Response to my comments on “no due process, no justice, no passport”

By Nathan Barton

A relative sent me this rebuttal from an unnamed source:

I first took the loss this to my representative when I found that we were some had people going to fight with icis in the Mideast. This would be a stopgap measure to try to stop and this going to our enemy to fight our troops. It could be and made permanent as in the story of a man without a country. How else can we for force them to stay where they are and not return to the U.S. and cause problems here?

Mama’s Note: One has to wonder if English is not this person’s first language, or if he’s just as dumb as a box of rocks… or both. No editing even attempted. Continue reading

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Libertarian News and Commentary, #15-30E:E is for Evil

By Nathan Barton

At least they aren’t dead. Several stories about cops acting… like cops. Being evil.

Prison Planet (usual caveat here) has a video of a cop slamming his elbow into a restrained man, an action so callous that even the cop’s boss has decided he was wrong and has charged him with a misdemeanor wrongful assault charge. But apparently the cops had no real reason to even try to detain or search the abused man, except that the local IRS office was frightened. On YouTube, courtesy of Freedom’s Phoenix, we have a cop threatening to kill a driver who mistakenly went the wrong way on a one-way street. And the cop has such an AMAZING roadside manner: or maybe he is just mentally deficient, based on the language he uses. And of course, he is so easily identified as a cop… How stupid are we, to allow ourselves to be terrorized by these thugs? Continue reading

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Libertarian News and Commentary, 30 July 2015, #15-30E: Good news, bad news

By Nathan Barton

Good news AND bad news from the United Kingdom this week.

First, it appears that a space drive previously derided as “impossible” now supposedly really does work, according to the Telegraph. The EM drive, likened to the fictional impulse drive of Star Fleet, is capable of accelerations WITHOUT fuel other than solar energy, which would allow travel to Luna in 4 hours and Mars in 70 days. IF NASA is right. It is a British invention, so perhaps Moonraker CAN be built.

As usual, the bad news is political in nature. ZeroHedge reports that a 3-year-old child in London has been determined to be an “extremist” and placed in custody, in a creche for reeducation. Is that sick or what? The UK government grows more and more corrupt: can we hope that King William will clean up the mess in a few years? Continue reading

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Are we to be grateful that predictions in 2008 and 2012 haven’t come true?

by Nathan Barton

A friend sent me a posting from Facebook which pointed out how fortunate we were that the various predictions about what the squatter in 1600 PA was going to do to us have not proved to be true: “our government hasn’t confiscated our guns, hasn’t incarcerated us in FEMA camps, and hasn’t completely destroyed the United States…at least, not yet. “

Huh?  I guess that the Facebook poster doesn’t pay attention to the news. Consider:

a. America has 25 percent of the total incarcerated population in the world. Millions of people are in prison or jail or on parole or work release. That 3 million or so is only one percent, but still… And there is much worse than just being incarcerated in a FEMA camp or a prison. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 29 July 2015, #15-30D: Garbage in, garbage out

By Nathan Barton

Garbage in, garbage out. As we continue to see the war between the hoploclasts (haters of guns) and the rest of us heat up, the WaPo spouts some more nonsense about how “regular people” can’t use guns in self-defense, once more citing a whole series of bogus, biased “scientific studies” and running a bunch of people through fake “training situations,” including one dealing with larceny which is NOT something to be commonly responded to by drawing and using a weapon. (Findlaw defines larceny as: “Larcenyis what most people think of as common theft: it is the taking of someone else’s property without the use of force from a location other than inside their home.”) Mama Liberty and I have long pushed people to get trained properly and constantly practice to use firearms in self-defense and defense of others, but this article is a push to use that as an excuse to register and control… the police state at work. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 28 July 2015, #15-30C: Warning

By Nathan Barton

The last week has featured several warnings by prominent people, not even really covered by independent media, much less the mainstream media. These warnings point out that, in the past decades, it is not just that government has grown more powerful, but has become a threat to people that rivals that of any tyranny in history.

First, of all people, one of the Nazgul himself, Justice Scalia, as reported in Truth and Action, warns that the insane detentions of Japanese Americans in World War Two can – and WILL – be repeated on a vastly larger scale if things continue as they are, and that internment could begin very quickly. He clearly expects that the traitorous and increasingly evil SCOTUS will sustain such actions as constitutional, as the language also continues to be more and more perverted. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 27 July 2015, #15-30B: Gun haters and Lies

by Nathan Barton

In a separate commentary, I discuss neutrality as regards political issues and liberty and wars. One of those fields where it is sometimes hard to tell friends from foes, and hard to be neutral, is the realm of self-defense, and the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

JPFO just published an article which they entitled “How An Anti Thinks,” reproducing an article in Salon from a Baton Rouge writer, ex-USAF, saying the Second Amendment must go. Now, Salon is well-known for its constant hatred of firearms, and its disdain for those who own and carry them. But this time, they really outdo themselves. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 26 July 2015, #15-30A: Disappearing Liberty

By Nathan Barton

The speed at which liberties of free speech and freedom of religion are disappearing in the Fifty States is rather surprising. World Net Daily reports on a situation in Kentucky in which a Baptist preacher was “fired” from his volunteer work assisting troubled youth in the Department of Juvenile Justice because he refused to sign a pledge that he would not tell anyone that homosexuality was sinful. Yes, he was volunteering in a government-run program, but this still seems to be very much an overreach on the part of the government in prohibiting this. Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 24 July 2015, #15-29D: This and That

By Nathan Barton

End of the “work week,” with a few news stories of interest.

Waste Management News explains how the company Waste Management Inc. is suing the City and County of San Francisco over their Recology recycling contract. This is interesting because Recology is a frequent poster child for Tranzi greenies to “prove” that recycling can pay for itself (remembering that “profit” is evil, and with sufficient subsidies by government (using money stolen from taxpayers)).  WMI is making what the professional community knows is pretty much an accurate claim, that San Fransisco is steering the $130 million contract to Recology in violation of competitive processes and any number of laws.  So? It is for Mother Earth, so who cares if it is legal or fair? Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 23 July 2015, #15-29C: The State Fails, and Fails, and Fails

By Nathan Barton

The Third Reich is a classic example of a failed state. Now, welcome to the “Fourth Reich” here in the Fifty States.  Personal Liberty discussed this on Monday; A second view is found at “First Look” That most political of political generals, retired NATO commander and former Democrat presidential candidate Wesley Clark, publicly advocated and promoted “reeducation” or “concentration camps” for “disloyal Americans,” seeking to revive the evils perpetrated against German-speaking Americans in the Great War (1917-1918), Japanese-speaking and descendant Americans in 1941-45, and pioneered by the Brits in Sud-Afrika during the Boer Wars (and the US during the Indian Wars).  This thug, a progressive or Tranzi, wants to open the doors to putting someone in an internment camp for such evil crimes as defending the Southern Cross, speaking ill of that squatter in DC, speaking out against SSM (same-sex “marriage”) or speaking out for Arabs, Muslims, or… christians.  No, he did not mention any of these specifically, but what he proposes leads to all these things, already seen as evil or even hate crimes. Continue reading

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