By MamaLiberty

Are we all clear on that now?

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What is wrong?

By Nathan Barton

In the same web page as the commentary about “dumbing down” and cannabis, “legendary singer” Charlie Daniels also has a commentary on CNS News profanely asking what has happened to our country. Of the same generation as my departed father, he comes to a similar conclusion: that it is the people who have let themselves be led astray, and yet in turn blame the politicians who did the leading.

I don’t agree with much of what Charlie had to write in the column, and want to avoid the mistake of too many liberals who think that being a celebrity gives some special insight into politics, religion, or anything else. But Charlie is not alone in his generation, and in following generations, who point out that “we, the people” are to blame for our own mess: we made our bed, and now we are sleeping in it. Continue reading

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But… but, You HAVE To Vote For SOMEONE!!!

By MamaLiberty

A dear friend sent me a raft of article links today, all begging, screaming or whining about how people “must” vote for someone, anyone… but especially FOR Clinton! I had avoided talking with her about this over the years because I knew she was a dedicated liberal and I believed there was no point to the discussion. We had other, very important things in common. But this was the last straw, so to speak.

I’ve read many such things over the years, and continue to do so. None of it will ever change my mind. It is a matter of principle, the foundation of integrity and non-aggression I live by. Everything is measured by that, and non-voluntary government in general – electoral politics in particular – is not supported in any way as desirable, moral or even practical.  I think I’ve tried to explain that here at PoL, but maybe not. Continue reading

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Dumbing down? Or smartening up?

By Nathan Barton

A commentary by Thomas Ascik, on CNS News, bemoans that five states are voting on outright legalizing cannabis for any use (including recreational) during this year’s election. He apparently attributes it, together with five more states voting on legalizing what he scoffs as “medical” use of cannabis, to the increasing stupidity of Americans in general and of government officials (although he doesn’t come right out and state it). His arguments sound reasonable and logical until you read the part about federal agencies “maintaining their integrity” and get to the end where you find he is a retired federal prosecutor.

Are we dumbing down America? Just who is “we?” Government DOES seem intent on doing so. But the recent reversal in public opinion on the use of cannabis – especially when compared in effect and history to the use of beverage alcohol and tobacco of all types – suggests rather, that Americans are getting smarter in some ways. Continue reading

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Fedzilla’s Land Grabs, Part I

By Bradley Harrington

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite.” — James Madison, “The Federalist No. 45,” 1788 –

When I stated last week that we should “sell off all unconstitutionally ‘owned’ federal lands” (July 22 WTE, “If I were the president…”) I knew the reactions would be sharp. Continue reading

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If I Were The President…

By Bradley Harrington

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” — Theodore Roosevelt, “Letter to Henry Sprague,” 1900 –

In view of the fact that we as a nation are well on our way towards electing one of the two biggest and most unpopular boobs to ever run for the presidency in this country’s history, the thought has repeatedly crossed my mind: What would I do if I were the President of the United States? Continue reading

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Watch Out for the “Economic Development” Scammers

By Bradley Harrington

When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” — Frederic Bastiat, “Economic Sophisms,” 1848 –

Economic development” is the new buzz phrase for all and sundry in Wyoming these days – and why not? After all, as growth, who could be against it but the most uncultured, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal? Continue reading

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Stupidity – in and out of government

By Nathan Barton

Maybe it is not appropriate to discuss this after a week in which an idiot apparently was able to outwit (or dodge around) other idiots (several of them elected officials and many more political appointees) and set off bombs which (fortunately) didn’t do anything more than wound people.

(An aside: The bombings in NYC and NJ WERE, we were assured over and over again, nothing to do with international terrorism (that is, Islamist terrorists trying to kill in the name of Allah). (Along with the “non-aligned” knifeman in Minnesota.) We were told this over and over again, until finally, we were told the opposite: they WERE Islamic terrorists, doing this in the name of Allah, but… they weren’t really connected to any international movement. Until again, after the various groups crowed over how successful they were at doing nasty things to the Great Satan (the Fifty States), it was admitted that there may be some connection with international “movements” BUT we don’t know the motive of the attacks. Right!) Continue reading

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The Voluntaryists

By Garry Reed 

The Voluntaryists Versus the NSA: Part I Saving Snowden (left); Part II Shielding Assange (right)
The Voluntaryists Versus the NSA: Part I Saving Snowden (left); Part II Shielding Assange (right) | Source

Fun & Freedom

Are you tired of mucking through mounds of political pap in search of a little liberating sunlight during this palpably unpalatable political period? It’s time to escape into the Libertarian Land of Ink and Artwork: The Comics! Continue reading

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A Dummy’s Guide to Depending on Government?

By Nathan Barton

Several recent events again illustrate how really, really stupid it is to depend on government to deal with emergencies or listen to government agencies when they try to dictate what private citizens and businesses should do in a time of crisis. And the importance of being prepared.

This weekend, in addition to the supposedly “non-terrorist” bomb attacks in NYC and NJ, there was an incident in St. Cloud, Minnesota where (as reported by The Blaze) a man screaming Allahu Ackbar (and since claimed to be a soldier of the Caliphate – Islamic State) ran through a shopping mall stabbing people, until an off-duty cop shot and killed him. Continue reading

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