Naive or just making a point?

By Nathan Barton

For the past several weeks, many of us have been watching events on Standing Rock Reservation, homeland of one of the modern Lakota nations in the Dakotas, as a “grassroots” coalition fights against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project, which involves constructing a pipeline from the oil fields of Western North Dakota to connect with pipelines and refineries in the Mississippi Valley.

The entire business was escalated on Monday, as reported by Reuters when the anti-pipeline activities, mostly tribal members, occupied privately-owned land through which the pipeline is to be constructed, claiming that the land belonged to the Lakota under the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 and had been stolen and given or sold to the current owners. Continue reading

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American Elections Even MORE A Worldwide Phenomenon

by Nathan Barton.

American Elections Even MORE A Worldwide Phenomenon than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that the results of the election will have any major bearing on future events.

For decades, indeed, since World War Two, American general elections have been watched closely by the rest of the world, and considered to have a significant impact on world events. However true this MIGHT have been in the past, the 2016 election seems unlikely to be a significant factor in events unfolding on the world scene, simply because neither of the two likely victors in the race for Massa will be able to have any unique impact either on the world’s nations (especially the major powers) nor on how the FedGov really responds to those nations.

Yes, I realize that there are officially significant differences between Trump and Clinton on foreign affairs, the major one being the relations between the FedGov and the Russian Federation. But at the same time, there is no reason to predict that either will actually DO anything different than what the current administration is now doing: forcing the return to a cold war status between Moscow and DC and then taking action (intentional or not) to turn that cold war hot: either between proxies or with direct confrontation and battle. Continue reading

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The EpiPen Crisis revisited

By Nathan Barton

Like virtually every crisis de jour, at least in the last several decades, the “EpiPen Crisis” or scandal has faded from the headlines, from congressional desks, and from the minds of the public – indeed, probably everyone but those people who continued to get ripped off by one member of the drug industry. But it is NOT resolved, not fixed.

So it is worth revisiting.

The National Center for Policy Analysis is promoting what they call a very simple fix for the dire EpiPen rip-off program, which government apparently feels is worth only milking for political gain and not solving. In this article, the first part of their solution is quickly described: stop requiring prescriptions for them and make them available OTC. Just as is already the case in Canada. Prices are about 1/6 of that in the Fifty States for the device and drug (although Canada allows at least TWO companies to make and sell the things).

The second part of their solution is also simple, but not necessarily easy. (I am not saying the OTC solution is THAT easy, but still…) They propose that Congress take away the FDA’s power to decide HOW a drug or device can be distributed. The FDA would still have safety and effectiveness, but they would no longer be able prohibit a company from deciding whether it is prescription-only or over-the-counter. Continue reading

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Why government MIGHT seize your gold and silver

By Nathan Barton

Bob Livingston, a “health and wealth” expert who has been publishing a newsletter on those topics since 1969, is a respected but often denigrated writer. Recently he has been warning about the ever-increasing risk of the FedGov executing a “bale-in” to rescue the “too-big-to-fail” banks and the FedGov with its incredible debt. He also has recently penned warnings (and reassurance) about a new government confiscation of gold in private hands. This was done, of course, in 1936 by the FDR regime, in preparation for devaluing the dollar (from $20 to $35/ounce gold) and the massive borrowing and spending of the New Deal. It made the Nixon splitting of the dollar and gold completely in 1974 possible. It has been done by hundreds of governments. Mr. Livingston thinks that the bale-in (in which a special haircut of money in bank accounts (and possibly retirement accounts) slices a large fee or even everything over some certain sum (Livingston suggests $100,000) in the account is seized and “paid for” by shares in the bank or other institution (savings bonds, any one?) – shares very likely to be worthless if those institutions still do fail. Continue reading

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Bradley Harrington

Schools teach exactly what they are intended to teach and they do it well: How to be a good Egyptian and remain in your place in the pyramid.” — John Taylor Gatto, “Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling,” 1992

So, according to a recently released story, the Wyoming Dept. of Education is “looking at ways to improve financial literacy and computer skills education in state schools.” (“Wyoming education officials looking at computer, money skills,” KGAB 650 AM,, Sep. 12.)

Well, who could possibly be opposed to kids learning how to be “literate” financially? Indeed, according to WDE Communications Director Kari Eakins, “State Superintendent Jillian Balow and State Treasurer Mark Gordon have been discussing ways to upgrade financial literacy education for a year or so.”

