Tracy were prepared to do something quite different: Both immediately ran to their cars and got their guns. Mikael had to run about one hundred yards to get to his car. Along with Ted Besen [who was unarmed], they approached Peter from different sides. As Tracy explains it, ‘I stopped at my vehicle and got a handgun, a revolver. Ted went toward Peter, and I aimed my gun at [Peter], and Peter tossed his gun down. Ted approached Peter, and Peter hit Ted in the jaw. Ted pushed him back and we all jumped on.’”

Dr. Lott is a renowned statistician who has done extensive research proving irrevocably the false and fraudulent "evidence" consistently churned up and mass produced by the media for public consumption. These lies, falsehoods, spikes and the withholding of important facts is what enables tiny, insignificant statist minority groups to greatly magnify their power and dominate and subjugate the majority, forcing upon us an agenda guaranteeing the destruction of one of the American people’s greatest constitutional protections. And the liberal agenda they wish to saddle us with concerns the issue of crime, which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Second Amendment.

Yet, when one looks at the right of Americans to own firearms against the out-of-context backdrop of crime reduction, liberals still cannot justify gun control/abolition even in their own arena of “debate.” And that itself is a problem because the liberal-controlled media will not permit debate on this important issue. Bernard Goldberg, who worked as a journalist at CBS News for 28 years considers himself a liberal, but will be the first to agree that liberal bias precludes intelligent debate on this as well as many other vital issues that concern Americans. It is therefore telling, that a pro-gun renowned statistician holding a doctorate, and an honest professional journalist with 28 years experience with a major network news organization, view the bias and propaganda involving gun ownership in precisely the same way. Yet Goldberg confesses, he doesn’t like guns.

Here’s Goldberg’s confession: “In America, there are pro-gun people and antigun people. The pro-gun people love everything about guns. They love to touch guns and fondle guns and smell guns, and mostly they love to have guns close by. Guns give them peace of mind. To tell you the truth, I’m not one of those people. I don’t like to touch guns or smell them or feel them. I grew up in the Bronx. I played basketball and baseball. Those were my sports. Not hunting. In fact, the only animals I ever got close to were at the Bronx Zoo, and they don’t let you hunt any of them. So, unlike kids who grew up with guns in rural America, I never got close to a gun early on – and it carried over to my adult life. But I’ll tell you this: It would be just fine with me if everyone on my block now had a gun or two at home, just to discourage criminals from even thinking about preying on the neighborhood. I wouldn’t even care if they sat out on their lawns brandishing their guns alongside homemade signs reading, ‘Attention bad guys: If you’re thinking that someone’s gonna get hurt around here, you’re right – and it’s gonna be you!’”

But the Bronx is one of the five boroughs of Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City, where the police arrest law-abiding citizens who try to protect themselves with guns from skyrocketing crime. Ron Dixon was in the process of getting a permit for a handgun he brought with him after moving from another state when he protected his child from an intruder. Because of the foot dragging of Bloomberg’s incompetent police in issuing him a permit, his bureaucrats put Dixon in jail. And these are the same police who murdered Alberta Spruill, and pumped 41 bullets into Amadou Diallo for brandishing a wallet. Why do these Constitution-violating politicians and their police Gestapo get away with this? Because of the lying media!

Getting back to the facts in the Appalachian shooting, Goldberg pointed out the key element in preventing more people from getting murdered, in a case paralleling Columbine and the Long Island Rail Road shootings perpetrated by Colin Ferguson, was the fact that some of the potential victims had guns and were able to force the shooter to drop his gun. That made all the difference in preventing a real bloody massacre, but that didn’t motivate the media to evaluate the wrong-headedness of their unconstitutional agenda. Goldberg offers: “One might think this was an important element that should have been reported in the Washington Post story, especially since the man who had already killed three people and wounded three others would probably have tried to kill a lot more if he had not been stopped by the other students who themselves had guns.”

Goldberg continues, “An honest mistake? You decide. Soon after the law school rampage, criminologist and scholar John Lott ran a LexisNexis search on the story and came up with this: Only 4 of 208 news reports that he found mentioned that the rescuers had guns. James Eaves-Johnson did his own Nexis search for the Daily Iowan (at the University of Iowa) and found that just two of eighty-eight stories reported that guns were used to subdue the killer. A third search conducted by Eaves-Johnson, this time using a database called Westnews, which specializes in news about the law, turned up 112 stories on the subject – and again only two mentioned that the gunman was subdued by students using guns themselves.”

I had previously written about this journalistic outrage, but that was before a professional journalist with the credentials of a Bernard Goldberg exhibited the courage to verify Dr. Lott’s findings in this particular case. These facts should be considered whenever someone queries a journalist, a newscaster, or an editor and asks why and if the media is biased. And this is the real problem with the mainstream media; they may be considered “mainstream,” but they are totally isolated and disconnected from mainstream America.

Theodore E. Lang

© 2003 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.


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