AmmoMan – Hollow Point Ammo Review

By MamaLiberty

A few weeks ago I wrote a review of FMJ ammo that AmmoMan sent me to test. It was a very interesting experience, so I anticipated pretty much the same with the hollow points they sent. That proved to be the case.

Along with the caliber wars, the people of the gun also discuss things that affect suitability of different kinds of ammunition for self defense purposes. One of those factors is penetration. We know that a solid, round nose bullet will penetrate seriously, and the concern is that it will pass through the target and possibly harm others. It may also not produce the trauma needed to stop the attack. So, many of us use a hollow point round that promises to blossom out and not over penetrate. Continue reading

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Tech Rant: Airliner Bombing

By Nathan Barton

Airliner bombing attacks – some analysis of recent events

Downing airliners is always a good ploy and excuse for expanding the police state.  So it comes as no surprise that everyone in power has decided that the Metrojet airliner downed in the Sinai is a victim of the Caliphate. Such an evil organization MUST be about doing evil things.

CNN reports that the Caliphate has claimed downing the aircraft. In fact, the Caliphate (ISIS/ISIL/IS) released a photo of a plausible soda-can bomb, which would (based on the image) have to be a suicide type bomb. Other recent news stories report that both the Russians and Americans agree that they did. That, I suppose, makes sense, but the CNN report itself does not.

Looking at it from an engineering point of view (not some political view), a standard European soda can (330 ml, slightly larger than a US can) can hold 528 grams (bit over a pound) of Composition C-4, the standard moldable (plastic) explosive since 1960 (US military), but it would (of course) weigh about 60% more than a can of soda with actual soda in it. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 27 Nov 2015, #15-57C: Black Friday, Mobs and More

By Nathan Barton

It is “Black Friday,” once a quaint event that turned into an activity of epic proportions and supposedly a key economic indicator, that has now expanded into a “Black Friday Week” or more and which has gotten to be such a burden that a number of chain stores have publicly repudiated it: a heresy of great implications. We as a family have played the game now and then, but seldom seriously, and today are NOT even pretending to participate: I suppose many people are like that.

Some personal notes:  Thanksgiving has always been more of a family “special event” and holiday for our family (we don’t treat either Christmas or Easter as religious holidays, for obvious reasons, and so while we do enjoy them as holidays, they are not as important to us), and yesterday was a good and wonderful day. Continue reading

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What Anarchism Means To Me

By Cat, the Brunette

Anarchism is my declaration of peace with you. It is a repudiation of the use of coercive power to achieve my own ends, or to abet the domination of any man by his fellows, or over his fellows. It is a renunciation of the use and support of structures that function to create discord and disparity among men and between nations, and peddle mayhem and mischief under the aegis of security and protection, and carnage as an acceptable cost — not of survival, but of satiety.

Anarchism is my declaration of independence from corrupt and debauched systems which institutionalize the dominance and submission of the mind and conscience, pillaging the property of the peaceful and raping the human spirit. Authority is a form of privilege. There is one kind of wealth that one can only gain at the expense of another, and that is privilege; money may follow privilege, but it may only buy privilege when there exists a warehousing authority to assign it. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-47B: Thanksgiving Day and Fear

By Nathan Barton

Happy Thanksgiving, with friends and family! This week, due to travel and work (about 2000 miles so far, and days that start at 0600 and end at 0400), I’m not recording a lot of commentary this week.  Here are some thoughts on recent news stories.

Although it IS Thanksgiving, the theme of stories on my desktop right now is “fear” and rationality. Fear is something that can be good or bad, depending on how we react to our fears. Do we deal with them rationally, or use them as an excuse for doing horrible things? Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 23 November 2015, #15-47A: Accelerating Runaway Government

By Nathan Barton

Nazgul tyranny and “lawmaking” accelerates, as we read in a story from The Blaze in a case involving the Washington Department of Ecology, eight “youth” (“represented” by an environist “children’s protection group”) and a King County judge. It has been decided that the state has a “constitutional obligation” to act on controlling carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming, which will (according to the nazgul) otherwise keep the “youth” from growing up. The scope and insanity of this ruling (fully supported by the WSDOE and the governor, appearently) is amazing. Especially given the nature of the lies about global warming. Continue reading

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Mastermind? Don’t make me laugh.

By Nathan Barton

The Battle of Paris continues to dominate the news.

The WaPo reported that “Suspected mastermind of Paris attack died in police raid, officials confirm » The suspected mastermind of last week’s terrorist attacks that left at least 129 dead in Paris has been killed in a police raid, authorities here confirmed Thursday. The bullet-riddled body of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin, was found in the charred rubble of an apartment raided early Wednesday.

Got some problems with this.  First, who can believe the police?  Second, IF this was the guy that planned and executed these attacks, or one of them, he was no “mastermind.”  No James Bond villain, but an idiot who frankly did not have to plan much at all, and clearly had NOT ONE THOUGHT as to how to carry out these attacks for maximum effectiveness. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 November 2015, #15-46E: Upping the ante

By Nathan Barton

In recent days, the Battle of Paris has upped the ante when it comes to the “migrant refugee” crisis in Europe, and this has spilled over to the Fifty States.  The Mainstream Media (as usual) and much of the alternative media has made a hash of the entire debate, reporting falsely on actions by various states, failing to get the legal and constitutional issues right, and of course, (understandably) responding in knee-jerk fashion to the squatter’s asinine comments on the subject.  Personal Liberty has a good, fairly rational analysis of the issue and the lies and misunderstandings.  As usual, neither the conservatives/GOP nor the Tranzis/Dems NOR the Libertarian Party has it right. They are, of course, just interested in upping the ante to bring in votes and campaign contributions, and trash their opposition. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 20 November 2015, #15-46D: Government is Evil

by Nathan Barton

Theoretically, and morally, “governments” (and therefore, the State) are supposed to protect and defend good people from bad people: to prevent (and if necessary) punish evil-doers and their acts of evil: theft, murder, aggression in various ways, invaders, slavers, abusers, etc. The Bible (clearly, but seemingly ignored by most) states the standards that governments must meet to be legitimate (and there is NOTHING in Scripture that justifies involuntary government: indeed, making government mandatory is evidence that it does NOT meet the standards.

But there are degrees of evil, if not as far as punishment and in God’s eyes, but based on their impact, their perversity. Bad as is government which does NOT prevent and punish evil, worse is government which instead PRACTICES evil. Not just the evil of mandated government and aggression “sanctioned” by immoral law, but for government and its agents to go out and practice the very things that it is supposed to oppose: theft, murder, slavery, invasion, etc. Hence today’s major stories in this commentary. Continue reading

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Battle of Paris: More questions

By Nathan Barton

The Battle of Paris continues, with the French security forces attacking and killing people claimed to be part of the “sophisticated conspiracy” resulting in the Friday the 13th attacks.

(By the way, how many people recall that the modern Friday the 13th superstition comes from the dastardly and unprovoked attack and suppression of the Knights Templar by French King Philip “the Fair” (NOT!) beginning with “raids” on Friday, 13 October 1307 (a year after he expelled all Jews from France), in which hundreds of Templars were arrested and their possessions (and the money on deposit with them belonging to thousands) were seized, followed by torture and ultimately execution. Seven hundred years of blowback?) Continue reading

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