Government: Lies and LIES and MORE LIES

By Nathan Barton

(Originally Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-15F)

Good morning -  or not.  Should I lie to you and tell you what a wonderful day it is, here in America?  If I do, then I’m just like the government.  To them, lies come with breathing.  They are incapable of telling the truth, of telling anything BUT lies.

Lies to promote their agenda. In South Carolina, the Feebs are raising the ante against people who dare to want small government AND buy weapons. And adding to the usual BATFE pressure against gun shops.  The FBI and its agents AND bosses (like Holder) lie constantly about the supposed threats to the Fifty States.

They are lying about the economy.  Again and again.  We “have recovered” or “we are recovering” or “we’ve reached the bottom and will start back up.”  Lies.  So it comes as a shock that Family Dollar is actually CLOSING 370 of its stores and slowing construction of new ones.  The story doesn’t say where the stores are being shuttered, but this shows AGAIN how bad the economy is, now five years into what I call the Crash of 2009.  For many small, rural and frontier communities, Family Dollar and its competitors, low-end retailers, have been a big part of what little economic growth has been taking place.  Now, what is next?  Will still more towns just roll up their sidewalks?

Mama’s Note: An interesting observation about our local “Family Dollar” store is their ongoing difficulty finding and retaining employees, in spite of so many people looking for work. The store here has a “help wanted” sign on the door most of the time. A number of people I know have applied, but the wages offered are so low, the hours so long and irregular, and the working conditions so rough that they soon walk away and look for something better.

We know that taxes, regulations, Obummercare, and all the rest are a big part of the problem, and any business operating on the ragged edge of a microscopic profit margin as I suspect they do can’t pay well. The manager of this store does an incredible job with what she has.  The store is clean and all of the employees are friendly, helpful people. But they live perched on the edge of a sharp blade… and there isn’t much they can do about it. I hope our store won’t be one to close, but I would not be in the least surprised. What a shame.

They use all kinds of lies.  A recent editorial in a mainstream media outlet slanders American combat veterans as “white supremacists” and the backbone of the KKK and other groups.  I am sure that my friends and associates who are combat vets from as far back as Korea, who happen to be black, Jewish, AmerInd, and Asian are very definitely “white supremacists” – every one of them.  Especially those who are Lakota or Navajo.  Of course, this is trying to get around the fact that the man who murdered three people at Jewish facilities in Kansas a few days ago is a long-time DEMOCRAT who is a racist and a Jew-hater from way back.  And that many of the most notable of mass-killers in recent years are NOT the libertarian or conservative right-wing fanatics that the FBI and all the other DOJ and FedGov thugs try to make them out to be: Aurora, Connecticut, and elsewhere: we see mentally deranged people, usually “liberal” in political beliefs, and filled with hatred for themselves, their families, and others.  YES there are combat veterans who have proved to be evil and deranged, and there are thousands who have been unable to cope with it and kill themselves and sometimes others.  But it is NOT all of us, it is not a majority of us, it is not even a small minority of us.

Of course, that slander isn’t much different from what the Majority Leader of the US Senate is getting away with.  Listen to what Harry Reid is saying: Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists . . . I repeat: what went on up there was domestic terrorism. There were hundreds—hundreds of people from around the country—that came there. They had sniper rifles on the freeway. They had assault weapons. They had automatic weapons. . . . [They said they had] children and women lined up because if anyone got hurt we wanted to make sure they got hurt first, because we want the federal government hurting women and children. . . . What if others tried the same thing? . . . Clive Bundy does not recognize the United States. He says that the United States is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He doesn’t pay his fees. And he doesn’t follow the law. He continues to thumb his nose at authority.”

I want to look at this closely.  This man is SUPPOSEDLY a loyal American, who has taken multiple oaths to uphold the Constitution, who has tremendous power, is a proponent of “democratic” political philosophy, and a Latter-day Saint in good standing.  This one statement (and the truth) prove that he is a liar, an ENEMY of democracy and liberty, and an ENEMY of both the American people and the Constitution.  And one VERY fearful man.  Let us ignore HIS (intentional) ignorance of weapons (sniper rifles/hunting rifles, self-loading weapons or assault weapons, no doubt all with 30 round magazines) and look at the rest.  It is HIGHLY unlikely that any of the people coming to the Bundy’s aid had automatic weapons, but if this is the definition of a terrorist (to have sniper rifles, “assault weapons,” and automatic weapons), then WHO were the terrorists at Bunkerville?  THE FEDGOV AGENTS, that is who!  There was a DISCUSSION about having women (NOT children) on the front line, but the video shows that is NOT what actually happened.  (This is a whole other issue to be discussed. But remember, Reid is one of the Tranzis that wants women to be front-line combat infantry when he and his colleagues, Tranzi trash that they are, send out American troops to create and enforce a Pax Americana. And to bomb, strafe and kill the women and children of foreigners!)  His personal attacks on Bundy are groundless lies.  But I admit that Reid should know what it means to thumb his nose at authority, as he does it EVERY DAY to the US Constitution and the people who supposedly established and ordained it and elected him to office.  Much as I have despised this man in the past, it is a pale match to the roaring torch of contempt I hold for this murdering, lying, thieving, power-mad man now.  WHERE ARE THE DANITES???  WHERE ARE THE BRIGHAMITES?  How can ANY civilized people or polity put up with this thug?

Since 1980, men’s wages have risen only by 6 percent, while women’s wages have risen by 60 percent… and we wonder just what is going on.  IF it is true that women get only 77 percent (or 88 percent – depending on whom you believe) of men’s wages, it must be only because they are extremely selective in the universe that generates those numbers, and the situation is getting worse.  Graduation rates for men (from both high school and college) are dropping: it is women more and more who are getting diplomas.  Lies and more lies, getting bolder and bolder.

