A big welcome to liberals and even Tranzis

by Nathan Barton

A BIG welcome to our liberal friends – and even a few Tranzis, I hope!

As Larry Correia, science fiction writer and somewhat libertarian, pointed out in his recent excellent column, “A Handy Guide for Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested in Gun Ownership”, we self-governing, lovers of liberty suddenly (may) have new allies in fighting against government.

With the election of Donald Trump as Massa/POTUS just days away (less than a week, in fact), all those Hillary-lovers and those panicked about the election of a “racist, sexist, greedy-capitalist, nativist, homophobic, fascist tyrant” all of a  sudden have reasons to fear government that THEY didn’t have with the current squatter/tyrant in office, because he only went after the haters and the bitter clingers. Almost two months ago, Russia Today (RT) published an article stating that “More than 60% of Americans Fear Corrupt Government”.

That almost two in three Americans did include, as a very small part, those of us (the self-governors and lovers of liberty) who have made that opinion known for years, but probably did not include that 25% or so percent of the qualified voters who voted for Clinton-Keane last month. So I wonder what that percentage is up to, now? 75? 80? Maybe more. Continue reading

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The Evils of Public Schools – Revisited

By Nathan Barton

I have not spoken poorly and with contempt for the government-run, tax-funded “public schools” for a while (except for those “affirming” the hurt of their little snowflakes over the recent election), so it is time to take a whack at these institutions of tyranny again.

And the Blaze provides the perfect opportunity. An 11-year-old girl, after sharing some fruit with a friend, has been suspended for violating the idiot school’s policy of “zero tolerance” for weapons. Not only that, but the schools turned the case over to the local police department (in some enclave from reality in Florida) who have in turn turned it over to the State’s Attorney to prosecute her for this hideous act of terrorism. Her crime? She used the butter knife (as admitted by the school in writing) from her cherished set of tableware (a knife, fork, and spoon with thick toddler handles and decorated with cartoon animal prints) to cut a peach in half so that she could share the peach with her friend.

Continue reading

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So, they won, eh?

By Nathan Barton

I got the news late yesterday: actually a bit surprising on a Sunday, but maybe I just overlooked it.

The “Water Protectors” have won: the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has had its permit denied by the US Army Corps of Engineers to allow the last 1% or so to be built under “Corps-owned” land and 90 feet below the lakebed of Oahe Reservoir in North Dakota. What a “great victory.” I got several e-mails crowing about this, and there are lots of stories, such as this one at NPR.

What a pile of garbage. The permit is NOT denied: it is simply that the powers that be (whether on Wall Street, in the White House, or in the Pentagon) have stated that the current, once-approved route is now to undergo yet another round of “environmental assessment” and is to be considered together with various “alternatives” – just as was done several years ago. The previously approved permit is being revoked; the FONSI (“finding of no significant environmental impact”) is cancelled, and the ROD (Record of Decision) is vacated. Continue reading

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Decorum and the “Armed Society…” thesis

By MamaLiberty

“The presence of guns is not the cause of a “polite society”. It is an emblem of one. It says, especially if carried openly, “I am ready and willing to live as a free man or woman, accept the consequences, and refuse to shunt off my responsibilities on others.”  

Heinlein wrote, “An armed society is a polite society,” The Zelman Partisans expands on that and presents a very important element. Personal responsibility for life and freedom, by accepting the consequences of choices and actions. Those who live by that – while never initiating force – are the core of the “polite society.” The willingness and ABILITY to defend ourselves against those who wish to dominate or injure us is the inevitable and very necessary other side to that coin.

The gun is an essential part of that, a serious emblem verifying the intent to accept full responsibility for one’s life and body. But it is not the only thing needed for that, by any means.

Self defense isn’t just the act of violence to ward off an aggressor, an attacker. It starts with being aware. Aware of who are, your capabilities and disabilities, your goals for life and so much more. Give some serious thought to your realistic options, and whether or not you actually could pull the trigger to save your life, or that of someone you love. If you think you could, then get some training so you can do it effectively. But, in any case, have a gun. That’s the first requirement.

Extend that to being aware of your surroundings, the people you associate with, and the place where you live, shop and socialize. This is summarized in my favorite rule, taught in my self defense classes:

Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people, and engage in stupid activities such as getting drunk/high/naked with strangers.

Don’t expect anyone else to protect you if you choose not to protect yourself. They might… or they might not.

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Secession – California Style – preparing for it

By Nathan Barton

The LA Times has said it, so it must be so. Right? In a story, they have said that California “can’t” secede.

The columnist gives four or five reasons:
a. California would have to “win the ensuing civil war.”
b. Congress would have to “kiss California good-bye.”
c. There is no procedure for secession in the US Constitution.
d. The Civil War [1861-1865] determined that the union is “indivisible.”
e. A constitutional amendment is the longest of long shots.

