Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-39B: Sanity seriously short

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Sanity seems to be a rarer and rarer commodity these days, doesn’t it?  Consider some of the stories in today’s news.

Man shoots bullet through his neighbor’s window, reportedly for this astounding reason: because he didn’t know how to unload it?

Mama’s Note: Now, here’s someone who should definitely NOT be handling any gun, and I’m not sure any amount of training would change that. It is hard to believe that he actually thought that pointing the gun at the neighbor’s house and pulling the trigger was an acceptable way to unload it. I smell a rat… there is more to this story, I’ll bet. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-39A: Wars and more wars

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  First, let us look quickly at some war news.  Last week, we continued to find fighting all over the place.

No boots on the ground?  Really?  Fellow soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized) are being deployed soon.  Specifically, according to Army Times, “The 1st Infantry Division headquarters will deploy to Iraq in the coming weeks as the U.S. expands its war against the Islamic State, officials announced Thursday. The Big Red One, of Fort Riley, Kansas, will be the first division headquarters to go to Iraq since the U.S. withdrawal in 2011.”  This is a headquarters, which means that more troops will almost certainly follow.  The Division’s First Brigade is already in Kuwait.  More and more lies. Continue reading

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Hole’ To Be Filled By Taxpayers

By Bradley Harrington

As government expands, liberty contracts.” – Ronald Reagan, “Farewell Address,” 1989

Having scrapped plans earlier this year to fill Cheyenne’s “hole”* with a children’s museum based on a lease agreement that violated Wyoming statutes, it now seems that city and museum planners have figured out a way around that obstacle after all:

“The Cheyenne City Council on Monday gave final approval to an agreement with the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne to allow the museum to be built in the downtown ‘hole’ on West Lincolnway.” (“Children’s Museum gets final OK from city council, WTE, Sept. 23.) Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-38E: Stupid government and more

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! The FedGov has settled with the Dineh (the Navajo Nation) for decades of mismanagement and lost money from coal, oil and gas, and other resources for the princely sum of 554 million bucks.  Of course, if that were divided out among the 400,000 enrolled Dineh, that amounts to a grand total of $1385, not even one percent of their share of the National Debt.

This ups the amount paid out by the Department of Interior (not THEIR money, but the taxpayers’) to more than 2 billion, but the FedGov made out like a bandit on this: the estimated take was many times that.  And not one dime will come out of the pay checks or retirement checks of those BIA and Interior people who were the actual mismanagers, much less a Congress or White House that let it happen. Continue reading

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Planning For Self Defense

By MamaLiberty

Yesterday I was visiting a blog and read an article describing one person’s admonition NOT to have a “plan” for self defense. The discussion that followed was very interesting, and quite long, and I suggest you go to the link above to read it since I won’t attempt to reconstruct any of the argument.

However, I think it is important to clarify this point in my own last article. After reading it over, in light of the above mentioned discussion, I can see where the need for, and limitations of, planning might be quite confusing to some folks, especially those new to self defense. Continue reading

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Murder Inc. in American Streets, Stores, and Homes (Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-38D)

By Nathan Barton

Good morning. Or is it?  Last night, I found a whole bunch of killer-cop stories that totally disgust me.  Disgusts AND frightens me, because while we are all worried about Islamic terrorists, we hold a far more deadly serpent in our bosom.

Murder, Inc. on rampage across nation

Richard Perez in Richmond, California, was unarmed and according to eyewitnesses not threatening, but simply declined to show ID to cops who then gunned him down.  The cops claim that he fought with them and threatened them, so they HAD to kill him.  This same week, in Northern California, we have another similar case. Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-38C: Propaganda is big news

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! Propaganda is all around us: the government version of advertising, with all the lies and exaggerations of any slimy used car salesman, coupled with a very powerful voice.  Even on the conservative (and increasingly anti-government) talk shows, the commercial time is filled with public service announcements, many of which spout government propaganda about forests, global warming, food stamps, and many other things.  MSM and local newspapers are full of it. Election campaigns REALLY push it. Today’s news (somewhat short, I admit) has some great examples. Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-38B

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  I have spoken before about the lack of quality of work on the part of so many people today.  Nowhere do we see that lack of quality more than in government.  Several of the stories on which I’m commenting today show that “poor workmanship” in government (and elsewhere). Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-38A: Insanity is catching.

By Nathan Barton

Good morning. Insanity is, we are told, something you catch from your children.  Seriously, the insanity of government is really catching, and it leads directly to insane actions by millions of people.  Some of those go far enough to kill themselves and/or others, and in some cases we can trace it almost directly back to the stupid (and insane) actions of government officials and employees, including elected politicians, judges, cops, and others. Continue reading

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Imagine That!

By MamaLiberty

I’ve talked about dry fire, and other ways to practice the physical skills necessary for self defense, especially situational awareness. All of these require you to use your imagination in a number of ways, but there is a further dimension wherein the use of your active imagination can help you prepare even better for that situation you sincerely hope will never happen.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about here, think of it this way. When you learn a new skill that requires manipulation of things with your hands, for instance, I’m assuming you do at least some thinking about it later, visualizing yourself going through the steps. It serves to reinforce the skill being learned, even when there isn’t time or opportunity to actually perform it physically. Some people repeat a poem or song, a speech or a script passage, aloud or silently, to cement the performance as well as the words in their permanent memory. Continue reading

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