Mama’s Note: Besides… if it were true that women always receive less… why would any business hire a man? If money is the only criteria, women would have all the jobs. :)

Like this very recent lie about ObummerCare. In total, only 3.9 million people actually enrolled in insurance plans through the state or federal exchanges — not 7.1 million…Gee, you think that “new studies” are needed to indicate problems?  The Fuehrer AND EVERY THUG who works for him are chronic, pathological liars.  They CANNOT tell the truth.  I know a few pathological liars, and I don’t trust them AT ALL.  Why can people not see the evil of the Fuehrer?

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, all the lies and hype and arguments over the website and the wishy-washy enforcement are hiding the real truth. No government has any possible legitimate authority to regulate, much less mandate, the market for health insurance or the provision of medical services. None… nada. This mess will only continue to get worse until people realize this, and refuse to be manipulated this way.

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-15E: Religion and politics

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  It will be a short commentary today, as Spring is here and work must be done!

Religious controversies seem to be more in the news this week and last.  For instance, U2 leadman, the Irishman Bono pointed out that Jesus ‘was the Son of God or He was Nuts’ which is nothing that has not been said before, but it is interesting to see Bono saying it.  It turns out that he is religious, but that has not been much known.  Now even HuffPo is talking about it.

Rush Limbaugh attacked the new host of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert, for his failure to accept and follow Catholic teaching (Colbert is a Catholic, Limbaugh is not), comparing him to Pelosi and Biden (as Catholics) and Reid (as LDS).  The Left immediately attacked Limbaugh for “reading Colbert’s mind.”  (Of course, the Left attacks Limbaugh for stating that the sun came up today.)  I think Limbaugh’s comments are valid.  I know that there a lot of people who are overjoyed that Colbert is taking Letterman’s place because he is “libertarian.”  Seems to me the comment that the “network is demonstrating that it is willing to remain in third place” is valid.  He is more liberal than a lover of liberty, certainly.

Mama’s Note: Never heard of him before, and couldn’t care less about his religion or how he practices it. Makes no difference to me.

Even within the “liberty movement,” religious fussing and feuding seems to be up, as illustrated by this article.  I don’t often talk about libertarian internal conflicts, but this is an old one that affects me personally:  too many people who claim to be libertarian are perfectly willing to trash MY religious freedom and that of anyone else who is not atheist or agnostic, by claiming that we are aggressing against them by even practicing our religion and not hiding it in a meeting house or the basement of our home.

Speaking of religious controversy, the “god on earth” of the communist “revolution” on the People’s Republic of Korea has been insulted by having a demeaning picture of him put up in a barber shop.  A BRITISH barbershop in London, visited by some nasty guys from the North Korean embassy and then by London cops.  The picture has disappeared.  It was “voluntarily” removed.  Apparently in the UK free speech (which has been denied for years when the subject is Muslims or Islam) is now “unwelcome” when it applies to Communism.

I do have news about some other things:

Rand Paul says that the US ‘can’t invite the whole world’, at least not with the mess we have today.  With an American nation that was truly free and the home of liberty, we could.

Feds Offer $1.5 Million Grant for Job Creation – in Belize, which is ironic, considering that for decades the biggest engine for job creation in Belize has been the relocation of expatriate Americans to live in retirement in Belize.

Reports AND PHOTOS of the BLM’s and its contractors’ actions in south Nevada are creating some shock but not yet the firestorm they deserve.  Apparently during the few days of the standoff, before BLM withdrew, they killed and began to bury at least forty cows, while destroying wells, pipelines, fences, corrals, and other property on the disputed land.  The exact timing of this is unknown, but the fact that large equipment was on hand to dig the trenches is an indicator that this was not just a temper-tantrum.  I do NOT believe that livestock (or any other animal) should be treated like humans, so I reject those who try to compare this to Serbia or other similar incidents.  But this IS an attack by government thugs on a family’s, a community’s livelihood and way of life.  It DOES warn us that the Bundy-Bunkerville incident is proof that the FedGov’s war on US, the people of the Fifty States, has been escalated.

What is particularly disgusting is the way the mainstream media is attacking the Bundy family and those who stood up for them as garbage – labeling them insultingly as Republicans.

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-15D: Politics 2014, Crash of 2009, and Insane Asylums

By Nathan Barton

A good morning and top of the day to you.  Lots of things happening behind the scenes these days.  We are getting closer to election day (less than six months) and all kinds of fun things are happening in Democratic, Republican and even Libertarian circles.

It appears that more and more Democrats have been found out to have received political campaign contributions from Satan – excuse me, from the Koch Brothers (much WORSE than Satan to them).  You can find the list, here, of all the tainted people.  I suppose we should all be shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!  But I see less than $317,000 over 8.5 years:  for the Kochs that is the equivalent of me tossing a penny in the plastic bucket of the guy standing at the top of the exit ramp.  Indeed, maybe the motive was to insult the politicos who got the money.

To change subjects, Jon Carroll had a fun editorial: “I know that pedestrian deaths are up in San Francisco. I give the benefit of the doubt to the pedestrians, who, after all, paid a heavy price for being on the same street as large cars. But I don’t know that all the pedestrians were blameless. I have seen pedestrians move out from between two parked cars and step into traffic. I have seen pedestrians try to cross four lanes of traffic at mid-block. I have seen them talking on phones and thus rendered oblivious to their surroundings. Sometimes a driver is just an innocent bystander. Sometimes the result is tragedy. Too, there are drivers who seem unaware of the weight and power of their machines. Driving is so easy and often so quiet that it lulls them into a false sense of security.” I can sympathize and agree with Jon, from my time in San Fran decades ago, when I lived on the Presidio and had to drive or ride into the city a couple of times a week.  Now, the liberal/tranzi solution (and the typical SF version) is to not just blame the drivers for the peds getting themselves killed or maimed, but to double down on the owners and operators of motor vehicles:  more fees, more fines, implementing tolls (directly and indirectly), and above all public castigation:  drivers who hit pedestrians, even if NOT at fault, to be treated as a bigger pariah than that Mozilla guy.