Wow, just imagine the possibilities… Envision a “financial literacy” classroom full of students, with Mrs. Balow as the teacher and Mr. Gordon as a Special Financial Assistant. Continue reading

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Colorado – Is cannabis REALLY legal?

By Nathan Barton

My oh my. What’s a cop to do? CBS Chanel 4 in Denver reports that despite marijuana being legal now in Colorado (even for – gasp! Recreational use), the Denver Police are seizing greater and greater quantities of cannabis, and are running out of room to store the evidence. And even worse, the stuff is molding!

Obviously, MJ is not really legal in Colorado – not based on this. Only SOME MJ is legal: small amounts. It is as if you were told that “you can only have a case or a small keg of beer, only a couple of cartons or cans of tobacco, or only a single weapon.” And if you have any more, they will (a) steal it from you, (b) arrest you and try you and seek to punish you for this awful crime. Some freedom, eh?

This is fascinating and important when you consider what is going on in California in this year’s election. “As California gets set to vote on legalizing marijuana in less than a month, one group of voters remains oddly ambivalent: cannabis farmers. A California Growers Association poll found that among its 750 farmers, distributors, and retailers, only 31 percent support Prop. 64′s campaign to legalize recreational marijuana, reports Reuters. The majority of growers are still on the fence when it comes to Prop. 64, as 38 percent of those polled still aren’t sure which side they’ll be voting on. There are also 31 percent of growers that are downright opposed to legalization, citing massive red tape and regulatory oversight that may push smaller growers out of the industry completely.” [As Steve Trenward noted: A crony-corp cartel, no matter what the substance, does not mean a "free market"] Continue reading

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How many wars?

By Nathan Barton

One more war – this one in Yemen. The FedGov has (officially, at least) stayed out of the multisided fight in this nation of 25 million Muslims, between various governments and various outsiders (especially the Saudi gangsters), but now that has changed.

After what several people have referred to as “another Gulf of Tonkin Incident” (referring to the supposed attack that let LBJ let loose the dogs of war in Vietnam more than two generations ago), in which supposedly Houthi missiles were fired at (and missed) a US Navy warship off the coast of Yemen, US forces launched attacked on radar sites and other targets (and probably more we don’t know about) in Yemen.

Not that the FedGov hasn’t been attacking targets in Yemen for years, with drones and special forces. But not so openly, and not so blatantly in obvious lead-up to more massive military actions. So we add another land to the theatres of war in which American troops are engaged. Continue reading

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Hot Air Hooliganism, Part II

By Bradley Harrington

If we can’t think for ourselves, if we’re unwilling to question authority, then we’re just putty in the hands of those in power.” — Carl Sagan, “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark,” 1995

Yesterday we got a glimpse of the “methodologies” — and I use that word very loosely — of some of my critics’ claims regarding the mythology of man-induced climate change.

Today, let’s investigate a bit of the rest of the alleged “science” underlying this political ploy for power — as it, too, is shot through and fraught with fraud from one end to the other. Consider: Continue reading

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Climate Change

By MamaLiberty

Many of us in Wyoming joke that we do too have four seasons: Winter, Still winter, brief Summer (might snow anyway), and Almost winter. The last roughly corresponds to “Fall” in most of the rest of the northern hemisphere.

This week brought the first hard freeze and a nice dusting of snow to the NE corner of Wyoming. It’s earlier than usual, I think, but nothing surprising. The last few days have been windy and darn near warm, however. Yesterday’s high temperature outside was 75 degrees. Most call that “Indian Summer,” but we don’t get too comfortable with it… might freeze hard again tomorrow night.

The point is, of course, that the weather (and “climate” is merely an aggregation of local weather) changes constantly. Sometimes it is more or less predictable, but usually subject to at least some changes as the predicted time frame gets closer. Continue reading

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Hot Air Hooliganism, Part I

By Bradley Harrington

Being intelligent is not a felony. But most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor.” — Robert Heinlein, “Time Enough for Love,” 1973

If you ever want to find out just how wedded people are to their pet propositions, regardless of facts or data, go ahead and challenge one of their pre-conceived convictions — and then observe the reaction.

And since, today, the most all-encompassing — and costly — conjecture of all scientific history is the mythological creed of man-induced “climate change,” I knew that when I gave that sacred cow a good, swift kick, all Hell was going to break loose. Continue reading

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