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Jeff "The Hunter" Jordan

January 7, 2004

Dear News Journal and Mr. Kent:

Thank you for your accurate article on Jeff (Hunter) Jordan It is refreshing to see honest reporting and stories that do not assume guilt or promote the "states" agenda.

I find it appalling that Ohio troopers felt justified in jailing a man, seizing his possessions, infringing on his privacy, and attempting to damaging his excellent reputation - because he was in possession of a gun. I find it very disappointing that a simple speeding violation could escalate to a federal case for simply exercising one's constitutional right. Aren't Ohio State Patrolmen sworn to "uphold" the constitution?

Hopefully this case will awaken people to the danger of unconstitutional laws such as the USA PATRIOT ACT and other legislation that gives law "enforcement" agencies carte blanche to abuse the rights of US Citizens as long as they claim that the citizen was believed to be involved in "terrorism" or whatever the scare term of the week is.

Considering that the US Constitution and the Ohio Constitution both give citizens the right to keep and bear arms for personal protection, I hope that the State Police will be found guilty of false arrest and severely penalized. I also hope that the officers responsible will be punished and relieved from duty. At the very least, they should be required to pass a refresher course on the constitution and their oath of office. Thank you again for being a beacon for liberty in a sea of deception.

Fran Tully
State Chair
Libertarian Party of Utah

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