Hopefully, everyone has heard about the Heartbleed virus and is changing passwords and cleaning up to make sure that they are no longer threatened.  But the really nasty news in this case is NOT another virus, but rather, that NSA has known about it for two years and was using it – using it against you and me and business and whomever.  Rather than defending us against it, which is SUPPOSED to be the mission of the NSA.  They are, theoretically at least, part of the defense of the Fifty States, but of course, we know that they are part of the police state.

Coldwater Creek, a woman’s clothing store chain with 365 stores and 6,000 employees, has declared bankruptcy and every one of its stores will close this summer.  Isn’t it good that the economy is doing so very well?  Isn’t it good that the compassionate liberal/tranzi government is so helpful and works so hard to keep businesses surviving?  I know, this is ONLY six thousand jobs.  A drop in the bucket.

Although it is old news, Shell Oil is pulling out of its shale and other operations n Northwestern Colorado, a frontier area (that is, population density of less than 5 persons/square mile).  The reason I bring it up is that a friend mentioned the most recent (unreported) news coming out of there.  I’ve been told that as many as 10,000 jobs have been lost as the drilling and support companies pull up stakes.  That is from an area where there are only 20,000 to 30,000 people total in an area 100 miles on a side.  Some are moving to North Dakota, Montana, and even Wyoming, but many have no place to go.  Wendy McElroy discusses why one alternative for those people and families is unlikely to be a solution.  It is not just there: I know of many firms cutting more and more people, going bankrupt, and of entire communities crushed by losing jobs and companies.

Look, we all know that Chicago is an insane asylum, filled with nutcases, and that the inmates are in charge.  But even for Chicago, this incident is bizarre. A 36-year-old black man blew his top about paying a 22-cent tax on a $1.79 2-liter bottle of Pepsi and threatened everyone in a convenience store with a “submachine gun” (make and model, including whether or not it was really a “submachine gun” not stated) before police arrived and without any reported violence, arrested him for illegal possession by a felon, aggravated assault, and having a fake FOID card.  Now, I’d be upset about (a) paying $1.79 for a 2-liter Pepsi, and (2) 22 cents (12.29% sales tax!!!!) in sales taxes.  In fact, I call that theft on the part of both the various taxing governments AND the store.  But pulling a gun and claiming “I’m exempt?”  That is just plain crazy. The story concludes with this: ” This episode ended without a shot being fired, but at least 36 people in the city of Chicago were reported shot — four fatally — over the weekend in this spring’s first surge in gun violence.” Anyone who is still living voluntarily in Chicago is to be pitied.

Mama’s Note: Well, not quite. I’ll pity any who have zero option but to live there… like children and frail elders, but anyone who actually chooses to live there voluntarily is on their own. No pity from me.

An Illinois indoor garden supply store called out by DEA tracking and attacking their customers has found that the stakeouts and publicity have created a big increase in business for them, rather than driving them out of business. Funny?  Or intentional?  These days, who can tell?

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-15C: Taxes, Thugs, and Blood

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, all.  Look around and enjoy the day, remember that even when there are bad things going on, there is still a lot of good around: family and friends and neighbors and pets and plants…

Do you pay too much in taxes?  Most folks would agree with you, but some seem to be blind to the problem.

But even the incredibly blind can sometimes see: A record high 60% of Californians say they pay too much in taxes. Really?  And how long did it take them to figure this out?  Despite this, California has heavily swung to the DP in statewide and national elections in recent years: are they still too blind (or stupid) to see that Dems are more likely than GOP to keep raising taxes and keep wasting money (not that the GOP is going to help THAT much). If Californians truly believe they pay too much in taxes, they will vote for Libertarians or just boycott the vote.

The Fuehrer’s chief minion, our loopy Uncle Joe Biden himself went to Kiev as the White House screams about how events in Ukraine are growing ever more dangerous. Except for expanding the size of the “Famous Stupid Quotes of Joe Biden” first edition, what will he accomplish?  (Well, I admit, he might drive the Ukrainians back into the arms of Mother Russia by his actions.)  Of course, some observers note that Putin can take Ukraine without actually invading.

Apparently, we should be glad that Al Sharpton got salvation and repented of his past.  Turns out this disgusting, corrupt thug became an FBI informant because they caught him trying to get a piece of a cocaine deal to make a bunch of money.  You can read all about it here at the New York Post. But of course, since then, he got saved and became a “reverend” so that is all past history… no, wait, that was AFTER he got saved.  Didn’t realize he was a Calvinist.  Gee, do you think we can trust him now?

For Eric Holder, justice is only for Democrats, according to an opinion piece in the New York Post.  It is a great article, full of a summary of the way this senior minion of the Fuehrer is playing the same role in 2014 America as Himmler did for HIS Fuehrer in the 1930s.  But I disagree with the headline: there are a good many Democrats who don’t get justice, either.  It isn’t enough just to have the right letter after your name or the right title on your voter registration, you must also pay (in various ways) to support the Fuehrer and Reid and Pelosi and the rest of the gang.  Not only that, but what those supporters of the Fuehrer get from Holder and company is not JUSTICE but corrupt support and preference and an endless supply of “get-out-of-jail” cards, as the article does point out.

New York can’t find any jurors who don’t hate the Occupy Movement.  I guess that they just don’t have a large enough universe of potential jury members to be able to have a dozen or so children of wealthy families who pretend to be poor and were willing to help others live in the streets and poop in the parks.

Two “competing” stories from Nigeria this weekend, where the weekly tradition of killing a significant number of people in horrific ways, because of religion, was again repeated.  The Islamist jihadist group, Boko Haram killed several hundred students and teachers on their way to a special event in Borno State: apparently all “christians.”  At the same time, Yahoo reports that christian vigilantes trapped 14,000 in some kind of fenced off area – not a concentration camp, but more a reservation, apparently. Without arguing that anyone who would aggress against someone like this could hardly be considered “christian” as defined by the Bible, these point out that violence begets violence, and that government violence – aggressive violence – is used as an excuse.  The two hundred dead were disarmed, by government.  The 14,000 ARE at least somewhat armed, which is probably one reason they are being pushed into a corner but NOT being killed.

