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Liberty Action of the Week: Free Hunter
By Mary lou Seymour

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January 6, 2004

On January 29, Jeff Jordan, aka "The Hunter" was returning to his home in New Hampshire after visiting relatives for Christmas in Kansas. Unfortunately, his road home lay through the state of Ohio. Hunter was in a hurry to get home, as were so many of us over the holidays, and, got stopped in Ohio for speeding. The trooper claims he saw one of Hunter's mag pouches on his belt and searched Hunter and his vehicle, finding "multiple weapons". (Troopers arrest man with multiple weapons in car, Trooper Finds Weapons Stash In SUV).

This would have been a little noticed story, one of hundreds, of the "another gun nut caught" variety, except for one thing. Jeff Jordan, aka "The Hunter", is a right well known and well loved liberty activist; one of the first "Knights of Non Aggression" at the Liberty Round Table, a favorite columnist at Sierra Times, Doing Freedom, The Price of Liberty and other publications, a friend and supporter of the Free State Project, with his own frequently traveled website,as well as the Safe Skies website, and moderator of the LRT discussion list as well as participant on many other e-lists and forums. As for myself, I know Hunter as a true friend and colleague, always ready to think up "new ways" to "do freedom", in small actions and large; in fact, I had just finished reading one of his latest columns "50 Ways to Leave Leviathan" when the news of his arrest hit my neck of cyberspace.

By December 31, Hunter's friends had found out about his running afoul of the police state, and, begun alerting his friends webwide. Matt Gaylor (FreeMatt) of Free Ohio sped to the rescue, and reported on Jan. 1 "He was arrested on Monday and was able to bail out yesterday (New Year's Eve). However the patrol has obtained a search warrant for his vehicle and will not release it until perhaps Monday at the earliest. I met with his attorney who attempted to allow Hunter to gain access to his personal effects from his impounded vehicle. The head of the Ashland Post of the Highway Patrol would not let him retrieve anything from his vehicle.This included a change of underwear,Christmas gifts for his mother and family, clean socks, his PGP encrypted laptop and even his toothbrush. This was quite unreasonable after spending two days in jail,having no vehicle, no clean clothes, and on New Year's Eve to boot. I took Hunter out to dinner for a steak and then to Walmart for some fresh underwear and T- shirts. Hunter is in good spirits and vows to fight this."

After Freematt's email hit the web, and was forwarded far and wide, good things began happening. Lobo and Sunni at LRT set up a Free Hunter website, set up a donations page, Claire Wolfe blogged a "help Hunter" entry, threads and alerts popped up on many forums, including The Mental Militia, Survival Arts, and email lists.

I did my part, as did many others, by forwarding Matt's email and Lobo and Sunni's subsequent alerts to the lists and forums I participate in. And the reaction was, well, astounding. Despite a few "spitballs" ("well he was speeding" and "why did he NEED all those guns anyway") from, sadly, some folks who should have known better), the freedom community has rallied behind Hunter, to help in in his legal battles which may well be a turning point for RKBA. Hunter has "lawyered up" exceedingly well, with a a SAF-recommended attorney in Ohio, James E. Brightbill, and Marc Victor, the famous libertarian Phoenix-area criminal defense attorney who was kicked off the bench after one day on the job as judge, for recusing himself from drug cases. Brightbill and Victor are reportedly willing to accept help from other 2nd Amendment attorneys to bring a strong case on sonstitutional as well as other grounds.

All of this will take money, of course. As I mentioned, KABA has agreed to accept the funds for Hunter and manage the account and will be setting up an online donations page, but, meanwhile folks who would like to send a check can do so now. Checks should be made out to "", with the memo stating"Hunter's Defense," and sent to: Keep And Bear Arms PMB#141 15201 N Cleveland Avenue North Fort Myers, FL 33903-2715

What else can we do, besides continuing to spread the word and raise money? Well, LTEs to every newspaper in Ohio wouldn't hurt, as that is where Hunter will be tried. There are also several burgeoning efforts to "Boycott Ohio" (by refusing to eat or buy gas while driving through that state), and possibly further actions to escort Hunter when he must return to Ohio for court dates and the like. To keep abreast of these actions, check the Free Hunter LRT Project page for breaking news, and, I'll post updates in the Liberty Activist Blog.

In my Thanksgiving column "A celebration of community", I gave thanks for the community of liberty activists we have formed here in cyberspace, a true community of friends, freedom fighters, and liberty activists, who "share our victories and defeats, our joy and our pain, to reach out and help our community members and welcome others into our midst." Let me open this New Year with another thank you, that once again, our community has rallied to help our comrade.

Til next week For Freedom Mary Lou

PS: Don't forget, for the rest of December and January 2004, you all have free access to the "premium" Liberty Activist Resource Directory. User name: libertyactivist, password:fr33d0m. =========

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"Troopers arrest man with multiple weapons in car"

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