The Non Voter’s Dilemma

By MamaLiberty

Just got done talking to a friend who insists that if I do not “vote” for Trump, I’m actually casting a vote for Hillary… and the same if I were to vote for the LP idiot…

I asked her if that would still be true if I happened to die between now and voting day… I’d still not be voting for anyone.

She didn’t have any suggestions to prevent me from dying….

And, since I don’t want anyone to be “president,” and no politician has ever legitimately “represented” me… I don’t see any relevance.

Don’t give a damn who becomes president. I will not comply. I do not consent. I will resist every effort to control my life. And if I die in that, so be it.

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Mama’s Garden

By MamaLiberty

In a seriously deep departure from the normal post here, I’m going to tell you about my garden! That way, I can send a link to all those I know who might be interested, and save a lot of time. If you don’t care about gardens, or in mine particularly, don’t despair. Nathan will be posting new political things soon.

Finally got the pictures this morning. Almost impossible to see what I was taking a photo of… can’t see the little screen outdoors most of the time. Anyway, they’re mostly self explanatory.

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Baker’s Dozen ™ Reasons for Civil Unrest to Explode

by Nathan Barton

Doom and gloom cause us to fear “the worst” and for many people, that is going to lead directly to massive civil unrest, ranging from 1968 style protests to armed uprisings and revolts. Obviously politicians, bureaucrats, military theorists and contractors for all of the above spend a lot of time thinking about these things. Here are thirteen reasons (“potential causes”) it might all go into the toilet if the balloon goes up, at least according to the powers that be. Continue reading

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Turkey, Tyranny, and Successful Revolts

by Nathan Barton

As usual, we don’t really have any idea what is going on, but it is clear that Turkish citizens are losing still more of their freedoms. The coup may have been real (if executed with total ineptness) or may have been done by Erdogan to create better conditions for his expanding power. Either way, normal people in Turkey are losing liberty and more. Not that Turks have ever had a LOT of liberty, but still… Continue reading

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Do You Read Living Freedom?

By MamaLiberty

Listen up, all five of you reading this blog. Oh, I see you over there… six then.

I really want you to visit “Living Freedom” and read Claire Wolfe’s blog. I read it every day, and sometimes engage quite a bit in the commentary there. I not only enjoy it very much, but often learn good things – yes, I’m still learning in my old age.

Claire Wolfe has been both a friend and an inspiration for a very long time. She’s the one who said, years ago, that it is too late to work within the system, and too soon to shoot the bastards. She has expressed regret a few times for saying that, but it remains true. Or is it? Is it getting close to “Claire Time?” Some of us are starting to think it is long past time.

But I digress.

Claire has been writing her blog for quite a while at Backwoods Home Magazine, but is now taking a giant step to launching her own blog. She’s being a bit reticent yet about the features, but her regular readers are anticipating great things and you might want to join us there.

Part of that anticipation is helping Claire raise the funds to make this new blog possible, and keep her piggy bank filled so she can buy groceries and dog kibble. So if you already appreciate her work, use the donate button or one of the other options at the current blog to help out. And/or buy some of her books offered there. She also has an affiliation with, so if you are interested in helping that way, use the link in the sticky post at the top of the blog and buy yourself something nice. She’ll get a small commission. There are lots of ways to help, and I hope everyone will use them all.

If you have never read anything of hers, what are you waiting for? Go to the Backwoods Home blog and get caught up! Really.

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It is HOT here…

By MamaLiberty

The weather can be extreme here in Wyoming, often and unpredictably, but it doesn’t usually get this hot in July. A round 100 degrees here yesterday, and I realized that I was no longer acclimated to  such heat. Not even with the low humidity. Brush/forest and grassland fires in various places, most caused by lightning and other uncontrollable things, but always threatening and frustrating, especially for the brave men and women who fight them. We don’t try to stop them, actually, just protect dwellings and the livestock, but that’s a tall order in a place where the deer outnumber the people exponentially, and the forests are filled with dead trees from the bark beetle.

And in a drought, of course. No significant rainfall this year at all. My horse pasture is sparsely occupied by wide spread clumps of six to eight inch grass this year, all dried and gone to seed early. That, of course, gives some hope for next year, if it rains, and then the horses can come back. The wide brown acres stand empty this year.

And the local “forest service” and “conservation” people are still worried mostly about “noxious weeds” and “invasive species.”  Don’t we wish. Give me rain and I don’t care much what grows… just so it is green and the  horses will eat it.

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Aren’t they always?

By Nathan Barton

Debby and I somehow got on the SD Democratic Party’s (that’s South Dakota, not San Diego) e-mail list, and now and then we think about unsubscribing (assuming they would let us, and not consider it a form of complaining which must be punished). But it is sometimes so funny to read their missives! Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen – Don’t Complain!

by Nathan Barton

A Baker’s Dozen ™ response to those awful people who don’t like what the government and politicians do: (with thanks to John Whitehead)

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What If? Politics 2016-17

What if? (Fiction by Edward Johnson, provided to Nathan Barton for The Price of Liberty!)

Warning: not our usual fare!

Mama’s Note: We could get very lost in such speculation. While I appreciate Edward’s story, I would rather have The Price of Liberty continue to concentrate on things that may help individuals realize their own sovereign authority, and why non-voluntary government is always and everywhere the problem, not a solution.

Dateline: 20 January 2018

In the 2016 election, the GOP candidate received a 52% majority and 375 of 535 electoral votes (LP candidate Johnson getting 10, and Hillary Clinton getting 150), securing the White House, but the US Senate is taken over by the Democratic Party with 62 seats, and the US House of Representatives has 220 GOP, 213 Democratic and 2 Independent members. Widespread voter fraud is alleged. Continue reading

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Bakers Dozen ™ Rules for liberty partisans

By Nathan Barton

The enemies of liberty are all around us: we must strike and not count the blows; for just one strike, just one effort, is not enough. We are not talking about or advocating aggression against those who are the enemies of our freedom, our liberties, our lives; we are defending ourselves and the future against them. Consider these rules or concepts: Continue reading

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