The DEA, apparently driven into a panic by Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana (for certain definitions of “legalization”), is showing its Gestapo roots and terrorizing people who dare buy certain fertilizers and certain home and gardening equipment by raiding their homes or businesses to find the pot that must be growing there.  Even HuffPo is saying this is bad.

Two interesting pieces of military news popped up in the last few days.

The National Guard is being disarmed by having its Apache attack helicopters taken away and replaced by observation and utility helicopters.  It smells as though the Fuehrer and his political, bootlicking generals and bureaucrats might be afraid that the states with combat aviation assets might be more able to defend themselves against his new DHS armored units and their mercenary local cops.  Of course, as more and more secession movements pop up, I guess he just wants to make sure that a new General Lee doesn’t have the assets to fight off the new Union invaders.

Mama’s Note: But think of it this way… If Texas and a few other states actually secede, they’ll have a LOT of previously “federal” bases, equipment, airplanes, etc. in their grasp. This could get really nasty… if the other feds have more balls than the BLM in Nevada anyway.

Speaking of secession, apparently that issue will be on the agenda at the 2014 GOP convention in Wisconsin, supposedly forced there by “fringe Republicans.”  This is quite astonishing, unless you know a little history. Wisconsin came close in 1863 and 1864 to joining other nearby states in the “Northwest Confederacy,” seceding from the Union even while the Iron Brigade and thousands of Wisconsin troops were shedding blood for the “sacred cause” of abolition and union and the domination of DC over the States, because they were so sick of it.  That conspiracy failed, but maybe a second try is called for.

Mama’s Note: The real question is whether or not they intend to become self owners or merely appoint a new set of masters to control and rob them.

At the same time, it appears that the Navy is rapidly developing the ability to literally turn seawater into jet (and other) fuels.  It takes twice as much energy as you get in fuel, by breaking sea water into carbon dioxide and hydrogen, then combining them into hydrocarbons, but since most US Navy aircraft carriers are nuclear powered, there is energy to spare.  This could indeed be a game changer and not just for war fleets.

Mama’s Note: Hmmm, excuse me…. but if they already have energy to spare, why do they need sea water as fuel? That’s sort of like figuring out a way to turn butter into margarine. No? Seems like they could park those ships in a likely harbor and provide that “spare” energy to create drinking water instead.

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Bloomberg and MDA To Empower Women?

Bloomberg: I won’t run for president, ‘plain and simple’

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, which is part of Bloomberg’s initiative, said her organization plans to reach out to women and mothers over the next several months leading up to midterm elections.

“In many ways this is about emotion. The gun lobby has done a good job over the last 30 years of making a vocal minority afraid people will take their guns away. As a mother, I’m afraid someone is going to take my children away,” she said.

A friend sent me this link and asked:

I am puzzled how groups that claim to seek to empower women encourage them to embrace the false security of being disarmed and relying on others to defend them.

And I replied:

Unfortunately, these women are very eager to believe that they can live in the land of unicorns and fairy farts. They don’t want – or cannot even conceive of – personal responsibility for anything. They see oppression on every hand when their choices and actions result in pain and loss (when they can actually see and admit it at all)… it’s someone else’s fault, of course – and their lives would be so wonderful if EVERYONE they don’t like were forced to be mewling newborn kittens. They can’t even begin to see the hypocrisy here.

They believe with all their hearts that they can play naked and defenseless among strangers and never have their least whim disappointed. They want a “choice” to murder their babies, and can’t even be bothered to give them away to someone who wants them. Or keep their damned pants on (or take a pill) if they don’t want to be bothered. And we won’t go into the insanity of turtles and fish being vital to the “planet” but babies are disposable garbage.

I could go on, but you get my drift. It is about so much more than who has guns. It’s about control. It’s always about control. And those who do not want to control their own lives by being responsible for their choices and actions freely choose masters like Bloomberg.

Bloomberg appeals to these cretins because he promises that he will fulfill their unicorn dreams and never hold them responsible. He promises what is not, and never will be, of course. And then one day, perhaps, they’ll help put him up against a wall…

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-15B: Holy Week and government

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  To many people, this is “Holy Week.”  The 13th was “Palm Sunday,” and at sunset on Monday the 14th begins the Feast of Unleavened Bread, or Passover.  I lose track of all the different names assigned the days of the week, except “Good Friday” and of course, Easter Sunday at the beginning of next week.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is one of those holy days (holidays) that commemorates liberty: the beginning of the Exodus from Egypt of the children of Israel, their liberation from Egyptian slavery and the beginning of about 280 years of freedom.  God’s gift to them, a gift that they attempted to reject several times and finally did in the time of Samuel the Judge (and Prophet) when they finally rejected God (His words, not mine) and demanded a human king, “like all the nations around us.”  That should sound familiar to us, as the people of the Fifty States have done the same.

Which is why we have messes (and messages) like the mess in Nevada.

Over the weekend, the escalating confrontation at Bunkerville, Nevada, between the Bundy family and several hundred supporters and 200+ BLM, NPS, FBI, and other federal agents, vehicles and aircraft, supposedly ended with the Feds backing down and withdrawing.  There is reason to think that the withdrawal was tactical (NOT “strategic” as so many people wrote, who do not understand the definitions of the words), and that the crisis is not yet over.