Well! The column states that Trump is an evil man and his administration is a threat to the civil rights of all Californians. It goes on to list a whole bunch of things where the other Forty-Nine States are out of step with that bastion of human liberty called California: global warming, immigration, firearms, marijuana, and ObummerCard are addressed. However, the subtext here is that (since it is impossible for California to secede) the rest of the nation must change to go along with California (or, presumably) allow California to be different on all these things.

Personally, I think the article is garbage, on each of these five things. Continue reading

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Spiraling downward

By Nathan Barton

There are times when things seem to be swimming around the drain, faster and faster as the spiral gets tighter and tighter. Incompetence in business, in institutions (religious and educational), and in government at all levels grows. A lack of professionalism, of care, of due diligence seems to be more and more common. Sometimes it seems to grow daily.

There are many phrases that can be used to describe this, of which going down the drain is just one:
- the straw that broke the camel’s back
- the drop that tips the balance
- the last light goes out (or sinks beneath the water)

Well, you get the idea. The real question is, why? What is doing this? Why are we seeing a growing problem in dealing with things on an everyday basis? Continue reading

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In support of secession (Part 2)

By Nathan Barton


Now that we’ve seen how common secession has been and is (in Part 1), and how many people and places are seeking to do that, let’s ask the question, why is this a good idea?

And also, why should YOU consider secession? Either individually (with your family) or as part of a community? There are actually a few libertarian groups and organizations out there suggesting (even urging) people to consider secession. “Atlantis” (Galt’s Gulch), in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged, was a fictional example of what at least some people are trying today, going to some relatively benign and peaceful place (Belize or Costa Rica are two) or out on the open seas. Others just try to hunker down in some location where they won’t be noticed or bothered much – although that can change quickly. Both the Wyoming Free State project and the one in New Hampshire are, to some degree, a secession activity. Particularly in Wyoming, where government is generally much less intrusive than in New England.

Mama’s Note: As a founding member, I can tell you the Free State Wyoming” project is mostly history now. You can tell from the last update on this website. A good number of people moved here, got busy with their own business and freedom, and all of our lives have moved on, though some members continue to meet and communicate often as individuals. This is neither disturbing nor a problem, contrary to what many might think. FSW was never about politics, building or maintaining a permanent organization, or “taking over” anything or anyone. Unfortunately, the New Hampshire “free state project” can’t say the same. Continue reading

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Taking Control

By Nathan Barton

For the last three weeks, with amazing levels of criticism, the Massa-to-be is doing all the preparation work necessary to take control (or so he and others fondly hope) of the massive leviathan called the FedGov.

Part of this was picking one of the biggest critics of the PPACA (ObummerCare), Representative Tom Price of Georgia, to head the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS or HHS), according to a UPI headline. Mama noted: It will be interesting to see what is done to replace ObummerCare. No hope in the world it could just be eliminated and people left free to make their own decisions. And so much damage has been done to both medicine and insurance already, it will take a careful transition to avoid utter chaos. And, of course, most of that chaos would be due to the fact that so few people are in the least ready to take control of their own lives. Continue reading

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Personal responsibility – essential to liberty

By Nathan Barton

The bizarre idea that “libertarian” is somehow closely tied to “libertine” dates back to the organization of the Libertarian Party in Colorado and other of the Fifty States back in the early 1970s. The fact that I understand why this confusion would develop, especially given the political background of the period, and Massa Nixon’s War on [Some] Drugs, did not make it any more palatable to me then – or for that matter, now. (Although the behavior of the national Libertarian Party in 2016 added fuel to that particular fire, given both the behaviors at the National Convention and the behavior of the two top-of-ticket candidates during the campaign.)

But the distinction has always been obvious to anyone who can be bothered to investigate (which sadly does not seem to include many statists, both left and right, and even a few who claim to be libertarian). It has to do with personal responsibility: true liberty demands accepting personal responsibility for one’s own actions – AND for actions performed on one’s behalf. Continue reading

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‘Tis the season

By Nathan Barton

The annual battle over “religious holidays” has started up. World Net Daily reports that a FOX Christmas program had requested a special Army musical group to participate in their broadcast and received this dismissal: “After reviewing your request, we have opined that the show is a religious event, and therefore we cannot provide official support based on restrictions in AR-360-1,” the letter read. “We value our relationship with you as well as FOX News and hope you understand our declination is guided by law and Army regulations.”

WND of course, asks whether or not this will continue under a Trump administration. They hope it does not, but a lot will depend on exactly how much influence and power the current Nazgul have. Continue reading

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