Across the border in Utah, there is another crisis coming to a head, between the Iron County government (ironic name, that) and several Federal agencies over wild horses:  2,000 of them in range capable of supporting only about 200 long-term, and eating ranchers out of house and home, as well as being a general nuisance.  This is NOT an unusual problem in the West:  ”rats with antlers” (deer) are a nuisance AND a danger in many regions: few natural predators are present except humans and their predation is overly restricted. So hundreds of us hit deer on the highways, byways, and even our own driveways at times, as they eat crops and despoil flowers and much else: even in cities of 50,000 population or more.  Ditto for prairie dogs.  In some areas (Rocky Mountain National Park, for instance), elk are a similar danger and problem: their population outstripping the habitat available and destroying it. Similar problems exist with elk, deer, and “wild” bison populations in and around Yellowstone.  The FedGov’s agencies are destroying the environment.

Anyway, in Iron County, the local government has threatened to, and started, rounding up the feral horses and transport them or do something to get the population down to a sustainable level, and the FedGov (which has in essence decided that its only course of action is to bully and threaten and use violence) says that it will retaliate.  Because of Bunkerville, the possibility of violence has been increased in Utah.  And other places.

In South Dakota, various Lakota nations and organizations have begun creating camps to protest against and prevent the construction of the Keystone XL across lands that were once part of their reservations:  ironically against not just the pipeline and its supposed environmental nightmares, but against the man-camps.

In many other places, such as the northern San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado, and portions of the huge Navajo Nation homeland (reservation) of NW New Mexico and NE Arizona, new federal rule making and creation of “management plans” are being opposed by both sides: the environist “preservationists” on one side, and the multi-use proponents (and users: snowmobiling, fourwheeling, hunting, grazing) on the other.  Again, if we had the government we are supposed to have, these things would not even be issues: the land would be privately owned and while not perfectly-managed, certainly better than the government is able (or willing) to do.

The Washington Times tells us that the Nevada ranch standoff could leave dirt on Harry Reid’s reputation .  Mama Liberty asks, reasonably, ” How do you wet a river?”   No fooling.  Was discussing this with some friends after worship yesterday.  Nevada politics is like Pigpen, the Peanuts character.

Both Mama Liberty and I appreciated Karen Kwiatkowski’s commentary, “Early Lessons of Bunkerville
As with the British Army in 1775, the state’s institutions sow the seeds
of their own destruction. Inflation, crushing debt, and rats leaving the
sinking ship will conspire towards ultimate collapse.  As Bunkerville
publicly demonstrated, we the people can peaceably help this process
along.  The state will call it reform, transformation, or even
rehabilitation, even as politicians begin to scramble to “lead” the
leaders of this liberty and justice movement.   The state will shrink,
in influence at first, as we have seen, then in physical presence,
cohesiveness, and consumption.  We will call it victory, and tell our
children instructive fables of evil statist monsters.  God bless the
Bundys and their friends, and all of us.  It has started!

Over at TMM someone said:  I’m curious how many wealthy ranchers are going to come to the rescue of some IIIper that had his door kicked in, dogs shot, and guns confiscated?

Mama Liberty replied:

We might be surprised. :) But I hope we never need to find out.  As for
“rich,” I don’t know why it matters by itself, but I suspect that
Bundy’s bottom line is very complicated with taxes, regulations and
probably a shit load of debt as well. I suspect he’s more “land poor”
than rich – and I’m also sure that the governments, both fed and state,
will leave no stone unturned to strip him of both money and land – even
if they don’t arrange for his death before doing so. All of the other
“rich” ranchers had already been driven out, one way or another.

But I’m really encouraged that at least this phase of the “war” turned
out well. It could so easily have turned into a holocaust… one
momentary slip of trigger discipline, one overeager drone operator
seeing the rifles on the bridge as an attack on the feds… a hundred
other things that MIGHT have happened – didn’t. The rag tag, leaderless
and completely self governing people who gathered there managed to
maintain non-aggression, regardless of their personal background,
opinions, attitudes and so forth.

Even the “jack booted thugs” managed to mostly behave themselves and not
start shooting at people…  they had the brains to understand that it
could not end well for them. They knew right away they didn’t have the
overwhelming advantage they always need and try to create. What “works”
in Boston, doesn’t accomplish much in Nevada…  hope some of them
learned that lesson.

THAT is the victory here, and I hope it continues.

As do I, milady, as do I.

On to one last item of news, again tied to the season in strange ways:

Three people have been killed in a pair of shootings at a Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas, by a elderly man who admits he is anti-Semitic and appears to be just filled with hate.  Bizarrely two of the people he killed were christians and not Jews, but apparently he didn’t ask for a membership card first  But the real story here is that NO one was ARMED and able to defend against this madman.  The idiot, excuse me, the Fuehrer’s comments were (as is so often the case) stupid: the three people were not “killed at their prayers” but rather putting on a play and other things.  But I suspect that he is angling to keep the ban (in too many places) on people being armed in church and synagogue meeting houses.  I find THAT rather odd, that a Jewish congregation would decide putting a play on was appropriate during the High Holy Days, when people are supposed to be remembering and celebrating their rescue from slavery in Egypt.  What a world we live in.

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April: Liberty Month?

By Nathan Barton

Yes, I know the month is half-over, but I’ve been mulling this over a while.  Humans are weird (as if you didn’t know that) and we get all hyper over dates and anniversaries and seasons and feasts and the like.  Virtually every government on the planet, from those idiots on the bank of the East River in NYC to the local weed and pest control district, delight in declaring the “month of this” and the “week of that” and more days than their are days in the year.  That is just the way we are:  dates and anniversaries and commemorations are important to us.  They can remind us of good and bad things and encourage us to do things – to prepare for trouble and to deal with disaster and victory and defeat.

We are where we are today, good AND bad, because of past events and how people responded to them.  We can (and should) learn from history: just as important, we should be encouraged from history while we are fighting for liberty today.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are entering the “Liberty Days” or “Patriot’s Days” period.  There are many things to remember, including these:

13 April: 1743 Thomas Jefferson is born.

19 April: 1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord begin American War of Independence.

1861  Baltimore riots against Union troops passing through city to invade the Confederate State of Virginia.

1892  Charles Duryea makes the first automobile drive in the US (liberty! in transportation).

1943  Beginning of the (unsuccessful) Warsaw Uprising by Polish Jews against the Third Reich.  Like the folks in Baltimore, at least they tried.

1985  FBI/ATF raid on the Farm and The Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord (CSA) in Arkansas (little-known and mostly non-violent prequel to the Waco Massacre).

1993  End of the Branch Davidian Siege with FBI et al. assault on the Waco compound and deaths of many in compound.  (And of course, the 1995 bombing of the federal office building in Oklahoma City, supposedly in retribution for Waco).

20 April: 1655  Oliver Cromwell dissolved the insanely corrupt “Rump Parliament” in England, thus ending the mockery of “republican” government and cleaning house for future reforms.  Oh that the next king of England would study and emulate Cromwell more than his namesakes.

1657  The Jews of New Amsterdam (New York) win religious freedom.  In the long run, it couldn’t compete with Jerusalem but was whole lot better for Jews than Berlin or Moscow or Old Amsterdam – or even Hollywood.

1914  The Ludlow Massacre of Colorado: 19 men, women and children die when troops and private detectives end the miners’ strike.  Like the Baltimore riots and the Warsaw Ghetto, this isn’t a good thing to remember, but a lesson to be learned:  government and crony capitalists are not lovers of liberty OR life.

1961  The US-supported attempt to overthrow the Castro Communist regime fails at the Bay of Pigs, leading to 53 years of Communism and evil in Cuba. Again, not something to celebrate, but important to remember that Camelot was not really all that great.

And ironically, this was Adolf Hitler’s birthday in 1889.  Even evil people can be cute babies.  And some of the most evil people of history were likable, loved by the masses, and were great at kissing babies, hugging cats and dogs, and making women swoon and men stand tall.

21 April: 753 BC  The traditional date of the founding of Rome.  We want to remember that Rome was not always an evil empire, but was in fact one of the better ancient republics, and solved many problems and sustained considerably more liberty for much longer than most all other ancient societies – or for that matter, this one.

1836  Texas wins its independence by defeating Mexican Army at San Jacinto, just a few short weeks after the bloody fracases at the Alamo and Goliad: sometimes it IS darkest before the dawn.  (And a reminder both that sometimes an afternoon siesta is a bad thing, and that the best route to victory, especially against long odds, is to know and exploit the weaknesses of your enemy.)

1989  The Tiananmen Square protest in Beijing, China.  Again, not something good to remember, but important to recall that even after 40 years of bloody suppression, a desire for liberty still existed even in that most ancient and bureaucratic/tyrannical of cultures.  As it does even today.  It has been twenty-five years, but even in China liberty is possible in the future.

Obviously, not all of these events were GOOD (successful) outcomes for liberty, but enough to make us aware of what people have done and suffered for their freedom and those of others.  Each of these could justify a column; please let me know your thoughts.

With events now in Nevada, in Syria, in Ukraine, and elsewhere, we need to ask what new events related to liberty and the fight against tyranny can we expect to add to the calender in April, Anno Domini 2014 and Anno Libertatus  238?

Mama’s Note: Seems to me that the most important lesson to be learned from history is that no non-voluntary government or ruling class has any legitimate authority to control (own) the people or their property. And this is true no matter how benevolent they claim to be, how “good” their intentions are, or how well it seems to function in the beginning. When some people are given power over other people, against their will, tyranny, slavery, death is the inevitable result.

Each individual owns his/her life and is individually responsible for that life and their actions. They can rationally delegate some of that, but retain the responsibility unless, like infants and the senile, they are incapable of such responsibility. Rational self owners can form all sorts of voluntary associations and cooperatives, but they retain responsibility for their individual actions and choices. If people cannot opt out, under pain of capture or death, they remain slaves no matter what the system is called.

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-15A: You gotta be kidding me!

By Nathan Barton

An extra commentary this week: good morning on a weekend.  Sunday is here.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its fiscal year (FY) 2014 to 2018 Strategic Plan today, which provides a blueprint for advancing EPA’s mission to protect public health and the environment across the country.  For “advancing… mission” read “expanding… power and control.”  The EPA is perhaps the most feral of all federal agencies (except maybe the IRS): running wild not just over states and local and tribal governments and private businesses, but over other federal agencies!  Its “Five-Year-Plan” is more of the same: more moralizing, more demonizing, more political science, more lies, more control, more power.

Heartland Institute has released a very comprehensive report prepared by 27 scientists from 12 countries that really is not needed except for political purposes, that draws on hundreds of studies (and literally thousands of years of research) to show that CO2 is NOT a pollutant but a beneficial and necessary part of the planet and its atmosphere.  This is not news to most of us, but seems to have been abandoned by the Tranzis and the environists who seek to control us more and more each day.

The Fuehrer tells us that Kathleen Sebelius has “earned” the right to retire, and you may be surprised to find that I agree.  She has the right to retire in a nice comfortable west-facing cell in Leavenworth Federal Correctional Facility in Kansas, where she is relatively centrally located so that we can see that she is getting the appropriate retirement for her misdeeds, and where it will be easy to find her and put her up against a brick wall (Leavenworth has many) when the time comes.

Sebelius’s retirement, just a week after she said she was “sticking around” comes as a surprise, and many suspect that she was ordered to resign (the Fuehrer and his toadies are no longer politely “asking” anything: it is all Fuehrerbefehl now).  She clearly is an embarrassment to the powers that be because of the spectacular and growing failure of ObummerCare’s health insurance scam.  And perhaps there are more scandals just days away from popping out.  We must not forgot that she is the scion of a political dynasty in Kansas and her “retirement” might not even be for that long: look at Hillary, who is the founder of a political dynasty (well, she hopes to be).

When I was a child, I actually admired Hank Aaron just a little bit.  But now, it is clear that he is just one more feet-shuffling, mumbling field hand on the Tranzi plantation, calling anyone who doesn’t bow down and worship the Fuehrer a racist.  Just like Reid, just like Biden, just like the Clintons, just like Powell (a much bigger disappointment to me than Aaron, I admit).  Lie and exaggerate and trash people are the way to power and wealth for them.  It wasn’t that way when Aaron was a young man, of course: he gained fame and wealth through sheer guts and skill.  Imagine if his career was today.  Assuming he’d even made it out of high school (I think fewer black males graduate today than did back in the bad old days of segregation, and that is not counting those who are killed or lamed in gang violence), he might have gotten a college baseball gig based not on skill but on affirmative action, and never been challenged enough to hone his skills to the level he achieved by going out into the pro baseball world at age 19 or 20.  Of course, it might be tacky to point out that the desegregation of MLB which began near the start of his career in 1954 was done withOUT a massive series of laws and court decisions and under what was (supposedly) a Republican, conservative Administration (Ike).

Congress in action: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says he’s tired of extreme Democratic rhetoric because it is slowing down the political process.  If he is right, I have to look at this extreme rhetoric differently.  We need to drag the “political process” to a halt because for 80 years, all it has led to is LESS liberty and MORE government and MORE tyranny.

And speaking of that, a video from Bunkerville shows the BLM types heavily armed, with K-9 dogs, specially marked vehicles (to identify them from the air?), and moving in fire teams. But they DID seem to be a whole lot more self-controlled than the men and women whom they were confronting.  On the whole, the protesters (many of whom were NOT armed) were a foul-mouthed bunch who represent their cause poorly.  People, this is the way to LOSE.  These people may be the enemy, but they don’t have to be:  the idea is to make THEM lose their temper and lash out, not for the people pushing for liberty to do so.  Not ALL cops are thugs, even though they all act like thugs at least some of the time (I’m sure that there are exceptions); but they CAN and SHOULD be won over.  Be sure to read my separate article on the Bunkerville Follies.

Mama’s Note: This is a fair statement of the real story behind the Nevada standoff. I agree that the protesters should and could have behaved better while stating their case, but we need to remember that everyone has a right to express themselves, and it isn’t only the “nice” people who have a right to defend themselves and their neighbors. We have to even accept the fact that free speech and action of any kind belong to everyone, not just those who practice non-aggression. Let each person choose for themselves, and bear the consequences of their actions.

My greatest fear is that this will be another flash point, that someone – whether a true protester or some agent provocateur – will start the shooting and people will die. It could still happen, of course. I suspect the BLM is just going to wait until everyone goes home and the media spotlight moves on. Mr. Bundy or his whole family might then suffer some sort of “accident,” and that would be that. I hope I’m wrong.

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Bunkerville Follies

By Nathan Barton

Things continue to heat up in Clark County, Nevada, as more and more federal agents and Sagebrush Rebellion type folks show up and confront each other in and around Bunkerville, just off I-15 northeast of Las Vegas.  The hype continues about a “second” American revolution, a new Ruby Ridge, or even another Waco (are they all waiting for 19 April before they start shooting?), there are claims of tazing and bumper bumping and K-9 attacks, and video of screaming matches.

It has the potential to be both a civil war and a war between the states, as more and more Utahns move to help, and Utah County commissioners warn and respond to threats.  Supposedly the rancher and allies are supported by the state government in Carson City and by one of the state’s senators, and more information comes out that the other senator (some guy named Reid) is actually the reason (or one of the reasons) that a 21-year-old fuss has escalated. Reid is apparently both an investor and backer of a big solar farm project in the area, which is supposedly incompatible with the rancher’s “feral” cattle. Some say HE is behind this.  I say civil war because apparently both the Clark County Sheriff and at least one of the Commissioners (Tom Collins) are supporting the Feds.  Collins is at least partly responsible for the potential war between the states, with his remarks about Utahns (1) being a bunch of “inbred b***ds” and (2) telling them that any Utahns coming to support the rancher (Bundy) “better have funeral plans.”

Collins is (no surprise) a Democrat and apparently liberal/Tranzi, big buddies with the Reid clan and other associates, a “Pelosi-style” hoploclast (against guns for everyone but themselves), a heavy drinker, brawler, product of a dysfunctional family, and a union man (though he had a hard time holding a job until he got into appointed and elected political office), and a scofflaw of the first degree, on various (usually dropped) charges over the years.  Reminds me of several of the Unionist (Black Republican) thugs (and a few CSA types) in 1860-1862.

Several people have pointed out that the Bundy family have not exactly been model citizens, and have not obeyed the law, as they have failed to pay grazing fees to the BLM since 1993 (21 years) which now (with interest) amounts to millions of dollars owed to the FedGov.  Others point to the various claims that the Bundy cattle have wandered into and eaten people’s gardens, caused a traffic accident by wandering onto a highway, and apparently eaten turtles out of house and home, as evidence of the Bundy evil in resisting government.  This argument appears to be bogus.  Nevada is an “open-range state” (sometimes called a “fence-out state”) in which the law clearly states that livestock owners are NOT liable for damage caused by their animals to someone else’s property UNLESS there is a legal fence maintained by that other person that will keep livestock out.  If you leave a gate open (itself a misdemeanor in Nevada) and a cow comes in and eats your flowers, the owner of the cow does not have to pay you a DIME.  If the highway is on open range (the right of way is not fenced) and you hit a cow or horse or even a chicken, YOU (the driver) are liable to the rancher or farmer for the dead or injured animal.  He is not responsible for any damage to your car, your body, or your sanity.  That is the way MOST western states are, and if easterners and such don’t like it, they don’t have to come out here (and I wish they wouldn’t!).  Even people like Glenn Beck’s crew, now located in Texas, do NOT understand the basic facts of Western life:  it takes more than 4 acres to support a cow (or cow-calf pair), a “big farm” is not 40 acres, and a rancher is NOT a farmer, even if he has crops.   And if you don’t like cowpies on your driveway, build a fence and install a gate AND KEEP IT CLOSED!

The issue regarding grazing fees on “public land” is much thornier.  The entire idea of grazing leases, grazing rights, land fees, and the whole array of laws for BLM, USFS, and even NPS lands is the result of 150 years of insane actions and stupid decisions by Congress and Executive agencies (such as BLM and its predecessor US Land Office).  These include the 1862 Homestead Act which allowed a person (or family) to claim only 160 acres – plenty for a farm in Ohio or Alabama but insanely small for even a pre-mechanized farm, much less a ranch, in the Western States.  And to claim that land, you had to build and live in a house for a certain period of time to “prove up” the claim.  So ranchers (some of which actually bought land from local tribes) filed claims and built houses (or at least line cabins) on the most valuable 160 acres (on creeks or around a pond or spring) and grazed on the public range.  Over the years, additional family and hired hands could establish and prove up other claims, gradually liberating the land (generally stolen from tribes by the FedGov) to private use.  This was fine, but the “conservation movement” (part of the Progressive Movement of Teddy Roosevelt and others) ultimately ended homesteading, as the “commons” (government land) must be preserved and conserved “for future generations” (always the NEXT generation).

More government greed made the decision that the land must also generate revenue to pay for all the various “government services” provided to the users: those ranch owners (mostly families) that had by then raised cattle and horses and sheep on the land for multiple generations.  Thus the government meddled with the economy, by imposing additional costs (and requirements) on the ranchers: within a few decades, those fees and requirements have driven thousands of ranchers off the land, while the private lands (the homesteads and later grazing claims, as well as proved up mining claims) have been the major areas of expansion of urban areas.  So high land prices and resulting high state/local property taxes are added to the federal burden.  The Bundys are one family that has decided to take a stand.  A foul-mouthed, irritable, and obnoxious stand, perhaps, but STILL a stand for their liberty and that of their family and neighbors and county and state.  Is it any wonder they are hated?

Again, keeping watch.

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Minimum Wage Morality Madness

By Bradley Harrington

The economic benefits which the whole society, including the poor, does receive from capitalism come about strictly as secondary consequences, not as primary goals. The primary goal which makes the system work is the personal, private, individual profit motive. When that motive is declared to be immoral, the whole system becomes immoral, and the motor of the system stops dead.” – Ayn Rand, Letter to Leonard Read, 1946 -

For those who believe that principles play no role in politics or human affairs – for the “pragmatists” who see no consequences to ignoring ideas and who believe that the way to challenge the tyrannical arguments of the collectivists is to merely prove their schemes of enslavement to be economically invalid and unworkable – reality has, like a well-scripted morality play, once again given such “defenders” of free enterprise the slap in the face they so righteously deserve.

This time, that slap takes the form of locally-generated arguments for and against an increase in the minimum wage: “A Cheyenne lawmaker says businesses are morally obligated to ensure residents have the ability to support themselves. But others say a wage increase is the wrong approach and would only cost jobs.” (“Is minimum wage hike right move for city?”, WTE, April 6.)

Observe, right at the outset, the general thrust of each of these arguments: The “pro” side couches its position in terms of an ethical principle – while the “con” side chooses to evade that level completely, asserting instead that such an increase would simply “cost jobs” (which is true enough, but completely irrelevant in this context).

Specifically, the “local lawmaker” in this mix is state Rep. James Byrd, D-Cheyenne, who unabashedly declares that “It is a moral imperative that we adjust the base wage so people can live,” and who therefore advocates lifting the Wyoming minimum wage to $9.00 per hour.

And more: In a subtle twist on the funding of (so-called) “social” government programs, Mr. Byrd actually promotes such a lift on the basis of saving the taxpayers money: “Government should not be in the business of making up, or having to make up, the differential where the business entities refuse to,” he said.

Really, Mr. Byrd? Then why have you been a proponent of such government interference for your entire political career? No, it seems Mr. Byrd now believes government should be in the business of coercing local companies to adhere to his standards of whatever he deems to be “proper” wage policy instead – hardly what I’d consider an improvement.

In both cases isn’t it obvious that the collectivist view of local businesses is nothing more than that they are a “social resource” to be conscripted and manipulated by government whenever it feels like it, for ends it deems as suitable?

And the correct approach to take against such contentions? To assert that individuals, as well as the businesses they create, exist for their own sake and happiness, that their rightfully-produced wealth is not a “social resource,” and that they produce jobs in order to increase production and profits, not to benefit “society.”

You’d think the need for such an approach would be evident to anybody, but never underestimate the abilities of the so-called “defenders” of capitalism to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Here’s what we get instead:

“Our focus is more on access and education,” said Dale Steenbergen, local Chamber of Commerce president and CEO and an opponent of increasing the minimum wage. “It is positive for everyone to have a well-trained workforce. We all have to take responsibility, but it also falls on the individual to find those positions.”

Observe the implications of such an argument: When the collectivists bray that businesses are “morally obligated” to assume responsibility for the lives of their employees, Mr. Steenbergen – to the extent that he even addresses the moral argument at all – concedes the point, thereby handing the collectivists the victory they could never have won on their own merits.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when one enters the battlefield of ideas armed with little more than “practical,” non-principled peashooters. It is the very foundations, the philosophical underpinnings of a free society that are now under attack, and it is only on that level that this battle can effectively be fought. This is what can only be termed as intellectual suicide.

And people actually wonder why the alleged “defenders” of individualism, capitalism and property rights have been suffering setbacks for decades, and why they continue to lose election after election? When they have all of ethics, ideas, philosophy, history and economics on their side? Wonder no longer – for “impractical,” idea-oriented reality always gains its revenge.

Bradley Harrington is a computer technician and a writer who lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming; he can be reached at

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